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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

When a good friend and fellow adoptive mother reached out to Kristin Gauthier to recommend some Rodan + Fields skincare products, Kristin was pleased to become a Customer. She knew that her friend was involved in a very complicated adoption procedure that was costing her family a huge amount of time and money, so she was eager to help in any way she could. “Whatever she was selling, I was buying. I just wanted to help out a friend in need.” However, it was a great move for Kristin, too, as she soon found herself in love with the products.

R+F Consultant Kristin Gauthier headshot

A powerful ‘why’

As a registered nurse, Kristin was impressed by the Doctors’ credentials and reputation, and by the results from the clinical trials. And when she used the products, she was amazed at how effective they truly were. Having suffered from ruddy skin for years, she found that the SOOTHE™ Regimen worked wonders for her. “I was shocked that it actually worked to reduce the redness, where other products had failed. I loved it straight away.” Impressed by her results, Kristin continued to use the products, but didn’t consider the business side of Rodan + Fields at the time. But changes in her life were about to occur that made her re-examine the opportunity.

R+F Consultant Kristin Gauthier with her family

Kristin with her beloved family

At the time, Kristin was at home with her three young children, the eldest of whom the family adopted from the Congo five years ago, which meant she had her hands full. Her already busy life grew busier when her third maternity leave ended and she returned to work. “It was a big shock to the family. Suddenly I was back doing 12-hour shifts, having to find daycare and begging friends to do drop-offs and collections from sports activities. It was a nightmare.” Added to that, the family had begun the expensive, but worthwhile, process of a second adoption. Kristin felt a deep yearning to be at home with her children, but at the same time needed to contribute to her family’s income. It was then that she started to consider the idea of becoming an Independent Consultant with R+F.

R+F Consultant Kristin Gauthier at a business meeting

Kristin discussing Rodan + Fields products and business at a local restaurant. “Business meetings aren’t so bad!”

The birth of a new dream

Confident in her abilities, Kristin decisively bought the biggest Business Kit in July of 2016. “To begin with, I saw an opportunity to save some extra money towards our second adoption. I had no business experience, but I just got started right away and began sharing.” Her determination soon started to pay off, and her kit was reimbursed within three months. Just three months after that, working at least 15 hours per week, Kristin was overjoyed to step back from her work as a nurse and dedicate more time to her children and her budding business.

Now working 20 hours per week, Kristin is a Level V Consultant and just earned her first Level V Circle trip. And her dream of saving even a little toward their second adoption has come true beyond her wildest dreams. “It has exceeded all my expectations, and my plans have broadened now.” She is delighted to say that her whole family will travel to South Africa next year for six weeks to adopt their new child—a trip that Kristin plans to pay for using her R+F earnings alone. Her business is helping them grow their family, but she hopes to also use it to help alleviate the conditions that cause children to be put up for adoption in the first place.

R+F Consultant Kristin Gauthier with her husband

Kristin and Cody on a overnight getaway to Edmonton, paid for by Kristin’s Rodan + Fields income

A noble vision

When Kristin and her husband Cody visited the Congo in 2012, they were heartbroken by the poverty and terrible conditions that the people they visited lived in. “It was a huge eye-opener, our hearts went out to them. And despite their hardships, they are so bright and resilient. We swore then and there that we would do anything we could to help.” Currently, the couple gives as much as they can each month to a number of foundations aimed at keeping children out of orphanages by supporting families in need. And looking to the future, their big dream is to be able to do more for this noble cause, and perhaps one day start their own foundation. “It’s all about keeping families together, creating support systems that allow children to stay with their parents rather than end up in orphanages.”

Back at home, Kristin’s R+F business has allowed her to become a more present mother and wife, while developing a thriving enterprise. She revels in her ability to share that opportunity with others in need of something else in their lives. “A lot of my team are parents, and I love being able to help them achieve their goals, whether that means saving for a shoe fund or paying off a bill!” Whether she is helping parents and families at home or abroad, Kristin’s altruism and enthusiasm are clearly insuppressible. “R+F has given me the opportunity to create something all of my own. Something that I am good at, and that I can use to spread positive change.”

To contact Kristin about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.

Tell Me More…

Trait you most admire in others? The ability to overcome obstacles and not get stuck.

Favorite smell? Newborn baby.

What is the best business advice you were given? Keep your eye on the big picture. Onward and upward!

What is your best R+F team memory? Hitting Level V on the last day of May of this year.

What is your dream R+F trip destination? Any RFX Circle trip!


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