Leisa Cutler – Leading Her Pack
Thursday, June 22, 2017

From quiet beginnings to running her own business in the top level of the Rodan + Fields® community, Leisa Cutler is proof that hard work can sometimes pay off. She grew up in Canada watching her father build his own business and design his own life. After becoming a young single mom, putting herself through nursing school, and working as a Neuro Surgical ICU RN, Leisa had no idea that she would one day do the exact same thing.

R+F Consultant Leisa Cutler sitting down


A slow beginning

In April of 2013, Leisa was living and working in Texas and grew tired of having her family ship down her favorite products from Canada. So, she started looking for options that were more local and asked an acquaintance on Facebook about her skincare routine. They met at a coffee shop to discuss the Rodan + Fields products and “four days later, I signed up with the RFX Express Business Kit. I was all in!”

Leisa was dealing with postpartum depression after her second pregnancy, and the idea of this business inspired her. “It was the one thing I was excited about, and I hadn’t been excited about anything in a while. Yes, I was initially looking for skincare. But after I learned more, I was really excited about being among the first to bring the business home to my market in Canada and be part of the global expansion.” Leisa’s big break was yet to come, however, because her husband Lane’s military career moved the family to Alabama only three months later.

Leisa and her husband got engaged in Lake Louise Canada. When they earned the LTW trip to Banff, Canada in June 2016, they went back to the same spot!

Leisa and her husband got engaged in Lake Louise Canada. When they earned the LTW trip to Banff, Canada in June 2016, they went back to the same spot!

Even in a completely new city, Leisa found the drive to kick her business into gear. “Something clicked in me when I learned from my mentor Elizabeth Guess what this business could do. I wanted the freedom to design a life where I was 100% in control. I started taking my business seriously, working 8-10 hours per week and signing up for coaching sessions in hopes of achieving Level V. I actually didn’t make it right then, and I didn’t get to go on the trip to Napa. But I didn’t give up.”

2017/2018 Banners for Convention for RFx Circle

Leisa’s 2017/2018 Banner for Convention for RFX Circle

Launching to RFX

Leisa’s hard work kept increasing and soon paid off. In the summer of 2014, she worked 30-40 hours per week to prepare her Canadian market back home for the big launch. “I went home to visit my family and I worked really hard for three months. I launched my business and got everyone on board immediately!” Leisa achieved Premier V the same month that Rodan + Fields launched in Canada, and kept shooting for even higher goals.

“I realized that I had a lot of growing to do, so I poured myself into personal development. I found mentors in the personal development world outside of Rodan + Fields, read a ton of books, and went to leadership events.” Leisa earned her Lexus, Elite V, and RFX by March of 2016, and credits this focus on personal growth for her transformation.

Lexus Team Party April 2016

Lexus Team Party April 2016

“I went from being a barely-there Level V to the top Level of the company in 13 months. Personal growth has been my focus for the past year and I’m teaching my team members to ‘grow yourself so that you can learn to grow others.’ It all starts with your mindset. When you get excited about personal development, you automatically want to do the work that will help you achieve your goals. You’re the only obstacle in your way. If you’re willing to put in consistent effort, you can accomplish almost anything.”

Leisa's kids, oldest to youngest (Natalie 17, Charlie 7, Vallen 5, Maxwell 3)

Leisa’s kids, oldest to youngest (Natalie 17, Charlie 7, Vallen 5, Maxwell 3)

Having an impact on her family

Leisa’s Rodan + Fields business was already making big changes in her family life. When she discovered that her youngest was diagnosed with autism, Leisa was grateful she wouldn’t have to return to long shifts at the hospital. “I have the ability to take him to school and work with him at home. I feel like it was my destiny to have the flexibility to be home with him.” She also expresses gratitude for Lane, who was her “support system.” She explains that “he took care of childcare, groceries, and household tasks when I was building my business. We knew it was all going to be worth it one day, and we were right!”

Now Leisa is able to be even more intentional with her time at home and give her effort to her four children. “I want my daughters to believe that they can have it all, and that they don’t have to conform to society’s standard plan. I’m living proof. To go from being a young single mom to leading a team of thousands of people—it’s just crazy.”

Leisa with her family

Leisa with her family

Finding her own pack

Leisa, once nicknamed “the lone wolf” by her mentors, finally started seeing a community build up around her. “I used to go on all the reward trips alone, because I didn’t have any team members above or below me to come along. This year I had three team members travel to Scottsdale with me for Lead the Way, and that has been my favorite memory to date. Hands down, that was the best thing ever!”

Especially after moving to Alabama, Leisa always felt like she had pursued success on her own—but now she’s leading her pack and inspiring others. “I wanted to be an RFX Circle Achiever, to walk the stage and to have my own cardboard cutout. But my ultimate goal was to train at Convention—and I got asked to do just that this year! I am so excited because this has been my dream for so long.”

“I feel like Rodan + Fields found me. I wasn’t searching for anything, but I knew that my opportunity to do something really big was here. I knew this was the vehicle I needed to create my dream life. I do miss being a nurse, but there was never really any doubt from the very beginning that this was my true purpose.”


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Growth.

What is your best R+F team memory? The LTW trip to Scottsdale with my team. Every trip I’ve been on with R+F so far has been alone, so it was great to have my team with me this time!

Favorite snack? Chips and queso.

Best advice you’ve ever received? You have to show up to go up.

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? My parents are entrepreneurs. They’re probably the first people that inspired me to work for myself!


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