Lacey Nagao – On the #RFJourney
Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The following story recounts how this Independent Consultant utilized one of the many Rodan + Fields® Programs designed to motivate and incentivize dedicated Consultants who are working to grow their business.


Growing up, Lacey Nagao loved the challenge of pursuing higher education. She earned her master’s degree by age 20, and was well on her way toward becoming a lawyer or professor. “I thought I was going to have this amazing academic career, but my plans were put on hold for a little while.” Lacey instead got married and had children, discovering the joy of being a mom. However, once things settled down at home, she found herself looking for something more out of life.

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A tumultuous beginning

Lacey’s wakeup call was serious and life-changing. “I’ve wanted this amazing career since I was really young. Suddenly I was a mom and not working—and while I loved being with my kids, my world was rocked by severe postpartum depression, which led to a suicide attempt. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital, I came to terms with the fact that something needed to change, and decided I needed to seek fulfillment outside the home. I’m hoping that my story of moving forward after an experience like this will help others see that it’s definitely possible to recover and have a life that you love again.”

Lacey explains, “Looking back, Rodan + Fields® appeared on my radar just when I needed it. I’m a very hands-on mom, and I was told from a very young age that being a mom was the best thing you could ever do. But in order to be happy with who I was, I also needed fulfilling work of my own. This realization really shaped my decision to get on board with Rodan + Fields.”

She had heard about R+F from a friend, Leah Young, in March of 2016. “In the beginning, I thought that this business wasn’t for me, because it wasn’t in my academic plan. But after watching Leah and doing my own research, I was convinced that this could be something huge for both me and my family. I’m an all-in type of girl, so in September I jumped in with both feet.”

Lacey's children, June and Thaddeus

Lacey’s children, June and Thaddeus

Finding motivation once more

Right away, Lacey was motivated by the Lead the Way program—specifically the Milestone V trip to Scottsdale that awaited her at the end. “I really wanted to go on that trip because my husband Josh and I hadn’t taken a vacation since our honeymoon. I’m an overachiever for sure, and I quickly determined how many Preferred Customers and Independent Consultants I needed in order to achieve my goal. I worked my business like a business from the beginning, at least 30 hours each week.”

Building her business was a balancing act for Lacey and her family, and she remembers that she “felt a little bit of mom guilt” about changing up their daily schedule. “I wondered if I was doing the right thing, and if my choice was going to be worth it. Now, I know with a resounding “yes!” that it is. I really think this experience saved me. I was battling with the choice between being a mom and having a career, but now I can have both.”  

Lacey earned her Lead the Way trip in her third month of business, hit Level V a few months later, and is now a Premier V. She’s been inspired by her experience to train members of Team She Conquers on the programs as well. “I want my team members to truly understand Lead the Way. Everyone has their own source of motivation, but this program gives you little rewards along the way. People really love those little details because it makes them feel recognized and appreciated.”

Lacey on the LTW trip

Lacey on the LTW trip

Ever-rising goals

With less than a year under her belt, Lacey is moving quickly to reach her business goals. “Our journey has been a little crazy at times. Things have moved so fast, everything is still a little bit surreal. But we would do it again in a heartbeat. Many Consultants in my Upline also moved really fast, so I’m embracing and trusting their advice. I knew that it would be a long road, but I thought that if I could condense five years into two or three, I wanted to do that.”

Lacey achieved Level V Circle in April of 2017 and is excited to experience Banff, Canada for her trip reward. “I’m all about the trips,” she laughs. “I didn’t want to hit Level V without also achieving Level V Circle!”

Lacey and her husband, Josh, on her first LTW trip.

Lacey and her husband, Josh, on her first LTW trip.

Inspiration for the journey

Now that she’s found purpose again, Lacey’s “why” has grown to encompass those around her. In addition to helping her husband cut down on his days at the office, “I’m here to show my children and countless others that they can move past the norm and do something different for themselves.”

She’s also determined to share her past experiences in the hopes that they will help others along the way. “I hit rock bottom, but I like to say that finding my purpose with Rodan + Fields has helped literally save my life. We call it ‘life-changing skincare,’ and when I signed on I didn’t really know what that meant. But now I’ve grown so much as a person and I’ve seen how you can develop a stronger belief in yourself.”

“Some days are still hard, and I hope that by sharing my story, it’ll help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. I’m such a happier person now and finally feel like I’m contributing to something bigger than myself and my family.


Tell Me More…

What was the biggest R+F hurdle you overcame? Realizing that this is a 3-5 YEAR business, not a 3-5 MONTH business.

What is the next Program you are running for? Earning my Lexus through the Road to RFX Program.

Biggest quirk? My office is my bathtub. I get more messages sent in a bubble bath than any other place in my home.

What is your favorite R+F memory? Getting a phone call from my direct that she was going to hit Level V Circle with three hours left in the month. I was screaming in the restaurant!

Best advice you’ve ever received? Get comfortable being UNComfortable! My dad always told me that when things get hard, that’s when you dig deep and push ever harder.


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5 responses to “Lacey Nagao – On the #RFJourney”

  1. Renee Leachman says:

    Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and share a difficult and deeply personal time in your life with us. R+F came along at a time in my life when I didn’t even know I needed it, but I’m grateful for it now!!

  2. Cheryk says:

    Thank you for sharing your story and for being transparent.

  3. Deborah Bush says:

    Thank you, for sharing a difficult time i your life.


    Lacey, thank you for sharing your story.It really hit home with me. I too joined RF to have something for myself. My teaching career was really dragging me down emotionally b/c off all the junk teachers have to deal with outside of the classroom. I was depressed and suffering from anxiety, then my friend talked with me about R+F. I join the same month as you, and never looked back. It didn’t cure my depression or anxiety, but it has helped me gain control over both, and to truly believe in myself and in the bigger picture for my future. I now have a hope that was lost before this business, and I am so forever grateful to have found this amazing community. Thank you for sharing your story.
    Ali Sieffert

  5. Cindy Peruscini says:

    Thank you for sharing such a deep and honest story!

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