Kristen Portner – Choreographing a Network of Passion and Support
Friday, August 12, 2016

For Kristen Portner, stepping onto a stage and performing in front of an audience has always been an exhilarating experience. While pursuing a professional dance career, she realized that she was more passionate about teaching and mentoring, so she shifted her focus from dance performance to dance education. She didn’t think she could find the same fulfillment in anything else. Yet, when she started her own Rodan + Fields® business, Kristen discovered she was quickly gaining a supportive community of like-minded individuals to collaborate with in new and exciting ways on a daily basis.


First position

After earning her Master’s degree in dance education at NYU, Kristen moved back to California to start a family with her husband, Josh. While raising two boys, Kristen continued to pursue her career in education, choreography, and curriculum writing. She currently directs a competitive program for a pre-professional studio in the Bay Area and will be teaching once again in an elementary school setting this fall. “It’s always been important to me that I balance being home with my boys while continuing to pursue a life filled with artistic passion. I want my children to experience first-hand the importance of doing what you love.”


Kristen in the studio with some of her students.

In November of 2015, while at a holiday party, Kristen met a woman named Jenn who she clicked with immediately. “She was an R+F Consultant and we started talking about the products. I instantly signed on as her Customer and our friendship grew from there.” Eventually, Kristen started sending Jenn referrals, at which point, she suggested that Kristen start her own R+F business. “I was hesitant at first because I had so much on my plate already, but there was something about my friendship with Jenn that made me seriously consider it. I trusted her, I saw how truly excited she was about the Company, and I was already loving the products myself.”

Adding a new combination

In April of 2015, Kristen enrolled as an Independent Consultant and was blown away by how welcoming and supportive the R+F community was. “The greatest thing I’ve gained from this opportunity is a sense of connection and the chance to team up with incredibly positive, ambitious, and savvy individuals. My dance students are incredible, but I was hungry for a new opportunity to collaborate with other professionals who were excited about making a difference in their communities as well as in their own lives.”


Some of the amazing Consultants in Kristen’s R+F network.

Kristen’s business provides her with a second outlet to help others achieve their dreams. “R+F has given me the opportunity to support others in accomplishing their goals, the same way teaching dance allows me to support students who strive for a life filled with art and passion.”

Taking more leaps

In May of 2016, Kristen achieved Level V Title status, working her business 10 hours a week around her other commitments. The additional income has allowed Kristen to once again pursue her childhood dream of horseback riding. “Since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to own a horse, but I never thought that I’d be able to afford such an expensive hobby or have the time to dedicate to it. Now, because of my R+F business, I’m co-leasing a horse which allows me to ride three times a week and, this summer, I’ll be competing in my first horse show in years.”

Kristen’s experience with R+F has encouraged her to live more fearlessly. “Starting my business was a little scary because it was new and different, but now it’s just a part of who I am. Fear only exists in our minds and, once we bravely push past that, we open ourselves up to so many amazing opportunities. Had I passed on this one, I would’ve missed out on an incredibly supportive network and the chance to meet some truly incredible people who I am proud to call business partners and dear friends.”


Kristen with Rodan + Fields CCO, Heidi Wissmiller.

Mastering the movements

Kristen’s experiences have taught her that when we’re truly excited about what we’re doing, it doesn’t feel like work—it actually makes life more enjoyable. “It’s certainly a unique business, but that’s exactly why it’s worth considering. Life is all about staying motivated and concentrating on each step as it comes—just like in dance, you have to stay calm and enjoy the process. If you just remain focused, keep aim, and spend our days doing what you love, it will all come together beautifully in the end.”

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