Kristen Di Zinno – Taking an Unconventional Path to Success

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, March 9th, 2017

With more and more people working from home, or even on-the-go from ‘hot-desks’, hotels, and cafes, ‘digital nomads’ are becoming more and more common. With a phone, a laptop, and a decent internet connection, one can now operate an international business from their own sofa. And people are realizing that climbing the corporate-ladder is not the only way to achieve great things. Kristen Di Zinno is one of those people, someone who made modern technology work for her, and in doing so, revolutionized her career.

Kristen Di Zinno found herself taking an unconventional path to success as she sought to start a business as a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant.

Reaching a stalemate, but dreaming big

Coming out of college, Kristen had a definite plan and thought she was on the ‘right path.’ She landed a corporate position in Manhattan soon after graduation and could see the future laid out before her—progression through the corporate ranks, and a ‘safe’ lifetime of sticking to the plan and reaping the rewards.

And that safety seemed ideal—Kristen admits that she is not a naturally a risk-taker. However, while returning from a business trip to California in 2005, she met a man who turned her life upside down and showed her that taking risks could pay off big time. She went on a date with him that weekend, and a year later made the huge decision to move to California to be with, and eventually marry him. “I never thought I would leave New York—that was my first big risk.” There, she continued her corporate career, but year after year was disappointed by her progression. “My career had reached a dead end; I was destined for a 3% raise each year. I just wasn’t going to achieve the financial success and personal growth I had imagined.”

Kristen Di Zinno found herself taking an unconventional path to success as she sought to start a business as a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant.

Marc and Kristen recently satisfied their need for adventure by exploring the Na Pali coast in Kauai.

Around the same time she noticed that her childhood friend, Melissa McCarthy, was doing very well with her new business as a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant and Kristen was curious. “I wanted to be challenged, to develop and move forward with something exciting.” One day in early 2014, after coming out of yet another frustrating performance review, she decided to call Melissa and find out more about R+F. After an hour-long conversation, she took her second big leap of faith, and enrolled as an Independent Consultant.

Smashing through the glass ceiling

With Rodan + Fields, Kristen didn’t experience any of the frustration rising through the ranks that she had in her previous career. With characteristic hard work and perseverance, she reached Level V within eight months, Premier Level V six months later, and qualified for her Lexus just three months after that. In just over two years she achieved RFX and soon thereafter closed out RFX Circle. Throughout this time she worked 15-20 hours a week on R+F, building her business while maintaining her corporate career. And this, she stresses, is possible for everyone—it’s just a case of properly managing one’s schedule. “Living life with a full plate isn’t always fun, but when you can rearrange that plate, a lot can happen. It’s possible to find time to work a Rodan + Fields business without sacrificing the important things.”

Kristen Di Zinno found herself taking an unconventional path to success as she sought to start a business as a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant.

Kristen is pictured with her husband, Marc, in San Diego with their boys, Quinn and Wyatt.

Kristen says that she works her R+F business around her family life. She has two young boys, so she often works an hour in the morning before they get up, and in the evening after they go to bed. “Instead of an hour of TV in the evening, I work my business. When I’m collecting my kids from school or activities, I make business calls in the car instead of listening to the radio.” Less than three years in, she has more than replaced her corporate salary, and what started as a fun new challenge has become a life-changing adventure.

Her team, “Dream Bigger,” now has members all over the country and is establishing an international presence in Canada. She is  also poised to establish a presence in Australia. Kristen was brought up to dream big and to focus on her goals to make those dreams come true. “We all have the potential to achieve great things. Anybody who believes in themselves has the ability to be successful in this business.” When she connects with individuals who are stuck in the rat race, with little time to spend with their families, she is desperate to show them that “life doesn’t have to be like that, there are other options to achieve success, if you just open your mind to them.”

Embracing a freer, happier lifestyle

The flexibility that the Rodan + Fields business model has brought to Kristen’s career has been surprising and hugely gratifying. She and her husband have always loved to travel, and they travel with their kids whenever they can. Her husband often works in Hawaii, and the whole family enjoys travelling there with him. They also vacation in Mexico, and regularly go back east to see Kristen’s family in New York. And while they travel, Kristen can easily keep on top of her business.

Kristen Di Zinno found herself taking an unconventional path to success as she sought to start a business as a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant.

The Di Zinnos recently went on a family trip to Los Cabos, Mexico.

She and her husband have been hugely impressed by others they meet through Rodan + Fields, and are constantly amazed by how the R+F business model can benefit people. “Everybody is really enjoying life—they are genuinely happy and so supportive of each other.” While her parents grew up believing that a career was permanent, Kristen was willing to take a risk and try an unconventional  career path. “The way you earn a living doesn’t have to be so black and white anymore, everything is more fluid now. How you imagined your life to be, it’s okay if it takes a different path, as long as you’re living life and truly happy.”

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