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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, October 25th, 2013

Leigh Tanner

Do you remember a certain teacher in school who really inspired you? The one who made you think about things differently, see the world in a new way, or discover something that fascinated you? We probably have all had many caring teachers, but there is usually one who stands out from the rest in our memories – the one who actually made us look forward to going to school. Leigh Tanner is one of those teachers, and her commitment to education is inspirational. She looks forward to teaching her biology class every day, and has never considered a different career. She was not looking for anything more to add to her life when she heard about the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity from her sister, Kimberley Hewett. At first she had absolutely no interest, and nine months went by before she finally decided to become an Independent Consultant. She says she was convinced to join in the end because her sister’s skin looked amazing, and because she thought it might be helpful to earn some residual income to put away for her children’s future education. “Since that time, this has become one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Leigh with her family

Leigh with her family

Leigh has four children who are currently in high school and college, and while she and her husband had prepared for the costs, they were still not completely ready for how expensive college can be. Fortunately, her Rodan + Fields business will help mitigate some of those costs, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. She wants her children to have the best educations possible, and not be limited by which schools are affordable. “We told our kids that if they earn the grades, they can choose whatever schools they want.” She loves to teach kids the value of hard work, including her own kids. They have watched her work diligently at building her business, while continuing to devote most of her time and energy to teaching. As a role model in and out of the classroom, she believes it is important for each person to define what success means to them. For her, a large part of personal success is the rewarding feeling that comes with seeing someone achieve something, and knowing she helped them get there. That feeling applies both to the children she teaches, and to her Rodan + Fields team members.

“This business has made me a better teacher, because I had to learn something new myself, and then learn how to teach that to others who join my team.” She has shown people that anyone can be successful at this business, and it’s all about using your own personal strengths. It requires deciding what your goal is, and then becoming competent at reaching that goal. S enjoys lending a guiding hand to help people achieve what they aspire to, and watching them blossom. “Find what works for you. Everyone has different strengths, and means of learning. One person might be a visual learner, the other more hands-on. Whatever your unique strengths are, leveraging those is what will make you successful.” She emphasizes to her team members that this business is not about selling, it’s about being confident and harnessing your own abilities. So often, people come into this business worried about saying the right thing, or afraid of saying the wrong thing. But what it all comes down to is simply being yourself. “If you are passionate about something and confident in what you’re saying, people are going to listen.”

Biology Class

Biology Class

Any teacher will tell you that people who teach don’t do it for the money. Teachers are passionate about what they do, and Leigh is certainly a passionate teacher. She doesn’t have plans to retire any time in the near future, and will continue to work her Rodan + Fields business around her full-time job. While the income it continues to provide is extremely valuable, especially for a mother on a teacher’s salary who is committed to her children’s education, it has provided much more than that. It has extended her role as a teacher to adults, and she loves reaching out to so many unique people. “Figuring out how to reach someone and getting them where they need to be is my favorite thing about this business.”

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4 responses to “Leigh Tanner – A Guiding Hand”

  1. What an inspirational story, so amazed at all your accomplishments. It is so nice to be apart of your team (through Liz Duggar). You and your sister are a great pair and I feel fortunate to know you! Kim is the one I did my 3 way call with and I knew this biz was for me.

  2. Leign and I started our business for the same reason. I knew I had love the product and then the business. I love both and really excited about my business.

  3. Kimberly Marshall says:

    I had the opportunity to hear Leigh share her story and her passion in person at the R + F Greenville Groundswell meetings this past weekend. As a brand new consultant myself- as of February- I am excited to connect with awesome people like Leigh. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her willingness to help others experience the success they desire is inspirational. I had this opportunity “fall in my lap” recently at a time when I was pretty content for the most part but for “some reason:)” this seemed like an opportunity worth looking into and I am so glad I did. My biggest reason for joining this company was to meet new people and make new connections. Already- this desire has been exceeded as I have met some of the most awesome people who have welcomed me warmly and enthusiastically. I love that anyone can do this and at a pace that is right for them. I am loving the products and have only just begun to see the many benefits of being part of this team! Thanks Leigh for sharing your story:).

  4. Page Gambel says:

    We are so proud of you, Leigh! You are a TRUE LEADER and I’m so lucky to be on your team! Thank you for all that you do!

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