Kim Silvestri – A Legacy of Leadership

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

When we share our opportunities with those we’re closest to, it can open doors of possibility in our lives and theirs, and ripple outward into the world. When Kim Silvestri spoke to Shannon King in June 2012 about a new opportunity, she had no idea that it would transform her life and that of her family. She and Shannon grew up as next-door neighbors and were “like sisters.” Shannon had recently signed up as an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fieldsand urged Kim to do the same. It didn’t take much to convince her. “I jumped right on board,” Kim exclaims.

Kim Silvestri and daughtersMixing business and pleasure

Kim, a dental hygienist, admits she didn’t know the first thing about running a business. But she went for it with gusto, and soon began to enjoy it tremendously. “I quickly learned that what I needed was a few good Customers, and then, a few Consultants who could find their few good Customers, and so on. When I realized that, I saw that I could relax, and have a lot of fun with it.” She worked hard, and her progress was slow but steady. “I started working my business 5-10 hours a week, but soon understood that the more time I put in, the more rewarding it was, so I increased my hours to 20 a week.” A little more than a year later, she reached Level V.

Kim Silvestri and other Consultants and 2016 Convention

8 generations of Kim’s R+F Upline/Downline at Convention 2016.

Kim was impressed by the freedom Rodan + Fields gave her and her colleagues, and by the benefits it offered them—especially those with young children. “When I had my children, I didn’t have the option to stay home with them. I wish I’d had this opportunity back then.” When Kim’s daughters, Chelsea and Cassie, both had their first babies within three weeks of each other, it seemed like a natural step that they also get involved with R+F. Having seen their mother’s success, they signed up as Consultants, and Kim was ecstatic. “Once my grandchildren were born, I longed for my girls to be able to have more time with their children than I did with them, and with R+F, it’s possible.”

A family affair

Now, with three Consultants in the family, their holidays and weekends combine work with relaxation. Whenever Kim goes to visit her daughters and their families, they work in an R+F event, too. Every summer since Kim started her Rodan + Fields business, she and her husband have rented a large condo in Florida. The whole family goes for a week, and Kim and her daughters use their time there as a chance to work together. “We treat it as a business retreat. We do training sessions and share the business with people on the beach,” she says.

R+F Independent Consultant Kim Silvestri, mother, and Consultant daughters

March 2016 Florida Trip. Kim, daughter Chelsea with Arden, Kim’s mother Jeanette , and daughter Cassie with Miles.

These days, Kim’s daughters split their time between their busy work and family lives. In October of 2014, Chelsea left her nursing job to be a (mostly) stay-at-home mom, and Cassie, a pharmacist, dreams of being able to spend more time with her son in the future. Cassie’s son, Miles, was born with an extremely rare genetic condition, and, at just two years old, will need several surgeries to correct severe spinal abnormalities. “Despite his difficulties, he brings joy to so many,” says Kim, and that’s exactly what makes him such a source of inspiration. “It is really easy to see his happiness,” she says. His mom, aunt, and grandmother continue to share his story with everyone they know. He has a long journey ahead of him, but Rodan + Fields has given their family the freedom to spend more time with him, to truly cherish that time, and to share his strength with everyone they meet.

A hopeful future

Not only is Kim grateful for the abundance of family time that she enjoys by having her own business, but the financial results have also been substantial. She has now replaced her previous earnings, but still doesn’t plan on quitting her day job. “I didn’t start this business in order to quit dental hygiene. I enjoy it too much to give it up entirely.” But what the business has given her, she says, is freedom. She works two days a week as a hygienist and her Rodan + Fields business the rest of the time, leaving ample room for traveling. Last summer she earned an R+F trip to Banff for her and her husband, and went on a Level V retreat to her Arkansas leader’s vacation home on Puget Sound—a dream trip. “We went whale watching in her backyard!” Kim exclaims. And this summer, Kim and some of her friends from elementary school will embark on a west coast cruise that goes from Seattle to Alaska.

Kim Silvestri and husband

Kim and her husband, Don, on their R+F all-expense-paid trip to Banff, Canada in June 2016.

Her skincare business has given her financial and personal freedom, and the ability to be present for her family, and she delights in seeing others benefit from those same opportunities. Hence the name of her team: Team #Gift. “I appreciate what a gift this business is, and it’s just so rewarding to pass that gift on.”




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  1. Kim,
    What a wonderful story shared with all of us. Congratulations and Cheers to you my friend! Success looks great on you! L

  2. Kathy Glass says:

    I’m so happy to have stumbled across this remarkable story of Kim. She is indeed everything you want in a leader.

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