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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

LeAnne Lynch tends to center her goals on those in need. In the summer of 2012, LeAnne went on a mission trip to Haiti with her friend Crystal. They had been acquaintances on social media, but it wasn’t until Haiti that they met in person. On the way home, they were separated from the rest of the group and finally had some time to connect and get to know each other one on one. As they spoke, Crystal shared with LeAnne how her Rodan + Fields® business had impacted her life. While not at all interested in starting her own business, LeAnne had struggled with acne her entire life and was very interested in trying the products. “I didn’t see myself as an Independent Consultant. I didn’t believe I could attain what Crystal had. I didn’t think I had it in me.”


LeAnne is grateful that her business enables her to always make family her first priority.

However, in December 2012, LeAnne enrolled as an Independent Consultant, seeing the Consultant pricing on products as a large benefit. She started using the skin care regimen as well as casually sharing the business opportunity with friends.

LeAnne was pleasantly surprised by how much her skin improved. The post-acne marks she had on her face cleared up significantly. “Before, it was hard for me to even look others in the eye when having a conversation because I was so self-conscious. But the changes I see in my skin have really given my self-esteem a boost.”


LeAnne is thankful for the generous hearts of the Doctors and the ability to partner with them as they strive together to change skin and lives.

Not only did her self-image grow, her business began to flourish as well. As her belief in the products grew, she remained open to the potential of her business. She listened to Crystal’s coaching and followed her advice. “She really encouraged me to set small goals along the way and that helped me to visualize my ‘Why.’”

Whenever LeAnne felt self-doubt creep into her thoughts, she would picture herself going on mission trips and helping people with adoptions. These dreams inspired her to do the work needed to achieve her next goal.


LeAnne loves that her business enables her to give back by participating in more mission trip to Haiti.

LeAnne also found inspiration in her teammates’ passions. She faced her fears by concentrating on her team and reminding herself that part of her vision was assisting others in achieving their goals. Terrified of speaking in front of a large group, LeAnne knew that in order to build her business she had to overcome this fear. “It seemed that every day there was a new fear I had to get past, but the support from the R+F community has helped me overcome those insecurities and experience professional development as well as personal growth in so many areas of my life.”

LeAnne never viewed herself as a leader, but she enjoys the relationships she has built through leading and finds herself enjoying the leadership role. “There were times that I felt unsure of my leadership abilities, but I pushed through because I knew I had to for my team. I didn’t want to let them down.”


Some of LeAnne’s team, Team Inspire, in Atlanta at the R+F Gala.

Once she became comfortable with her new role as a leader, LeAnne was shocked to see how quickly her business grew. By May, she had reached Premier Level V. At that point, she saw the possibilities available to her and gained a sense of confidence she had never experienced before. The realization that she had built something successful ignited a desire in LeAnne to work harder in order to give more.

The confidence LeAnne has gained from growing her own business keeps her motivated to help others see the value within themselves. “It’s important to me that I help my team get over their fears and find their passions. Every day is a pinch me moment because I think, ‘Do I really get to help other women, and call it work?’”

LeAnne is especially honored to have the opportunity to help young girls with skin-care problems and the self-esteem issues that often come with them. She loves sharing a product that can improve their skin and help build their confidence. “After struggling with that for so long myself, it’s amazing to help others have the chance to look in the mirror and not see those post-acne marks. I never thought I’d be able to help someone in that way.”


Where LeAnne was first introduced to R+F. Now she and Crystal can look forward to many more trips, building homes and helping families in distress, because of their businesses.

With a renewed sense of confidence, LeAnne has made life-changing decisions. LeAnne took this past year off from her job as an Elementary Reading Specialist. She stayed home with her children and volunteered to write a grant proposal at their school while continuing to work her R+F business. “I have a passion for reading and helping kids in that subject. So it was important for me to help with a grant to initiate a reading program for the school district.”

LeAnne’s husband left his job in civil engineering to start his own business. “We both ended up on business paths we never saw ourselves in, but I feel so blessed to have been given this gift. I’ll never forget earlier this year when his business was still getting started…I’m so glad I was able to find the confidence to make it work.”


The meaningful friendships LeAnne has gained through R+F have made her journey even more special.

LeAnne’s business has brought her family closer together. She especially loves that she can set an example for her kids and teach them about goal setting and building confidence. When LeAnne earned a Lexus through the Road to RFX Car Incentive Program, her seven year old daughter was there cheering her on all the way. “I never thought in a million years that I would earn it. The car goal was more my daughter’s,” she laughs. “So, when we reached our goal, it didn’t seem like reality, but it was really special for my kids to see how hard work pays off.”

LeAnne has learned a lot while building her R+F business. It has been life changing and she now sees that building self-confidence and finding success rely heavily on a positive mindset. LeAnne’s business has shown her that her passion is helping others find the confidence to reach for their goals and achieve their dreams. “I had to find confidence by learning to think positively about myself. And that is what the R+F culture is about: belonging to a supportive group that lifts each other up. It’s about growth and defining your own passion.”

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4 responses to “LeAnne Lynch – Find Your Passion”

  1. Tia McHugh says:

    Your story is amazing, thank you for sharing.

  2. Pam Kelly says:

    I love to read these every week! Thanks for sharing your story – you are an inspiration!

  3. Kristin P. says:

    You completely rock, LeAnne! So proud you are our leader!!!

  4. LeAnne, you are such a wonderful person, a beautiful friend, and a great inspiration to all of us! Love you!

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