Lauren Corkey – The Ability to Succeed Wherever Life Takes Her

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, October 30th, 2015

Surrounded by the gorgeous landscape, buildings that were thousands of years old, and a new lively culture, Lauren Corkey soaked in the fact that she was living in Spain. She and her husband had talked about it for some time, but the reality was still sinking in. After years of moving on a consistent basis due to her husband’s job, she’d found it difficult to pursue a career of her own. Yet, here she was, living in a city rich in history and culture, running her own business, providing her children with incredible experiences, and pursuing her own passions all at the same time. She considered how vastly her life had changed over the last two years—not only had she achieved professional success while being completely mobile, but she’d also found a new outlet to pursue her passion of celebrating others’ achievements.


Starting a new journey

Lauren had been an event planner in Florida for ten years when she met her husband, Jon, who was in military training at the time. In 2007, Jon asked her to move with him to his new base in Virginia. “It was a difficult situation. I didn’t want to give up my career, but I didn’t want to let the love of my life get away either.” Ultimately, she decided to move and accepted a special events position at a concert venue, but she didn’t love the job. The following year, Lauren and Jon were married, and in 2010, he was relocated to Hawaii. “Once we got there, it took me six months to find a job in my field. I was up against a tourist language barrier and employers knew that, as a military family, we might not stay put for long. I felt like I was constantly trying to keep my spirits high, but the job market could be defeating.”

Lauren eventually found an event-planning job with a restaurant and entertainment corporation, but the commute was long and it began to wear on her. Later that year, as Jon was getting ready to deploy, Lauren found out she was pregnant. They decided that, when he returned, they would find a way to live off a single income so Lauren could stay home with the baby. “I was so happy because I was tired of searching for a new job every time we moved—it was exhausting.” Four months after their daughter was born, they were moved to the military base in Newport, Rhode Island, and later that year, they welcomed a second child. “I loved being home with my kids, but after some time, I started to notice that my daughter needed more stimulation. I wanted her to be able to attend daycare so she could have some social interaction with other kids, but we didn’t have the money for it.”


Lauren and her husband, Jon, at the Navy EOD Memorial in 2009.

Pointed in a different direction

In June of 2013, another military spouse introduced Lauren to the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity. Uninterested in sales and skeptical of the business model, Lauren declined. Yet, as she watched her friend develop her business, her interest was piqued. She eventually decided to learn more. She discussed the opportunity with Jon, but he initially didn’t think it was a good idea. “What I didn’t know was that Jon then discussed the Company with my friend’s husband. He eventually came back, having done some research, and said he’d found the Company to be reputable and thought there was potential with the opportunity. So, we decided that I should try it for a year and see if we could make something of it.”

Eager to pursue a professional challenge once again, Lauren enrolled as an Independent Consultant the following month and began working 10 to 15 hours a week. She earned her initial investment back within 30 days, and as she continued to build her team, she found that her passion for celebrating others was reignited. Her business enabled her to utilize the aspects of her previous career that she loved and channel her enthusiasm into her teammates. “My favorite part about event planning was helping people create special moments and seeing them truly happy on those days. With R+F, I am still able to work with others and coach them as they work to attain their best life. I can celebrate their successes and see their passion grow as they achieve milestones—that’s what drives me.”


Team Envision White Out Party in Austin, Texas.

Smooth navigation  

Aside from helping her team, Lauren loves how her business gives her the chance to share a gift that she truly believes can make a difference in so many people’s lives. Since starting her business, Lauren has been using the SOOTHE Regimen. “I have struggled with severe eczema my entire life. For years I used steroids and covered up my skin with makeup. After six months of using SOOTHE, I was able to stop using steroids and now I am completely makeup free. It is such a blessing to have glowing, beautiful, healthy skin, and it’s so rewarding to be able to share these products with others so they too can stop hiding behind makeup. To see someone find the confidence that comes from loving your skin is incredible—that sort of transformation can truly change people’s lives.”

Lauren is also grateful that, by sharing the products and business, she has gained several invaluable friendships. “I was not expecting the social aspect, but the support and love that my team has given me, and what I’ve been able to give back to others in return, has far exceeded anything I could have imagined. It’s beautiful how Customers develop into ongoing relationships and business partners become like family.”


Lauren and part of her team at the R+F Spark Convention.

Traveling with purpose

In 2013, Jon had the opportunity to choose his next relocation, and their family made the decision to go to Spain, knowing that it would be a great career opportunity for Jon. “While I was excited for us as a family, I was scared what the move would mean for my business. I didn’t know anyone in Europe, and I thought I’d have to start all over again, like I’d done so many times with my event planning career.” But Lauren’s transition turned out to be quite smooth—within a few months of relocating, she’d added 15 more business partners. In October of 2014, working 20 to 25 hours a week, she achieved Level V, and nine months later, she became a Premier Level V. “I was so surprised that I was able to continue to work my business so seamlessly. It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter where life puts you—if you’re determined, you can succeed with this business.”

Next year, their family will return to the states and Jon will be able to retire from his military officer career three years early. “There was always a huge weight on his shoulders because he knew that once he was out of the military, it would be hard to find a job that wouldn’t require him to travel all of the time. I am so happy that I am able to take that pressure off of him and give him the gift of being with his family. We never expected to make a full-time income in the very part-time hours I work, but it has given us options, something we’ve never had before. We never thought we’d be in this position—we’ve always been told where we’d be stationed—but to have the ability to decide where we go next is a beautiful gift.”


Lauren with her husband and children.

Confidently staying the course  

Lauren is excited about the abundance of opportunities and experiences that are now both available and attainable. Currently, she serves on an advisory board as the special events chair and coordinates family events on the military base. “The time freedom my business provides enables me to volunteer and put my skills to use for a cause I am passionate about. And because my R+F income is supporting us financially, I can do what I love on the side and provide more for my family as well.”

Lauren has learned that, although we never know exactly what the future has in store for us, we can achieve success if we’re determined and believe in our own value. “This business gives you the opportunity to make it whatever you want, and that’s exciting. You can do anything you want if you know what your end goal is and you consistently work for it. Life can take us in directions we never expected, but as we adjust to our circumstances, we shouldn’t have to leave the things we’re passionate about behind. Don’t be afraid to want something of your own and believe that you can be good at whatever you set your mind to achieving.”



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  1. Conchita says:

    Beautiful and inspiring story. How do you manage your business from Spain?

  2. Christie says:

    What a wonderful story! I love that you’re leveraging social commerce to fit this business into your abundant life!

  3. Lauren Corkey says:

    Hi Conchita, we are military. Our addresses are considered US. Are you abroad or in the US?

  4. Amazing!! 😀 Great news for anyone who reads this! Thanks Lauren, and God bless you and your family TONS!

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