Kimberly Hewett – Leaving Her Comfort Zone and Building Success
Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some people just seem to be born knowing what they want in life. They know exactly what they want to do, they choose their careers early on, and follow their passions with enviable focus.  We have all heard of the young artist who picked up a paintbrush at age four and uncovered her calling with each stroke on the canvas. We watch in awe of the tennis player who steps onto the court with the determination and poise that comes with years of practice. It’s a gift to be able to know exactly what you want. But for the rest of us, the path to personal glory is more meandering, weaving us in and out of secretarial jobs, marketing start-ups, and retail chains. Sometimes the path is rocky, and we may stop and start a few times before finding the ultimate road to bliss.

For Kimberly Hewett, her passion in life came to her not only when she wasn’t really looking for it, but in the form of an exciting career she didn’t realize she wanted until she began. In a previous life, on a different path, Kimberly had worked in banking. She left it behind her when she had her children, and her only job for the past twelve years was being a stay at home mom. Kimberly and her husband made the decision to send them to a private school, which would offer the best education, but at a price. She knew she needed to find some type of work to contribute financially, and invest in her children’s future. She just had no idea what to look for, and didn’t want to go back to banking. She also struggled to figure out how she would return to the work world at all , since she couldn’t exactly write “stay at home mom of twelve years” on a resume. Still, she continued searching, hoping the right opportunity would find her if she couldn’t find it herself.

Kimberly Hewett

That opportunity did find her when a close friend told her about her own experience as a Consultant with Rodan + Fields. Kimberly listened to her friend’s story, and decided in that moment that this was something she wanted to try herself. It didn’t matter that she didn’t have a resume together, because now she didn’t need one. All she needed was the courage to jump in and try something new. That courage, even if she didn’t recognize it at first, had been growing within her for twelve years. As a mother, she would fend off lions for her children if she had to. So she certainly could brave the unknown territory of entrepreneurship.  Isn’t it wonderful when, even if we don’t know what we’re searching for, life gives us exactly what we need? This career opportunity was just what Kimberly needed at the time, and a little over three years later, it has become her passion.

“It’s very hard to find a job you can be passionate about, and I’ve found it,” she told me in a recent interview. “And I didn’t even know I had found it at first. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Kimberley toasts her Team in Napa

Kimberley toasts her Team in Napa

Her business has continued to grow over the years, providing financial freedom that benefits her whole family.  She is now not only able to pay for her children’s tuition, but has plans to retire her husband. She hopes this business will also enable her to leave behind assets for her children, which is important to her as a mother. But more importantly, she describes how this whole experience with Rodan + Fields has empowered her, and shaped her into the confident person she is today.

“Getting out of my comfort zone helped me to become more confident, and the more things I conquered outside of my comfort zone, the more confident I became.”

She describes the terror she felt at the idea of speaking to a crowd. She had never spoken in public before, but as part of her job she needed to give a brief speech about the business. Encouraged by her Sponsor, she delivered the speech, and realized when it was over that the worst part was behind her, and that was the fear of the unknown. Now that she had done it, she could do it again. She remembers the sense of empowerment that accomplishment gave her, and advises that to gain that confidence, “you can’t let any negative outside voices cloud your judgment. You have to surround yourself only with people who are confident in you.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of her job is that she is surrounded by people who have confidence in her, and encourage her along the way. One of those people is her own sister, who joined the company nine months after she did. Having a family member with her in the business makes Kimberly love her job even more, and working together has brought the sisters closer together. They share a business they are both passionate about, something they never knew they had in them until they took a leap of faith, both in themselves, and in each other. She is certain of her future, and is proud of the progress she has made out of her own initiative. She confides, “My family didn’t always see where this business was going in the past. And I don’t think they completely understand where it will lead, which is okay, because I know where it’s going to take me.”

Kimberley in Her New Lexus, Another Rodan + Fields Achievement!

Kimberley in Her New Lexus, Another Rodan + Fields Achievement!

When life hands us something new and unexpected, even if it’s something amazing, we don’t always see where it’s going to lead. Sometimes when opportunity comes our way, we are looking for something else, or not looking at all. For those of us who were never sure of exactly what we should be looking for in the first place, it can be a glorious surprise. It is comforting to know that in the midst of our uncertainty, as we change careers, as our path meanders, there is something out there waiting to amaze us. We may not always know where to find our passion, but it may find us instead. When it does, all we have to do is recognize it, embrace a new direction, and put one foot in front of the other.

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