Kris Fairless – Giving Without Limits
Friday, November 8, 2013

Kris Fairless has been an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields® since 2007, and her story about joining began when she received a phone call that changed her life. That year, she was working as a product educator freelancing for various skin care companies in the retail setting, including Rodan + Fields. After being a product educator for two years, she learned that Rodan + Fields was leaving retail and Kris immediately saw the potential in in this unique channel of business.

Kris Fairchild

Kris Fairless

She knew that she could talk about the amazing products which changed her skin and leverage the credibility of the Doctors, whose names she was already familiar with. “I inherently knew right away that this was going to take off and be something big, and I wanted to be a part of it. I came home and told my husband I was going to quit my freelance jobs within two weeks and focus exclusively on Rodan + Fields, and that’s exactly what I did. I invited my daughter Sarah to join me and we haven’t looked back. Since then, it’s unbelievable how much my business has grown.”

Kris and family

Kris and family

Even though Kris’ Rodan + Fields business story began in 2007, she says the real story actually begins much earlier, when she was suffering from Melasma, a condition that causes discoloration of the skin. She had spent years trying to find a remedy, but because nothing worked, she wore heavy layers of foundation to cover it up. She started using the REVERSE products on her face with amazing results, and became interested in the Rodan + Fields business opportunity when she saw that it was actually an answer to her prayer. “I had been praying for three years for something to come my way that would allow me to give the way I wanted to.” She and her husband Mark had always been involved in philanthropic organizations and had sponsored a child for seven years before Kris became involved with Rodan + Fields.

Kris in Italy

Kris in Italy

Today, Kris is able to fulfill her goal of generosity in numerous ways. She gives to individuals, and is thankful that she can be there for people who might be struggling. “I don’t like seeing people struggle. That is so freeing, and comforting to be able to do that.” It is but one example of the kind of thing she had prayed to one day be able to do for people, and now she can. She and Mark have also expanded their efforts to build wells in Africa, a mission that is very important to them. They now sponsor ten children in developing countries all over the world. “I laugh because my husband tells me he can barely keep up with all the letters we get from the children we sponsor.”

Kris and Family

Kris and Family

Kris and Mark plan to continue sponsoring children, but they ultimately would like to be able to give more of their time. “It is important for us to be able to travel to developing countries and serve people in need, and give of our time.” She can focus on their missionary work, but also help people close to home by helping her team members grow their own businesses. “Now when I tell my story, I tell it for a very different reason. I don’t share it just to reach out and grow my business, but I share it because I want people to know how much it has become something that has touched people’s lives all over the world.” Kris has been able to use the success of her Rodan + Fields business to better people’s lives. Now she can help her own team improve their lives and become better able to give back as well. Kris believes this business has equipped, empowered, and enabled her to give without limits.

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9 responses to “Kris Fairless – Giving Without Limits”

  1. Janet McElligott says:

    There was no better person to be our “Eve.” Kris is gracious and humble. Her kindness is extended to so many and her rockstar status in the company will never go to her head. I, like so many others, feel blessed to count her a friend. Thank you, Kris for your perseverance.

  2. Carla Strnad says:

    Kris is the epitome of a founding consultant in our company. Generosity and selfless giving and sharing leveraging the excellence of the vehicle of this incredible company (and gift) of Rodan + Fields. So proud to be a part of something so big, and we are just getting started!!

  3. One of my favorite success stories! I have goals of giving back as well, and I know with r+f I’ll be able to do it freely one day…so blessed I was given this opportunity!

  4. Chris,
    You have always inspired me. You were the first woman to see that Rodan + Fields was the answer to your prayer and you trusted and jumped in!
    I tell my “newbies” (only two right now) not to seek who can help you achieve your goals but who YOU can help by changing their skin or offering an answer to their prayer.
    I so admire all the ways in which you are making a difference in our world.
    P.S. you have a beautiful family. 🙂

  5. Such a lovely story! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cheryl Whitten says:

    Kris you make me smile. You are selfless in the ways you help with your finances, but in the way you help others achieve their dreams in the business. Thank You!

  7. kristi willis says:

    Your family’s heart, passion and true love for God are the main reasons I decided to join R+F. I knew the opportunity was great, but when I heard the “Power to Prosper” call, that sealed the deal. I thought, “Really? This kind of Company and people exist together!?” From humble beginnings, which are so relatable and; to see how God uses not necessarily the qualified, but the willing, I am so proud to represent this business and absolutely know that I am making a difference in so many lives both personally, spiritually and; monetarily. When things get tough, I know there is always a soft place to land and that is really important in life to focus on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying Yes!

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