Kellye Ryan – Capturing a Golden Opportunity

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Kellye Ryan left her position as a clinical research executive in the pharmaceutical industry to raise her four kids, and loved spending time with her constantly active family. She wasn’t intentionally pursuing a new career when she learned about Rodan + Fields through a friend. Still, the timing was perfect. “I had developed some skin issues and was already seeking treatment, so when I was introduced to the products I thought I’d like to give them all a try!”

Fascinated by what she learned about R+F and backed by encouragement from her husband Jim, Kellye purchased her business kit in May 2011 and became an Independent Consultant. “I became really excited about this amazing opportunity. I just knew this could be a really great fit for me. And as it turns out, I found something in Rodan + Fields I didn’t know I was looking for.” As she would grow to learn, Kellye’s R+F business provided her with unexpected benefits through life’s most challenging circumstances.

R+F Consultant Kellye Ryan headshot

Inspired by success  

Impressed by the clinical studies backing each product, Kellye felt really comfortable aligning herself with the Rodan + Fields brand. “I was blown away by the clinical aspect of the product, and the REVERSE Regimen changed my skin’s appearance in such a dramatic way. I felt impassioned to share the opportunity with more people.” Kellye ran hard to reach Level V and qualify for her first Convention, working about 20 hours per week and aided by her outstanding Upline leaders.

Meeting Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields that year inspired Kellye to set even higher goals. “At that time I didn’t have a big ‘why’ other than to fund my shopping passion and pay for travel. But meeting the Doctors inspired me to look more long term. Ultimately, I wanted to build my own financial success. I wanted a way to contribute to my family’s lifestyle.” Newly energized, Kellye worked through business setbacks and self-doubt, transforming her view of what a successful businesswoman looks like.

R+F Consultant Kellye Ryan celebrating Lexus

Celebrating Lexus Achievement in 2015 with Kelly Wilhelm, Melanie Fields, and Karen Roach

Life comes knocking

For the next few years, Kellye diligently poured her energy into The Grapevine Team. “I worked a lot on personal development during that time and building belief in myself. Things really started to change for my business, and the timing, again, was perfect.” In 2015, a temporary health scare in her family gave Kellye her most pressing wake-up call. For the first time, Kellye was experiencing the unexpected benefits of her business. The day she drove away from the hospital, Kellye’s business achieved Lexus volume. “I realized that this business could allow me the freedom and flexibility to address life’s demands and still earn additional income. I decided to not take it for granted anymore.”

Kellye and her family were traveling in Europe, fulfilling her first R+F dream, when another tragedy struck. “My husband and I returned home to a call that our son had a really serious accident. We rushed to San Francisco and I ended up being in the hospital 24/7 with him for a month followed by two months of rehab. I felt so grateful for the opportunity to be at his side. It was a huge gift, and turned out to be a completely unexpected pivotal point in my life and my business. My business became less about me and more about what it can provide for others.” Kellye’s son made an extraordinary recovery, and even after time away, her R+F business continued to grow and Kellye earned the Elite V title in August 2016. She went on to become an RFX Circle Achiever just in time for her six year anniversary with Rodan + Fields.

R+F Consultant Kellye Ryan with her family

The Ryan Family 2017

Finding her passion

Driven to express her deep gratitude, Kellye started to look for meaningful ways to give back. She was selected to participate in the PFC Change Maker Trip and volunteered with buildOn in the Bronx, which was a life-changing stateside event that altered her global perspective. A few months later, she and her daughter, Kaitlyn, pursued that same passion in Central America. “Volunteering with those incredible students in the Bronx, I learned way more from them than they learned from me. And then we had an amazing trip giving back and working in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua to build a school. It was really a joy to do that with my daughter. We were so excited, and on an incredible high of success.”

2017 included even more milestone moments. Most exciting to Kellye, she recently welcomed a new member to Team Grapevine. “My daughter just turned 18 and joined me in business! I’m really looking forward to the impact we can make together. I’m just so thrilled at the opportunity to help people make changes in their lives, and how empowering that is for a young woman like her. I sure wish I had been introduced to R+F when I was 18 years old! There is nothing better than being on a journey with your daughter, whatever journey it is. Together we can we can do so much more — I think we can make a real difference.”

R+F Consultant Kellye Ryan volunteering with her daughter

Kellye and her daughter Kaitlyn on trek with BuildOn in Nicaragua 2017

Rebuilding after tragedy

Kellye continued to be strong even through the challenges she and her community faced in October 2017. She cut her stay short at R+F Convention to evacuate her home in Santa Rosa with what felt like her entire city on fire. “The fear…It’s probably the most shocking and scary thing I’ve ever witnessed. So many of our friends literally had everything they owned burn to the ground. Over 5,000 homes burned in our community, including Kaitlyn’s high school. After 200 people we knew lost their homes, I stopped counting. Our R+F family started a GoFundMe to support some of our team members who lost everything, and the response from my team and our R+F community just blew me away. I realized our business is something a natural disaster can’t destroy. It is a constant and comfort during unexpected tragedy and something we can rely on.”

R+F Consultant Kellye Ryan with team members

The Grapevine Team Leadership Retreat 2017

“My R+F business has made me a better mom, a better wife, a better teammate, and a better example for my kids. I hope to be an example for others to believe in yourself, define your own success and have the freedom to do what it takes to achieve it. I’m so grateful to my team members who have made such a big difference in my life and who are passionate about sharing Rodan + Fields with others! My journey has been made more beautiful by R+F, which was a truly unexpected golden opportunity.”

To contact Kellye about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Gratitude

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? My cousin Melanie who joined me in business, as well as my father-in-law, philanthropist and businessman Henry Trione.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? My inspiration comes from my four children and my desire to leave a legacy and become someone who they respect and remember as someone that made a difference.

Favorite book? A Walk in their Shoes by Jim Ziolkowski, founder of buildOn

What is your dream R+F trip? My upcoming RFX Circle trip to Cannes!!! My wonderful husband will be 60 in June and this is the perfect opportunity to treat him and give him a bucket list experience!




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  1. You are truly a good soul and an inspiration to never give up no matter the trials & tribulations. Thank you for serving in my hometown “The Bronx”
    Love you RF sis!

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