Kristen Thomas – Passionately Sharing Blessings
Tuesday, November 17, 2015

They had all of the necessary supplies: a travel toothbrush and some toothpaste, a washcloth, soap, socks, crackers, a protein bar, and a bottle of water. Kristen Thomas and her two children assembled the items into what they called “blessing bags,” which they would later hand out to the homeless. It was an activity that they’d done together for several years, but ever since she’d started her own business, Kristen felt empowered to go further, seeking out new ways to give. The time and financial flexibility she’d gained, along with the support of a team who was just as invested in paying it forward, enabled Kristen to wholeheartedly pursue her passion of helping others.

heading family

Kristen’s family.

Gathering the right materials

After eight years teaching elementary school, Kristen’s schedule began to take its toll on her. “I was tired of waking up early to race my kids off to daycare, rush to work, and then coming home to only get an hour with them before it was bedtime. I was stressed, and I wasn’t getting to spend enough time with my family.”

In April of 2014, when reaching out to the daughter of one of her father’s colleagues, Kristen noticed on Facebook that she was a Rodan + Fields® Independent Consultant. Wanting to learn more, Kristen researched the Company. “I was impressed by the brand, and I liked that the business model didn’t require parties or inventory stocking. But mostly, I was drawn to the fact that, as a fellow teacher, my friend was able to work her business part-time, alongside her school schedule, which made me think I could do it too.”

Kristen reached out to learn more and was really captivated by the passion that this woman held for the Company. “I was surprised that, after listening to a three-way call I did with two R+F Consultants, my husband JT encouraged me to join. He works in sales and is usually a skeptic, but he told me that he could see that the people I’d be collaborating with were great leaders who could help me achieve success.”


Kristen and her sponsor, Lauren Heisler.

Assembling gifts

Kristen enrolled as an Independent Consultant in May of 2014, just as the school year was ending. That same month, her family relocated from Sanford, North Carolina, to Wilmington, North Carolina for JT’s job. Despite the move, Kristen was still able to start building her business, and by the beginning of August, she had replaced her former income, working 20 hours a week. “I had intended to go back to teaching and had been looking for a job in our new town, but when I realized I could afford to stay home with my kids, I decided that is what I wanted to do.”

Although Kristen knew she’d miss working with students, she felt that a new door had opened, and she was excited to pursue something different. “My passion has always been helping people, and I quickly realized that I could do that with my business, just in a different way. Instead of sharing knowledge with children, I’m now sharing an opportunity with others and empowering people to build their own businesses in order to create the lives they desire for their families.” Even when former associates questioned her decision, Kristen was confident that she had made the right choice. “It was important to me that I try something new—something that I believed could give me the freedom I desired—because I knew that if I missed out on those moments with my kids when they were little, I’d never be able to get that time with them back.”


Kristen’s children, Thurman and Cannon.

Spreading compassion  

As Kristen shared her business, she continued to discover new ways to help people and realized that, although she couldn’t always provide the blessings people were looking for, she could provide an opportunity that could empower them to achieve those things for themselves. “It’s amazing how this business can provide for people in such different ways. For me, it was the way to stay home with my kids; for my sister, it’s a hobby, and she uses the extra money to treat herself to something special every once in a while; and for my mom, it’s a way to get a discount on great products. I love sharing my business because I’ve seen firsthand how it can fulfill so many different needs and help people in so many ways—whether they are looking for an income, support from a community, or want to experience personal growth.”

One of Kristen’s favorite parts of her business is getting to work with her team and witnessing their success. “I love seeing everyone come together and work to empower each other. The outpouring of support and the genuine collaboration we have is so inspiring—I rarely had that in teaching. I was often on my own, creating my own lesson plans, but with R+F there is always someone to share ideas with. ”


Kristen with her Level V leader, Crystal Thompson, her sponsor, Lauren Heisler, and her Accountability Partner, Ronnie Cloyd.

Expanding her ability to serve

In February of 2015, still working part-time hours, Kristen achieved Level V and was excited to celebrate by using some of her R+F income to help pay for a family trip to Disney World—something they could never have afforded previously. She became a Premier Level V this past July, and is excited to continue growing. “My business has been such a life-changer for my family. It has allowed me to get away from the hustle and bustle of the hectic schedule we had before and set aside unrushed, uninterrupted time with my children. This opportunity has also helped me focus on being the person I want to be—I’m less stressed, and I’m much happier, and that allows me to be more present and concentrate on what’s important.”


Kristen with her husband and children at Disney World.

Kristen’s R+F income has not only helped her provide more for her family, but it has also helped her do more for others and expand her own service. “I’m so grateful to be able to give more charitably and am passionate about spreading the work we do with our ‘blessing bags.’ I’m amazed by how many other teams have adopted the idea and am so pleased to see others getting involved. With all of our efforts combined, we are able to reach so many more people than I could on my own. I love how the people involved with this Company are not only supportive of one another, but they are committed to giving to others as well.”


Kristen with one of her business partners, Faith Filsell, spending an afternoon making Blessing Bags with their children.

Reaching beyond to give more

Kristen feels that she found Rodan + Fields at the perfect time, and while she knew starting her own business wasn’t going to be easy, she was confident that it would be well worth it. “I’ve always believed that this opportunity was put in my path for a reason, and I trusted that, if I gave it my all, it could make a huge difference for my family. But finding this new outlet to serve others and gaining the inspiration and resources to further serve my community have been the most incredible and unexpected blessings.”

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4 responses to “Kristen Thomas – Passionately Sharing Blessings”

  1. What an awesome story. I love the idea of the blessing bags and I am going to look into doing that here in my city as well. Hopefully I can get people on board with me. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Dee Dee Dretke says:

    I love reading how R+F has blessed lives! Go Kristen!

  3. Linda Riha says:

    You are such an inspiration! Congratulations on your business decisions and not letting fear get in your way!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. jitendragiri says:

    Really nice work by a nice lady!!
    Congratulations to Kristen for her positive attitude!!

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