Lindsey Cross – Providing Hope for an Improved Quality of Life

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

The motor was cut and the anchor dropped. Lindsey Cross looked on while her husband prepared the fishing lines and her two little girls helped with the bait. She leaned over the edge of the boat and stared into the bright blue water below. The depths seemed as endless as the possibilities on her horizon. She thought back to a time, not long ago, when her options had seemed limited. But, determined to create time and financial flexibility for her family, Lindsey started her own business. In doing so, she found a way to build a better life while pursuing her passion of helping others—by empowering them to do the same.

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Lindsey with her family.

Preparing the tackle

Even as a child, Lindsey loved helping people and knew that she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. She worked hard to pay her way through college in order to become a speech pathologist. After graduating, she got a job in a hospital working with patients—often stroke survivors—who needed rehabilitation. Lindsey never thought she’d want to leave her profession, but in 2002, when her first daughter was born, she had a change of heart. Her husband, Chad, worked for his family’s trucking company, and they were fortunate to be able to live on his income alone.

Lindsey left her job to stay home full-time, and in 2006, they welcomed a second daughter. Two years later, however, their situation shifted significantly. Chad’s family’s business was strongly affected by the recession, and together, they made the difficult decision that Lindsey would need to return to work. She considered going back to the hospital, but wanted another solution that wouldn’t take her away from her children for such long hours.

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Lindsey with her parents and sisters.

Casting her line

In April of 2010, a friend from high school called Lindsey to see if she’d be interested in the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity. Lindsey decided to check out the Company’s website and was immediately drawn to the fact that she could work from home. “I loved that I didn’t have to sacrifice time with my family in order to start a business. Chad and I did some research, and although it was out of my comfort zone, I decided to give it a try.”

That same month, Lindsey enrolled as an Independent Consultant and launched her business. Working around her daughters’ schedules, roughly five hours per week, she had achieved Level V by August. That December, she doubled her former speech pathology income. “It was truly eye-opening to see the potential that was available to us with this business model.”


Lindsey is grateful that she is able to send her daughters to private school and cover the costs of their extracurricular activities.

A tug on the pole

While meeting her own financial goals, Lindsey quickly discovered that, by sharing her business, she had gained a new way to help others and fulfill her professional aspirations. “When I’m able to introduce others to a product that rebuilds their confidence by improving the appearance of their skin, it feels like I’m giving them a gift. And when I can help someone achieve a personal goal or dream, it’s extremely rewarding. That is exactly why I got into speech pathology—to help people achieve a better quality of life. Now I’m doing that through skincare.” In her previous profession, Lindsey was especially interested in the physiology of the body and how different therapies would work. Now, she is equally fascinated by the products and how they address different skincare concerns. “My approach is very educational because I love the science of it all. I get excited to teach others how each of the products can benefit them.”

When she started her business, Lindsey began using the SOOTHE Regimen to reduce the redness on her face. After seeing a significant transformation in the appearance of her skin, she transitioned to the REVERSE Regimen to address her sun damage. “I’ve struggled with brown spots, acne, and aging—I’ve used all of the Regimens and I absolutely love them. The products and the business have both been huge blessings to me, but it’s even more amazing to see how they are changing the lives of others.”


Lindsey’s team celebrating at the 2015 R+F Convention in Austin, Texas.

Reeling in

As Lindsey continued to build her business, she discovered a side of herself that she hadn’t previously explored. “I became very goal-oriented and started challenging myself to push harder and work for more. Before long, I’d earned a spot on the Level V trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley and, when the Lead the Way incentive program was introduced, I pushed to become a Top Milestone Achiever and earned another trip, a shopping spree, and had all of my expenses paid for at the 2015 Convention—it felt so amazing to achieve those milestones.” Lindsey set a goal to reach Lexus volume, and on her two-year business anniversary, she achieved it. She maintained that volume for three months, but then several family issues caused her to refocus her attention, decreasing the time she could devote to her business. Throughout 2013, Lindsey’s mother fought breast cancer, two of her sisters went through personal tragedies, and her third sister battled ocular melanoma. “My focus was on my family and what they were going through, but I never gave up on my business. I had to take a step back, but the great thing about this business is that it allows you to do that when you need to.”

Once everything with her family calmed down, Lindsey refocused her efforts on her business. Her teammates rallied together, and in February of 2015, her team reestablished their business volume to where it had previously been. The following July, she achieved Elite Level V, working 25 hours a week. “We all deal with ups and downs and even plateaus in life and business. But I always remind myself that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Obstacles only make us stronger, and I knew that if I kept working and never gave up, my business would grow. And I am blown away by how much it’s taken off over the past five years. It is such a reflection of faith, obedience, and action.” Lindsey is grateful to be part of a supportive team that provides encouragement and guidance whenever it’s needed. “This experience and the amazing people I have met because of it have ignited a fire within me. We are a family and we’ve been through so much together. I’m constantly inspired by my team to set new goals and find new ways to grow. I’m always learning how to be a stronger leader for them and a better version of myself. ”

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Lindsey’s husband and daughter getting ready to hunt together.

Prize-winning catch

Lindsey is impressed by how her business continues to provide for her family and is excited for the many possibilities on the horizon. “Without my business, we wouldn’t have been able to put my daughters in private school, and we probably wouldn’t be in the house we are in now. We can now afford equestrian lessons for my girls, spend more time hunting and fishing as a family, and we’re able to save for their college tuitions.” Lindsey feels blessed to have the opportunity to help take care of her aging parents and looks forward to funding family service trips to Haiti. She is also proud that her business has alleviated the financial stress on her husband. “One of my next goals is to retire him early so that we will be able to spend more time doing the things we love now, instead of waiting until we are old to do so. This opportunity has consistently empowered me to create a better quality of life for my family, and it is truly accessible to anyone looking for a change. I was searching for an answer, and R+F provided the hope and the tools I needed to fulfill my goals. Now, I’m honored to share that gift with others and empower them to do the same.”



3 responses to “Lindsey Cross – Providing Hope for an Improved Quality of Life”

  1. Lindsey,
    I am blessed to call you friend, mentor, business partner, and sister-in-Christ. I love our One Team unity and support. We are better together than we are alone. To Him Be The Glory!
    Love you,

  2. Tracie Bonds says:

    My Sister, My Friend, My RFXer,

    You inspire & challenge me.

    I love you & am so thankful for you!
    You’re a blessing to everyone who knows you.

    I’m praying and trusting GOD will empower us to continue to share what HE has so graciously given us with thousands upon thousands both in the U.S. and around the world.

    I’m always here for you whenever you need me. I adore you and your team and could not be prouder of you.

    Soli Deo Gloria
    Your Sister In Christ,
    Tracie Bonds

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