Lindsey Griffin – Carefree at Twenty-Three
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Most people have experienced, at some point in their lives, the dread of going to work on Monday morning. Whether it’s because you hate your job, or you just need a change, sometimes the weekend just goes by much too fast. When you’re young, it is expected that you will work a few terrible jobs or internships before you find your place in the world, and it is rare to be a college student and already have a rewarding career. Lindsey Griffin is thankful that she found, at the very young age of nineteen, a career as a Rodan + Fields® Independent Consultant that she describes as the perfect combination of business and purpose. Four years  ago, Lindsey was a college student working two part-time jobs. She felt very uncertain about the future, unsure of what her degree in finance was going to do for her later in life. When she discovered the Rodan + Fields business opportunity, she jumped at the chance to build a business for herself and joined without hesitation. “I was studying finance at the time so I understood the potential, but I had no idea then how much it would impact my life.”


Lindsey graduated with her degree in finance a year and a half  ago, and now at twenty-three has no college debt, since her Rodan + Fields earnings allowed her to pay her tuition as she made her way through school. As a newlywed who has earned a six-figure income through her Rodan + Fields business, she can enjoy her twenties by traveling with her husband, spending as much time as she wants with family and friends, and supporting her business partners. Not many people have this kind of freedom at such a young age, and it is rare in this economy for a twenty-three year old to be able to be her own boss, be debt-free, earn six figures, and control her own time. “This business has changed my life, and I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity. I have been able to avoid the whole nine to five world, and I love that I don’t have to dread going to an office every morning. I love everything about this business and what it has done for me and what I see it do for other people all the time.”

Lindsey Griffin

Lindsay with Rodan and Fields friends

What makes Rodan + Fields a unique business model, according to Lindsey, is that you have mentors right from the beginning who are there to help you succeed. “We have a motto that we are in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves.” She feels a strong connection to everyone on her team, and as a bonus, her own family members have since joined her in the business. She credits a large part of her success over the past four years to their support, especially her husband, who has encouraged her from the beginning. Feeling connected to people is a large part of not only enjoying working a Rodan + Fields business, but it is also the key to success. “It’s important to keep reaching out to people, building strong relationships, and just have fun doing it along the way.” Part of what keeps things fun, and adds a spark of motivation, are the incentive programs the compensation plan offers. She was excited to earn a Lexus through the Road to RFx Car Incentive Program, and earn a trip to Napa when she reached Level V. After those significant achievements, she felt further motivated to make sure her fellow business partners achieved what they want to get out of this. “The cool thing about this is that you can do whatever you want with it. You can create exactly the kind of success you desire to have depending on what you’re willing to put into it.”

It’s wonderful to be young and not have to worry about your financial future. Lindsey is grateful to have found Rodan + Fields at an early stage in her life, and feels a great sense of freedom and gratitude.

Lindsay Griffen

Lindsay and her husband, enjoying life

“Being young, it would have been so easy to let this opportunity pass me by or to give up, but I had to take a chance on myself and on this business – fortunately, that one decision continues to pay off.” She credits much of her success to her business partners, and says she wouldn’t be where she is today without their support. Now that she has already gained so much both financially and personally, she looks forward to continuing to encourage others as they get the most out of this business, at any age. “I feel like I have already been so blessed by my business already, I wouldn’t ask for more. I’ll be happy as long as I continue to move forward, and watch others create the lives they want for themselves as they discover this amazing opportunity.”


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22 responses to “Lindsey Griffin – Carefree at Twenty-Three”

  1. Renee Hall says:


    I Love your story!! When I was introduced to this business opportunity, I knew this was perfect for not only myself, but for my three daughters. My husband and I gave them their business kits for Christmas last year. They haven’t caught on to the excitement of it completly, but I know it will allow them to be stay-at-home moms and travel and enjoy life. Thank you for sharing. I know it will speak to each of them when they read this. God Bless You.

  2. Congratulations Lindsey! Your story is every parent’s wish for their children…..learning about this gift early in life so you can ENJOY life! So proud of you and happy for your success! May your 2014 be filled with God’s blessings and continued favor in your life!

  3. Congratulations Lindsey,
    I love your story! Have a blessed 2014 and may all your dreams come true!

  4. Love your story ! Thanks for sharing !

  5. Congratulations ! Great Story !

  6. Diane Kerce says:

    So happy for you and your husband Lindsey!!
    Blessings, Diane

  7. Christi Hays says:


    Your story COMPLETELY inspires me! I can feel the warmth through your vision and strength. Your team is truly blessed to have you!



  9. Lauren says:

    I’m a graduating undergraduate student, majoring in Exercise Science. I’m applying for PT (physical therapy) school in early September and am taking GRE classes while completing my 240 hour internship in June and July. I was hoping to work as a waitress at a sports bar during weeknights, which might be taxing on me after 6 hour days of interning and studying for the GRE. What does it take to be a consultant and how much time do you think becoming a consultant takes up? I’m trying to look for alternate, easy ways to make money while allowing myself to have a little bit of freedom with the small amount of time I have for myself!

    Thanks in advance!

  10. J'nelle Clements says:

    Great story!!! Thanks for sharing!! Lauren, if no one has contacted you, please feel free to email me at I would love to explain to you what it takes to be a consultant at Rodan + Fields!!

  11. Lori says:

    Hi Lauren – If you are still looking for the information I would love to help you and tell you all about my fun and supportive team! My email address is

  12. Congratulations Lindsey,
    You are an inspiration to so many young people.
    Way to go!
    Laura Williams

  13. SUCH AN AMAZING STORY!! Excited to share it!

  14. Congrats to you, Lindsey!!! I know that God uses people to reach others! I feel very very humbled and grateful to have been given this opportunity! I knew right when it was introduced to me that it was a chance of a lifetime! My family hasn’t jumped on board yet, but I feel certain it’s just a matter of time!!
    Again, so proud of you, Lindsey!!!

  15. Lynne Andrews says:

    So impressed with your story, Lindsey! It’s so important to help young career-minded college grads understand there is so much more in today’s economy than the same ‘ole, same ‘ole way. I love that you worked hard, and found success at such a young age! Congrats and very, very excited for your future!

  16. Hadassah Ayly says:

    I have to say that I love your story because right now I am a college student. I am almost done with my degree, but I feel like I want to do more. I believe that Rodan+Fields is an amazing opportunity. I hope to be able to connect with you, Lindsey.

  17. Chris Remler says:

    I love your story! So inspirational! I am going to share with some of my younger prospects!

  18. Susan says:

    Hi Lindsay,
    I have a prospect who is in college and was hoping you would offer some insight. Would love to hear some tips on how you got started. Thanks so much!!

  19. Adele Murdock says:

    Your story was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Chantelle Kechebashian says:

    This is so inspirational! Will there be a follow up story about Lindsey? I would love to see how she is doing now!
    In a world where young people are trapped by student loans and low paying job prospects, this story is truly awesome!

  21. Adelyn says:

    Hey! This is such a neat story. I’m paying for college…or at this point, as much as I can and doing the rest in loans. I would love to hear how you got started and what it takes to become a successful agent. I think this is such a neat opportunity but am not even sure where to begin!

  22. I love this story and all the other stories of girls who join this amazing business at 18 and earn their Lexus or even become a million-dollar-achiever by 23! What an amazing opportunity for young people to start their financial future and begin building an empire at 18 or 19! I would be glad to answer any questions.

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