Kerry Heiple – The Drive to Dream

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

For 20 years, Kerry Heiple focused on climbing the corporate ladder and building a successful career for herself in financial consulting. Her priorities shifted when her son was born three years ago, and she realized she wanted more flexibility and more time to be with him. “For the first time in my life, I had a reason to focus on something other than my career. I wanted to be a present mom and have control over my schedule, so I wouldn’t ever have to sacrifice my time with him because of a job.”

As the breadwinner for her family, Kerry decided she wanted to work “smarter, not harder,” but she couldn’t just walk away from her job. Dependent on her income, she felt trapped and unsure of how to step away from her career and create more time for her son. In 2012, Kerry learned about the business opportunity with Rodan + Fields® from her dermatologist, who had become an Independent Consultant. “She has one of the top practices in Chicago, so I trusted her when she told me how great the products were.”


Kerry’s business gives her the ability to dream again and enables her to takes steps toward achieving her goals.

Once Kerry left her dermatologist appointment that day, she couldn’t stop thinking about the opportunity for herself. “What she told me was enough to pique my interest. I really felt that the business could be just what I was looking for.”

After researching the Company on her own, Kerry decided to enroll as an Independent Consultant. She saw it as a way to build something for herself in the next three to five years. The successful brand, combined with the fact that she could manage the business remotely working very part-time hours, were huge selling points for her. “I didn’t see any other option that had the same potential–the potential to create more free time, the opportunity to grow a substantial income and to provide the possibility to retire from my job. R+F made me look at the business model in a way that I might not have before. And I am so glad I did because it’s truly unique.”

team drive 2014

Some of Kerry’s teammates from Team DRIVE.

Despite the time constraints of running her firm’s Chicago office, Kerry was still able to work her R+F business into her schedule. “I had a lot on my plate, as my job is very demanding. I have 45 employees that report to me, and I work at least 55 hours a week, but I firmly believe that you make time for things that are important enough.”

Kerry knew that her R+F business was important enough. She was confident that all the time she put in now would be worth it down the road and would enable her to live the life she wanted. She had become tired of the corporate mentality. “After being in that grueling environment for so long and competing against others … I found it doesn’t feel good, even if you do attain success. What I love about my R+F business is that everyone is there to build each other up and support one another. I never needed to help others to be successful in my finance career, but with R+F, that’s the only way to achieve your own goals. Now I love thinking about what others want and helping them get to where they need to be.”

patrick_kerry convention 2014

Kerry with her husband, Patrick, at 2014 Convention.

As Kerry built her business, she discovered how much she loved developing and motivating Leaders. When she started, she didn’t know that she would get to coach others. “It’s so rewarding to mentor and encourage my teammates to reach their true potential as Leaders. When I see how their lives are changing in such a positive way, it makes me feel so good. And in return, they change me too. My life is so much better with them in it.”

By the fall of 2013, Kerry had reached Level V, working her business part-time and simultaneously maintaining her full-time career. As she grew her team, she began to realize that her success was much bigger than just her. “I had always thought that I needed to carry the weight alone if I wanted to achieve anything. But my business isn’t just about me; it’s about what I can inspire others to do and what can be accomplished through teamwork.”

more team drive 2

Kerry loves that her business provides the opportunity to mentor and encourage others to reach their true potential.

This past November, as Kerry’s team members each worked to qualify for a Lexus through the Road to RFX Car Incentive Program, Kerry was both surprised and proud as she watched Leaders emerge and step up to the challenge. “It’s incredible how much power there is when individuals come together with a common goal and are determined to accomplish it. I want others to experience that feeling too.”

Kerry’s business has made her happier and more positive overall. She feels that the business experience and the friendships she has gained have made her life more complete. She is planning to retire from her day job in 2015 and looks forward to having complete control over her schedule and being her own boss. She is grateful for the opportunity to channel her professional skills into her business in order to impact the lives of others. “I want to inspire people to do something they wouldn’t normally do on a daily basis and inspire them to put the work in now to create the lives they want in the future.”


Kerry’s business has made her happier overall; she looks forward to the opportunities ahead to expand and grow it even more.

Kerry’s business has given her the ability to dream again, and her steadfast drive keeps her pushing forward, determined to achieve those dreams. “I get frustrated just like anyone else, but success is about overcoming failure along the way. You just have to pick yourself up and keep going. Dreams are so underrated. The ability to dream is something many of us lose as we get older. R+F allows you to reconnect with that ability and gives you a way to achieve your dreams. When you have a dream and you believe it is possible, hold onto it—it’s the spark that’ll keep you going.”

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5 responses to “Kerry Heiple – The Drive to Dream”

  1. Congratulations, my sweet friend… So excited to be on this journey with you!!! xoxox

  2. Lori says:

    Thank you for these encouraging words! They have helped me to dream again!

  3. Tracie Bonds says:

    Dear Kerry,

    I just shared your story with my cousin who is a Pharmacist.

    She has the MOST ADORABLE little boy, Parker, who I adore.

    I know she wants time freedom to be with him, but as the main breadwinner of her family it’s hard to see how it’s possible.

    Thank you for being the “example” corporate moms need to see.

    I’m praying she’ll step out on faith and work diligently as you did, and; maybe soon she’ll be driving her little boy around to his baseball practices in a Starfire Pearl Lexus.

    What an inspiring story you have to share, Kerry.
    Thank you.

    Tracie Bonds
    Single Mom, Million Dollar Earner, Rodan + Fields

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