Krii Black – Planning Your Reality
Friday, January 2, 2015

Krii Black’s schedule as a certified wedding coordinator in Colorado was often unrelenting. She and her husband lived and worked year-round on a 100-acre cattle ranch—one of the state’s premier wedding venues. For six months out of the year, they would work diligently every weekend to set up and host weddings. “My husband managed the ranch, and I worked and planned the weddings. Between the 200 people in our backyard every weekend and our two young children, our schedule was full.”

Krii Black

Krii loves using her business to help others find the inspiration she has found for herself.

While planning a client’s wedding in early 2014, Krii connected with her via Facebook and noticed posts about her Rodan + Fields® business. Krii hadn’t ever heard of the Company, but was immediately drawn to the products; she hoped they would treat her post-pregnancy breakouts and improve her husband’s skin too. With regard to starting her own business, however, she initially felt apprehensive. “I had no experience in sales, but I had a huge network of family and friends—not to mention a client network of brides and their families and friends. It seemed like a natural fit. Who wouldn’t want perfect skin on their wedding day?”

Meeting the Doc's

Krii, her husband, and the Doctors.

Krii spent a few weeks thinking it over and then enrolled as an Independent Consultant on January 31st. Within weeks of starting her business and switching to the R+F products, Krii and her husband developed clearer skin. People quickly noticed and started asking what she was using. “I was shocked at how easy it was to share an incredible product that really works. And it doesn’t take away from my career as a wedding planner; it simply adds to my list of offerings for clients. It is truly a win-win situation.”

Sharing her business also brought Krii out of her shell, allowing her to grow as a person. She began striking up conversations with strangers, which she rarely did before starting her business. “I was a homebody, but getting out of my comfort zone helped me gain confidence. I now reach out and smile more. I’ve found the braver, bolder side of myself that was there all along. It’s so exciting to see what you can accomplish when you get out of your own way.”

R+F Sisters

Krii with Makenzie Coder and Cassidi Scheer in Atlanta.

By her third month in business, Krii had reached Level V. Nine months in, she decided to retire from her event planning position at the company she worked for locally. Krii can now pursue her longtime goal of managing her own wedding venue business on the cattle ranch. “We now operate the event business on our own, making the fruits of our labor that much sweeter.”

Arabella's 1st Birthday

Krii, her husband Paul, and their kids, Colt and Arabella, at Arabella’s first birthday.

Krii’s business has taught her so much about herself and leading others. She loves encouraging her teammates and teaching them how to visualize the life they want. “I truly believe you can channel good things into your life by thinking positively and putting yourself out there. Instead of imagining and dreaming of your goals, you have to make plans to achieve them. I want to help people understand that their dreams are realistic, and they have the power to make dreams a reality.”

Shine Bright Team at Convention

Some of Krii’s team “Shine Bright” at Convention in Atlanta.

Krii loves the positivity and support she receives from the R+F community, which has motivated her from day one. And by saying “yes” to something she never imagined she would do, her entire life has changed for the better—in just under a year! “I never expected this much change. I barely recognize my life anymore, and my business is still just getting started.”

Now that she can pursue greater things, Krii hopes to give back and volunteer more. She would love to participate in various charities in her region—to show her children the importance of helping others. Krii and her husband also hope to be the sole owners of their own ranch someday. “I never thought this would be my vehicle to reaching that ultimate goal, but now that’s our reality.”

Gathering Cows

Krii and her family gathering cows at Vallecito Lake.

Sharing her business has highlighted how effective it is to be genuine and bright. Krii strives to help others find that inspiration for themselves as well. “You never know who may walk into your life and forever change your path. This business is all about meeting new people and growing as you do. By not being afraid to let myself shine and work outside of my comfort zone, I have become a better wife, mom, and friend. I hope my story can help someone, somewhere. Because when you envision the life you want, it’s no longer just a dream; it’s a plan you can make happen.”

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  1. I’m looking to jumpstart my business asap. I’ve been a flight attendent for 28 years and cannot go back to work for another 6 months. I figure this is the time to make a change. I’ve been playing with the business since Oct. And I’m ready to commit. What are some of your helpful hints…

    Thanks in advance for your time,
    Laurie Molleson

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