Lara Ford – Tapping into Her True Potential

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Lara Ford always knew her drive was strong enough to achieve any goal she set for herself. But at the young age of 17, her mother passed away unexpectedly, altering the course she had planned for her life. Shortly after graduation, Lara married her high school sweetheart, entered the workforce and eventually they started to grow their family.

In 2000, they moved to Marble Falls, Texas and bought a home and hardware store. Although Lara loved her family business, she began to question whether her true potential was limited by her circumstances. She felt like something was missing. When she heard about an opportunity to start her own business, Lara decided it was time to pursue something on her own and independently contribute to her family.Rodan + Fields Consultant Lara Ford in her Lexus

Getting the nuts and bolts in place

In 2011, Lara was featured in a local newspaper article about women in business for her role in the family store. “I was shocked at how bad my skin looked. Coincidentally, a customer came into our store shortly after that and told me about Rodan + Fields®. My husband said if I loved the products and would be sharing them with others anyway, it would be crazy not to share in the profits,” explains Lara.

In January of 2012, Lara became an Independent Consultant and began using the REVERSE Regimen with the REDEFINE Regimen. She had tried other products and procedures, but the “results were never as good as the improvements I saw while using R+F products. Now, I don’t even need to use foundation anymore.”

Lara Ford, R+F Independent Consultant

Lara and Jeff Ford at the RFx party

A few months into her business, Lara was amazed at how much she was earning working part-time hours. “In addition to the home and hardware store, we’d bought a car wash to help us pay for private school for our daughters, but it was hard on my husband. But when he realized how much I was earning with R+F, he saw the potential to replace the income from the car wash. At that point, he encouraged me to give my all to my business.”

Acquiring the right tools

By May of 2012, after only four months working her R+F business 10 to 15 hours a week, Lara and her husband were able to sell the car wash. Over the next four years, she earned multiple title promotions, acquired a Lexus® through the Road to RFx program, and earned her latest title, RFx. The promotions are evidence that Lara has found her true passion, which is helping others achieve the same success.

Recently, Lara’s R+F income surpassed the family’s retail store profits. “It’s amazing how quickly my R+F business has grown. What surprises me even more is that my business never feels like work.”

The time and financial flexibility that Lara now has provides her family more options. Lara notes that “having an additional income has given me the ability to create a more secure future for my daughters. I want to give my girls the opportunity to go to college, travel abroad, and strive for their passions.”

R+F Consultant Lara Ford and family

Lara, her husband Jeff, and their two daughters.

Lara is blown away by how their family time has improved. In December 2015, they enjoyed their first holiday vacation together in fifteen years. Before, they “never felt comfortable leaving the store during the busiest season. Knowing that my R+F income has given my husband a sense of security and is alleviating some of the financial responsibility feels so good.”

Renovation and transformation

The opportunity to work alongside other professionals inspires Lara on a daily basis. “I’m truly amazed at the caliber of people involved with this Company. I’m collaborating with people from all walks of life that, if not for this experience, I would have never met,” says Lara, adding that “watching others develop a stronger belief in themselves and seeing their lives change for the better motivates me more than anything else.”

Lara Ford and other R+F Consultants

Leadership luncheon in Austin, Texas

Lara’s business has fulfilled her in the way that she’d been seeking. “Deep down, I wanted to feel inspired by something, and this opportunity has given me the chance to believe in myself again. It’s truly incredible that this opportunity gives everyone an equal chance to succeed. I didn’t come from a big network or a privileged background—I just had determination.”


The information, materials and views provided by a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant during this presentation are her or his own and do not necessarily represent the views of Rodan + Fields. Rodan + Fields makes no representations about the accuracy of the information. The stories shared may be atypical experiences among Consultants who join the business. Actual earnings vary significantly, and no income is promised or guaranteed. Potential Consultants are urged to perform their own due diligence prior to making any decision to participate.

For information regarding earnings under the U.S. R+F Compensation Plan, see the Income Disclosure Statement.

For information regarding earnings under the Canada R+F Compensation Plan, see the Income Disclosure Statement. We estimate that in Canada the typical plan participant will earn between $1,700 and $2,000 CAD per year.



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