Kyla and Anna McKelvey – Finding Fulfillment

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, July 21st, 2014

We all are the authors of our own stories, but that doesn’t mean the first draft is always the one we want to write. Sometimes, we take a look at what we’ve written and decide it doesn’t fit. That’s when we can pick up a pen, explore different options, and attempt to write a different ending. Knowing they both wanted a shift in direction, and hoping to venture onto a fresh page together, sisters Kyla and Anna McKelvey discovered they were holding the pens of their stories and fulfillment was within their grasp.

Kyla and Anna love working their business together, knowing they are helping improve one another's lives.

Kyla and Anna love working their business together, knowing they are helping improve one another’s lives.

After graduating from law school, Kyla worked as an attorney for an international litigation firm in Seattle, Washington, but she quickly discovered that a big corporate law firm was not for her. She moved to Spokane, Washington, and started her own practice where she has been working for the last seven years. “To say that direct sales was not on my radar is an extreme understatement. I had always planned to be an attorney and so that’s what I did. It’s crazy to me that this is what we’re doing now.” Meanwhile, Anna had been modeling all throughout her twenties. In 2011, she decided to move back to Spokane to finish her degree in psychology and get her master’s degree in social work. The plot took a twist and plans changed, Anna explains, “While in school, I met my husband, got married, and we had our daughter right after I graduated.”

Anna during her modeling days.

Anna during her modeling days.

Around this time, Anna called Kyla and told her she was considering going to law school so they could go into business together. Kyla recalls their conversation, chuckling, “I told her ‘do not go to law school; that is a terrible idea.’ But, that was kind of an ‘aha’ moment in a way. We didn’t know it yet, but it was Anna’s initiation, trying to think of something we could do to work together as a family and be successful. We hadn’t thought about putting our talents together and what that could turn into. It’s funny how life takes you along.”

Kyla and Anna had both heard about Rodan + Fields® on separate occasions from different sources. Unsure if it was a crazy idea to become Independent Consultants, they figured they should find out more about the business opportunity. They attended an event, did some research, and decided, “What the heck? Let’s go for it,” Kyla laughs. “Our primary goal was to be with our family and there for our kids. My son was two at the time and Anna had just had her daughter. I was realizing that as a solo practitioner, from a financial standpoint, time is a direct correlation to income and the only way to increase my earnings was to work more hours and I did not want to do that. This seemed like an intriguing compensation plan.”

Kyla with her husband and son.

Kyla with her husband and son.

Foreshadowing their success, Kyla had a good feeling about the business from the beginning. “Not only did I have a strong belief in the Company from the get go, I also believed in myself. I figured, if I can graduate from law school and get a sought-after job, I can do this. We always understood the huge potential and opportunity, so we plugged away because we’ve seen all around us that it works. And getting to work together and be home with our kids, which is our main priority, is ideal.” For Anna, skincare was a major draw from the beginning. “I was more passionate about skincare because taking care of my face was important since, as a model, that was how I earned my living. But, beyond that, my expectations have really been exceeded. The fact that we have been successful and have developed an amazing team of professional women is so rewarding.”

Anna with her husband and daughter.

Anna with her husband and daughter.

Operating as a team in the way they do, McKelvey Sisters LLC, is unique in the business. “It’s a different partnership approach,” Kyla says. “It really takes a unique couple of individuals to make it work. Most of the time people advise against siblings working the business together because it can be hard to split incentives and earnings, but we are really lucky that we have great communication and we make it work this way. We live three houses away from each other and our kids love being together so it’s the ideal working environment.” Family has always been a huge priority for the sisters. “We lost our dad at a young age, so we know what it means to lose someone you love,” Anna adds. “Our mom is a mental health therapist and had to work her buns off our whole lives. She has always taken care of us. So, aside from leaving a legacy for our kids, we want to retire our mom and relieve some of her financial burdens.”

Anna has found that their Rodan + Fields business has proven how capable she is in many areas.  “It’s really validating to see relationships develop because of this business that never would have otherwise. And when we get positive feedback from Customers, the conviction that we’re doing the right thing is confirmed even more. We’re helping to change the way someone looks and to feel better about themselves and that is huge.” For Kyla, their business is also a means to help her continue to grow her family. “My husband and I have a long history of infertility and there are huge financial costs associated with that. There is no price on being able to have another child, but, unfortunately, it requires a big financial commitment. Having the means to look at all options and be able to continue with this very expensive journey is priceless.”

Kyla and Anna love that their business provides the opportunity for them to do the things they love, like travel.

Kyla and Anna love that their business provides the opportunity for them to do the things they love, like travel.

Starting their business has shown Kyla and Anna that no matter what story you’ve started writing for yourself, you aren’t stuck in that narrative forever if it is not fulfilling. At first, Kyla had reservations about how other professionals would view her business move. “I didn’t know how it would be perceived by my high-profile professional associates, but it has been so wonderful and successful for us. And now, two years into our business, I think Rodan + Fields has the best business model on the planet. I am phasing out of my law practice, retiring from the legal world, so to speak, and I’ll be able to do R+F as my full time career even though it’s very part-time hours.”  The satisfaction professionally has been so much greater with Rodan + Fields, says Kyla. “I love talking to people and helping them meet their goals; how you spend your time is how you feel and this is way more fun, fulfilling, and upbeat than doing my law practice. I think a lot of women go out and find a corporate job because they can; they are smart and capable so they think they should do these high end professional roles, but it’s not always gratifying. It’s important to understand that just because you can, and perhaps did, choose a profession doesn’t mean you have to do it for the rest of your life if it’s not making you happy. You can still be a professional, hold your head high while creating a huge, successful business, using your brain, but still get to be with your family, give back, or travel. You are not stuck. With R+F, you work for yourself, but also have the resources of a big company and surround yourself with all of these wonderful people. It’s truly the best of both worlds.”

The Triad: Anna, Kyla, and their mom.

The Triad: Anna, Kyla, and their mom.

Kyla and Anna agree that getting to be with and provide for their family is what drives their business. “As sisters, we want to better each other’s lives just as much as want to better our own. So, when one of us is working hard, we know it is also going towards our sister’s goals,” Kyla says. “Our family has been through a lot together; my husband calls us the triad – my sister, my mom, and me. Having lost people in our family before their time, we really feel that life is precious so you have to create the life you truly want and not let it just pass you by. We’ve always believed that, but figuring out how to create that financially was a challenge. We’re excited that in the future we will be able to do more for our kids and our mom as well as give back and help others achieve their goals too. We were doing our best, but now this opportunity is validating that we can truly create the life we want. We want to show others that they can do it too, and inspire them to gather the courage to step away from what they’re doing and find what matters most.”



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  1. kasi treser says:

    Congrats! Loved your story and reposted! And Love even more that, by your picture, I really thought this would be another newly 18 year old, college girl success story! Ha! Guess your regimens are working well!

  2. Your story is so inspiring! Thank you both for sharing and congratulations on your continued success!

  3. Bridgette Loughnane says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! Can’t wait to see the follow up story when you soon retire your mom! Great WHY!

  4. Diane Kerce says:

    Very Inspiring, Kyla and Anna!!

  5. I just love your story! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Lana Kitto says:

    Such Irony- I spent the afternoon at my great corporate job, that I feel so obligated to, sobbing over work stuff. It had been a very soft whisper to my inner warrior to pick up the phone and get my biz going again. Thank you.

  7. Kyla and Anna,
    This is so great! I work my R+F business alongside my two sisters. It’s inspiring to read how your different backgrounds came together to create a powerhouse team!

  8. Susan Gillikin says:

    I love your story and will share it with future prospects ! Are you on Facebook so we can follow your success?

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