Kim and Rick Krause – Living Your Vision
Monday, June 2, 2014

We often need to make sacrifices to ensure that we get by. Whether that’s giving up a couple hours of sleep or cutting back on expenses, it’s difficult to experience the small moments or recognize the minute details that make life so incredible when we’re constantly rushing around, figuring out how to fit everything in. Finding a way to do more than make ends meet and truly live has been a priority for Kim and Rick Krause in their journey through life. They have a vision for themselves and work hard to make their core values shine.

Kim and Rick love being able to live their vision together.

Kim and Rick love being able to live their vision together.

“Everyone has a different vision and, as we continue forward, those can change. As I grew with my business, my own vision evolved and became bigger and bigger. My career has become so much more for me; I’ve never done anything that has been so all encompassing,” Kim reflects on her last five years as an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields®. Before that, she had been working as a luxury realtor as well as in development. When the real estate market crashed in 2008, she lost everything she’d worked to build for over a decade. It was a very trying time as she had to take a step back and consider what she wanted to do. “I had to take a hard look at what I was doing and where we wanted our family to be in the next five years. I realized real estate wasn’t going to help me reach my goals and dreams and that’s when I heard about R+F.”

Kim was contacted by an unknown person as a referral and she is the first to admit that she was skeptical at the beginning. “I thought it wasn’t for me, but I took the time to listen and then I began to understand the business was promising. I enrolled as a Consultant right away and Rick has always been very supportive; he understood the potential.”

Kim and Rick with their three children.

Kim and Rick with their three children.

Rick didn’t join R+F right away though. He had been in the semiconductor business for 25 years and was the owner of the largest semiconductor manufacturer’s rep in the Rocky Mountains for 10 years. It was an incredible business, but the hours were long and the stress level was high. “After work, even if I was home physically, a lot of the time I wasn’t home mentally or emotionally for my kids. The cruel joke about traditional business is that we work so hard for our families to provide for them, yet we never get to see them.”

While Kim was building her R+F business, Rick was still very focused on his own career. “I thought I had it,” Rick recalls. “I was a business owner at 39 and felt like I was living what people consider the ‘American dream.’ But, that wasn’t the case. We represented 12 different manufacturers, so I actually had 12 corporate bosses that I had to keep happy. It was so stressful and, once I left that, I realized that there is a better way. The traditional business model is obsolete. R+F has truly allowed me the opportunity to live the American dream. That may sound corny, but my days are completely different now. I’m having breakfast with my kids and taking them to school and we’re able to be there for their events and special moments. We are still working hard, but doing it around our family’s schedule. That is a huge change and really one of the main drivers for why I made the decision to join Kim in her business.”

For Kim, her business saw great success. “I just really believed in the Company and the products and what it meant to be a part of this. I’ve become a much better version of myself. There has been a lot of personal growth and what excites me the most is the unlimited possibilities. I still feel giddy about what I do. I never used to wake up in real estate and feel the way I do now. I’m five years into this and I’m probably more excited now than the day I started. I love living that every day.”

Kim and Rick with the Doctors.

Kim and Rick with the Doctors.

Now, Rick realizes how different his work is from the corporate world he came from, where there was little collaboration and, often, an agenda with people trying to climb ‘the ladder.’ But, it wasn’t until the trip to Florence, Italy, at the RFx Circle Trip, that he truly witnessed the incredible leadership and recognized the possibilities their R+F business could provide their family. “I was blown away by the brains and professionalism behind all of this. That was the moment I realized that I not only wanted to watch Kim be successful in her business, but I wanted to be a part of it too and build my own business from the ground up. So, this past January, I sold my business and joined Kim and R+F as a Consultant full time. I’ve never had so much fun in my career or experienced such a rewarding endeavor. To be surrounded by entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their life and to be a part of such positive energy is so uplifting.”

Kim and Rick feel truly blessed to have the flexibility to do what they want with their family. “It’s truly eye opening,” Kim muses. “When I was 14, my father passed away. We lost everything and there was always this fear inside of me that I carried into my adult life. I never felt secure or safe. It seems like things can be going well, but it’s inevitable that they’re going to change. If I’m going to work so hard, I want to at least feel like I can take care of those around me. My R+F business has provided a sense of peace. It was a defining moment for me, realizing that I am in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing. And that feels really good. I used to be afraid of the future, but now I’m excited.”

Working their business together has really helped them live their core values. Their team’s mission focuses on vision, purpose, community, and leadership. Kim recognizes that “it’s not always easy to believe in yourself and push through obstacles, but it’s worth it. I didn’t skyrocket with my business. I had to go through the same things other people did. I had ups and downs and needed to discipline my disappointments. Things didn’t happen for me overnight. I hit those road bumps, but always kept believing because success is not something you get to, it’s a journey. So, I keep going and it continues to evolve. I think that’s why I wake up excited each day; I can’t even wrap my brain around what is in store and that keeps me motivated. People need to understand that their personal purpose can be reached and this business is a vehicle that allows us to create what we dream of.”

Kim and Rick are passionate about making their core values the driving force in their business.

Kim and Rick are passionate about making their core values the driving force in their business.

Neither Kim nor Rick realized the magnitude of what the business opportunity would do for their lives. They’re finding it beyond rewarding that they now have the opportunity to help thousands of people in their own small way as well as see their team members grow and enjoy successes. No goal is too big or small and the sense of community and the belief system within the team fosters the ability for immense personal growth. Rick loves that he is able to have an impact on others. Working with other entrepreneurs who share his vision drives him each day. “Everyone on the team brings their own gifts and stories and we’re all working to become better people, stronger leaders, and design lives that we see for ourselves. I never had that core purpose of trying to create something before. It’s incredible to be helping people grow into the leaders we know they can become. We’re living a life of abundance in love, collaboration, training, and support.We didn’t have that before. We had a good life, but we were so busy and stressed that we couldn’t even reflect on how things were going. Five years would go by and it felt like a day. Now we really drive ourselves with this core purpose to live our vision. We get to stay home every day and work our business, be around our kids, and build the life of our dreams. We are blessed to be where we are in life. I thank Kim every week for signing up with R+F.”

Kim wholeheartedly agrees that they have reached a place where they can genuinely appreciate the important details of life. “We’re living our vision right now, which is incredible, because we’ve been able to accomplish that in less than five years. And we’re still going. I am always surprised at how the vision continues to expand. There will always be obstacles, but it’s pressing forward and having a plan. Having a vision can make the difference in achieving what you want, short or long term. It helps us stay on track and focus on living a life complete with what is essential to us.”

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2 responses to “Kim and Rick Krause – Living Your Vision”

  1. Steve Drinkard says:

    Kim and Rick … just love the story.

  2. Marian Conde says:

    Loved ur blog/story- very inspirational & relavent. I am currently considering becoming a consultant. Thank you for your perspective.
    Marian Conde

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