Lisa Jauregui – A Team Effort

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, December 2nd, 2013

A few years ago, Lisa began preparing herself for the day she would become a mother. As a busy professional in the advertising world, she was working long hours all week long, and she didn’t rest on the weekends. Instead, she concentrated her efforts on growing her business as a makeup artist in the wedding industry. Her hope was that as her business flourished, she would have the freedom to quit her job and work only on the weekends. With this plan in mind, she worked hard to make sure her business was successful enough to allow for that transition.

Lisa Jurgesi

Lisa and Family

Eventually, her hard work paid off, and Lisa quit her advertising job when her first child, Brooklyn, was born. But even though she was only working on weekends as a make-up artist, those were the days her husband was home, and she quickly realized that this wasn’t the life she wanted. “I felt like we were trading shifts, and were never able to spend quality time together as a family. I began to think about the future, and having more children. Working weekends would keep me from birthday parties, soccer games, and all the other family activities I wasn’t prepared to miss.” With that in mind, she began to search for some other way to contribute to the family finances. Through a friend, she found a way she could work from home and never miss out on all those family moments she was looking forward to.

“I had been following a friend’s success with her Rodan + Fields® business, and I was impressed with what she had accomplished. I was just a bit hesitant to join because I was completely ignorant about the direct sales industry, and it didn’t seem like something I could do.” Her initial hesitation turned into enthusiasm about the business opportunity when she found out that she could truly work on her own terms for the first time in her life. This was a business she could work around her life, rather than the other way around. “I knew that if I didn’t at least try, I would always wonder what might have been.” She joined as an Independent Consultant last winter, and is happy to be able to look back on the past year without regrets.

She grew her business slowly at first, but steadily. She was consistent in her efforts and decided that it didn’t matter if it took one year, or four years, as long as she eventually reached her goal of making it to Level V status. Last May, she reached Level V after only six months of commitment. “It was exciting to have that kind of success so soon, because it surpassed my original conservative goal of just earning enough money to pay a few bills.” Besides surpassing her expectations financially, Lisa’s Rodan + Fields business has allowed her to maintain the lifestyle she wants, which means being free to take her daughter to school, enjoy lunch with a friend, and take care of herself by getting time in at the gym. “My business lets me lead a life that is balanced, where my work is meaningful to me, but doesn’t interfere with my time with family, or with my personal freedom.”

Lisa describes her experience with Rodan + Fields as a team effort, and attributes much of her own success to the success of her team members. She enjoys working in an environment that fosters relationships, and finds personal satisfaction in passing along the tools to others that they need to become successful. “Rodan + Fields is about building teams, and helping each other. It is in your best interest to make sure everyone on your team is successful, because that’s what makes your own business successful.”

Recently, Lisa’s business has grown, and she has been able to hire someone to manage her makeup artistry business completely, allowing her to focus all of her efforts on Rodan + Fields. Her next goal is to become an RFx Circle Achiever, and she has no doubt that she will make it to the next level now that she can maximize her hours of operation. Her advice to anyone who is interested in this opportunity, but feels the hesitation that she once felt, is to ask yourself why you want this. “Remember what matters in life. My motivation for trying this business was my daughter. You can let what you want drive you toward getting the life you want, or you can let fear and doubt drive you. I’m happy today that I took the chance, because it has become so much more than I ever expected. I love working with other people who seek real change in their lives, and I am so glad that we are on this journey together.”

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