Life Changing Skincare: R+F Leaders Share Their Favorite Memories

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Owning your own business can be freeing, empowering, and exciting. From the highest highs to the most challenging lows, Rodan + Fields Leaders experience a full range of emotions as entrepreneurs. Below they share some of their most memorable moments from their personal R+F journeys.


Surviving and thriving in Houston

When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, Michelle Grawer was devastated watching her team members struggle to rebuild. One of her favorite moments was witnessing her entire team of Independent Consultants come together to help those in need:

“A large part of my team is in Texas, and when Hurricane Harvey flooded all of Houston, I watched the devastation on the news and felt terrible for my team members and their families whose homes were flooded. As days and weeks passed, I started to realize that their businesses were going to need rebuilding as well. I was able to donate money to help them, and saw neighbors helping neighbors.

Our Houston team was able to sponsor 10 college-age volunteers and we spent the week going into homes in the 5th Ward to help rebuild with these kids. This was my first time really giving back in a big way through my R+F business. It was an incredible experience.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Michelle Grawler

Michelle Grawer and her team members serving together after Hurricane Harvey.

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Surprises in recruiting

Some of Kelli Chunn’s favorite memories come from the small victories that arise on the R+F journey. One moment in particular stands out when she welcomed some unexpected individuals onto her team:

“I worked in a nurse practitioner-run clinic, and none of my coworkers had ever really listened to me about products. They had no interest in the business. When I officially stepped away from full-time work, they predicted that within a few weeks or months I would be calling asking for work. But that didn’t happen. I told them I’d be sure and send them an invitation to my Lexus event instead. They all laughed, but a year, all three of those nurse practitioners were on my team and celebrating Lexus with me.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Kelli Chun & Team

Kelli Chunn and her team celebrating big moments on the R+F journey.

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The gift of helping others

Janey Reichardt is beyond passionate about helping others develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Many of her favorite moments involve hearing her team members talk about what this opportunity has done for their lives, their futures and their families:

“I believe my greatest calling includes everything that I’ve been able to do for others through my R+F business. It makes me so proud when I hear stories of how our skincare has changed people’s self-confidence. Or stories about people who jumped into business ownership and fought for success straight away because they had no other option. They’ve just changed their lives through Rodan + Fields. My business has given me a new self-confidence. It’s given me a new glow and a spring in my step, knowing that I’m able to not only help my family but also so many others.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Janey Reichardt & Leaders

Janey Reichardt and her fellow leaders at a cross collaborating event.

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Team strength in Puerto Rico

Silvia Bonachea is the leader of a thriving team in Puerto Rico. As the entire island dealt with the devastation and aftermath of Hurricane Maria, she remembers feeling grateful for her decision to partner with so many compassionate and dedicated individuals in the Rodan + Fields community:

“After Hurricane Maria, communications were down, roads were impassable and destruction was everywhere. Little by little I heard from my team that everyone was ok, but business was completely stopped as we focused on getting basic necessities like water, gas and shelter. Yet when we were ready to get back to work, Rodan + Fields was still there waiting for us!

In the middle of chaos, Rodan + Fields was a positive force and in that moment I was really proud of our team and humbled by their attitude. Many had to relocate temporarily or permanently and it was amazing that they were able to take their R+F business with them! For many, the hurricane was a wake-up call that it’s always smart to diversify and plan for the unimaginable. R+F has become their Plan A. In these months I’ve seen how this business has empowered so many people to overcome challenges, grow personally and in turn, empower others. It’s really exciting to be a part of something so much bigger than I ever imagined.”


Silvia Bonachea with her sponsor and team members in Puerto Rico.

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Memories like these are being made throughout the Rodan + Fields community every single day. They beautifully illustrate how collaborating with talented, dedicated and hard-working individuals can make a difference. Rodan + Fields Independent Consultants don’t just sell skincare — they provide an opportunity for individuals to grow in confidence, comfort, compassion, and community. That in itself is truly life-changing.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how you can get involved and start making your own meaningful R+F memories.




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  1. Yancy Cundall says:

    This is such a great story about how Rodan+Fields people give back. Michelle Graweris an awesome caring person who leads by example. Thanks for telling her story!

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