Linda Kowalski – New Beginnings

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, November 7th, 2014

Linda Kowalski has always focused her energy on others. In 1996, Linda experienced life-threatening complications after giving birth to her one-pound premature baby boy. When she beat the odds of survival without long-term health problems, she and her husband knew their baby would need 100 percent of her focus and the road ahead meant it was time for a change. She left her job in corporate customer service in order to stay home, and devoted herself to caring for her son. “It was the best thing I could do for our family. I always wanted to stay at home when we started a family, but it became absolutely necessary because he needed special attention and therapy.”


Linda’s business has shown her that it’s never too late to make a fresh start for yourself.

Linda is grateful she was able to give all of her time to her son, concentrating on his needs and advocating for him as he grew up. However, when he reached high school, she considered finding something for herself that was more than a hobby and would give her an outlet for her nurturing nature.

Around that time, Linda saw her friend Ali, a fellow mother of a premature baby, posting on Facebook about her new Rodan + Fields® business. At first Linda was interested in products that could help her look and feel her best, but what really impressed her was how Ali had found the time to successfully build and manage her own business while she maintained the hectic lifestyle of caring for her 18 month old daughter who had been a one-pound preemie. “I reached out to her because I knew there had to be something extraordinary going on.”


Ali with her daughter, Anna, and Linda with her son, Patrick.

Linda was extremely happy with the products after trying them and attracted by the business opportunity, but she was still unsure if she could create a new beginning for herself. She questioned whether she could be successful and was concerned that people wouldn’t take her seriously after being out of the workforce for so long. “I thought people just saw me as a stay-at-home mom.”

Linda didn’t want to wait too long and miss her opportunity, but she also didn’t want to jump in too fast and regret her decision. She spent a few weeks researching the Company, trying to find something negative that would convince her not to get involved.


Linda was able to use her R+F earnings to pay for a trip to Montreal where she and her husband celebrated their 20th anniversary.

Instead, while conducting her research, she fell in love with the Doctors and their integrity. She was drawn to the fact that she could potentially contribute to her family’s financial future while working around her family’s schedule. “I was also thinking about my future and, in a few years, when my son goes off to college, having something for myself. For so long, I had been so many things for other people, I felt that I kind of lost my individual identity. I wouldn’t change anything about the choices I’ve made, but I thought this could be something of my own.”

Linda enrolled as an Independent Consultant in March of 2013 and, within four months of building her business and watching her team grow, Linda knew that it had the potential to be the career she never had. “Every job I’d had before had been just that – a job. I never found something that was true to me that I could pour myself into.”


Linda is grateful for the incredible friendships she has gained as a result of building her business.

Linda, thought that it was too late for her to get back into the working world after so long, but she quickly discovered she already had a valuable skill set that would benefit her in this new role and she was also growing as a result of the training she received from R+F. As she witnessed the fruits of her labor, she began to believe in herself and realized that she had a lot to give. “This opportunity helped me see that you can have a fresh start and find professional accomplishment at any age.”

In July 2014, Linda achieved Premier Level V and, for the first time in her life, she felt a sense of pride in being recognized for a professional achievement. “I have finally found my voice as an individual and I’ve proven to myself that I can be successful in a professional setting.”

Her achievement was the confirmation Linda needed to make her see that everything she had experienced in her life had shaped her into the person she is today for a reason. By channeling all of that into her business, she was able to become the best version of herself. “I now feel that I have so much to give, and this opportunity is not only helping me, but I’m getting the chance to help others, too. It’s the best thing I can do right now for my family, but also for myself as an individual.”


Linda loves that she has the freedom to spend more time with her family.

Linda is proud that she has changed her family’s financial future significantly. Her income continues to replace the funds spent on her son’s developmental and educational needs throughout the years. It also helps to secure a more stable retirement plan for Linda and her husband. “I’d like to help retire my husband within the next five years. His job keeps him away from our family more than we would like, and is very stressful. I worry about him. He is my best friend and, selfishly, I want more time together,” she laughs.

The incredible friendships Linda gained as a result of building her business convince her that anyone can begin new relationships and develop new networks at any stage of life. Previously, she felt that as she got older the opportunities to broaden her social circle were limited. “How often do you have the chance to meet a solid group of people who become your good friends and mentors? If I never said yes to this opportunity, I wouldn’t know these amazing people who inspire me personally, spiritually, and professionally.”


Linda’s hopes to use her business to retire her husband so they can spend more more quality time together and take trips, like this vacation to Napa.

Linda understands that many women feel as though their professional options are limited and wonder what else they can do after not working for so long. Her experience has shown her that it’s never too late, and you’re never too old to make a fresh start for yourself. “It takes patience, but I know this opportunity came to me at the right time. I can be so much more to so many people with my business now, using the experiences I have gained in my life up to this point.”

Linda loves mentoring young moms and knows she is a more effective leader at this point in her life, having more insight from her years of experience. “I want to show people that they are capable of so much more than they think. Whether you want to improve your skin, learn a new skill, find professional success, or do something that will change your future, your new beginning is out there, and you just have to find the right opportunity.”

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  1. Ali Spitsbergen says:

    This made me CRY!!!! WOW!!! Congrats, Linda!!!

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    You are such a gift, Linda! Congratulations!

  3. Melissa pope says:

    Beautiful and touching story! Although I am not a rep. for R+F, our daughter is and I am thrilled she has the wonderful support! Opportunities to grow as a human being as well as a businessperson does everyone a world of good!

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    Congrats to you, Linda!! What an inspiring story from an inspiring person.

  5. Stacey Hugues says:

    Linda – I know we have met and follow each other, but I had never read your blog before today – you are so inspiring!

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