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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

When Lisa Gilmore and her husband, Wes, decided to move back to their hometown in Ohio, they were searching for a simpler life. They had spent ten years living in Denver, Colorado, but after they had their second daughter, they realized that they could offer their children more back home. They planned to sell their house in Denver, and Lisa would give up her career as a science teacher to stay home with their growing family. In 2009, they packed up their belongings, put a sign up in the yard, and moved back east.

R+F Consultant Lisa Gilmore headshot

Doing her homework

The home sale, however, didn’t quite go according to plan. The bottom dropped out of the housing market that year, leaving the couple saddled with the extra property and expense. They rented the house out at a loss and waited, trusting that things would improve. In the meantime, Lisa got into the flow of being a full-time mom. But the transition wasn’t as easy as she had thought. “I soon began to feel like I was losing myself. I missed the professional interaction, the challenges, and the pride that comes with making an income.”

While Lisa was adapting to life in Ohio, her close friend Kate Hester was enjoying great success back in Denver with her new career as an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields®. Lisa followed Kate’s journey on social media, and had a strong sense of missing out on something big. “I wanted what she had—the excitement of running her own business, the challenge, and the rewards. I could see how happy she was, and I wanted in!”

R+F Consultant Lisa Gilmore with team members

Dreambuilders AKA Dreamwreckers. A funny little inside joke with Lisa’s power partners (left to right) – Loren Faye, Kate Hester and Kelly Wasserberger

Lisa put together a notebook full of questions about the R+F business model to take to Kate. The answers were promising, but Lisa was still hesitant about her own abilities. She believed in the Doctors and their products, but was afraid that she wasn’t a natural salesperson. However, by June 2012, with the house still on the market and the couple’s savings dwindling, she decided to take the plunge. “The Denver house not selling was really my impetus to get started. I knew we could do with additional income, and I wanted to do what I could to contribute.”

R+F Consultant Lisa Gilmore and her husband

Lisa with her husband, Wes, celebrating their Summer 2017 vacation in Holden Beach, NC

Learning lessons the hard way

Lisa admits that starting out she was extremely nervous, but once again her friend Kate inspired her. “Kate isn’t a ‘salesy’ person, she’s just a genuine, down-to-earth woman. I knew that if she could do it, then so could I.” Lisa bought the RFX Express Business Kit and prepared for her Business Launch Event, learning the science behind the products backward and forward. “I prepared it like a lesson plan, I even had a PowerPoint presentation! Kate had explained to me that the R+F formula for Business Launch Events worked, that there was no need to change the format, but I did.” To her dismay, the presentation didn’t go down as planned. “I had totally overcomplicated it, as I tend to do. What I presented was more like a science lesson, and people’s eyes quickly glazed over. I felt like crying.”

Her misstep didn’t discourage her for long—instead, Lisa took what lessons she could from it. She realized that what people really wanted to know about, and see, were the results. “I had great results with the products, as had my neighbor, friend, and very first Customer, Megan. She kept me on track by constantly telling me that the products are working and that I can do this!’” Lisa knew she needed to get out and have conversations with people, to share her enthusiasm and her results with her network. With this affirmative attitude and a lot of hard work, slowly but surely, business began to grow.

R+F Consultant Lisa Gilmore with her family

Lisa with her beloved family, photo credit to Blue Teapot Photography

An inspiration to the next generation

To the couple’s relief, their Denver house sold later in 2012, after three years on the market. By that point Lisa was already developing a thriving team, one that has blossomed into a nationwide network of entrepreneurs. Working 10-15 hours per week, Lisa is now a Level V Executive Consultant and proud stay-at-home mom to three girls—Lacey, 10, Lila, 8, and Lottie, 5. “It didn’t happen overnight, but I have built a successful career while working one-third of the hours that I used to. It has taken hard work and perseverance—and I’m very proud of where I am today.”

She fits her R+F work in around her daughters’ schedules, and insists on always putting her family before her business. Lisa is delighted that her girls can grow up seeing their mom maintain a successful career while also being available to bring them to soccer practice. “I want my girls to see that dedication and optimism produce real results. This business is an ideal way to show them that, to be that role model to them. I hope they will learn that when you show up and work hard, good things can happen.”


Tell Me More…

What did you want to be when you grow up? I always wanted to be a teacher. Turns out as much as I loved teaching, I hated grading papers!

Favorite trend of all time? The designer dog. Our boy Lloyd is an English Goldendoodle. I’m completely obsessed with him.

What was the biggest R+F hurdle you overcame? The few times I have experienced negativity, I temporarily allowed it to set me back. Over time I’ve learned to focus on all the positives instead.

What is your dream R+F trip destination? I find Venice, Italy intriguing.

What is your favorite R+F product? I cannot say enough about Lash Boost™—it has opened up my eyes.


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