Lisa Meade – A Solopreneur’s Small Steps to Big Victories
Friday, August 9, 2013

“To feel a sense of peace every day, knowing that you’re doing exactly what you should be doing in your life, and that you’re exactly where you need to be.” That is how Lisa Meade describes success.

Lisa had recently left behind a successful career as a pharmaceutical manager in preparation for the child she and her husband were seeking to adopt, and were already in the process of adoption. While that adoption didn’t work out, Lisa knew that eventually the right match would come along. She spent her time preparing for that day, and dreaming of jobs that would allow her to stay home with her new baby – an as-yet unknown life that would soon sleep peacefully in her arms. She daydreamed about her future, but laughed at herself as she imagined the remote chance she had of ever finding work she could do from home. One afternoon while browsing the internet for those few-and-far-between work-at-home listings, she stumbled upon the Rodan + Fields company site. Although she had no previous experience in direct sales, she did have previous knowledge of Dr. Rodan  and Dr. Fields, and she was excited to find work she could do in her flip-flops and yoga pants.

Lisa Meade

She began reading through the profiles of the top-level Consultants, and says she was particularly intrigued with the profile of Ali Box, an RFx Circle Achiever. Lisa wrote to Ali, and the two women exchanged emails and long phone calls that not only led to Lisa’s new career path, but to a friendship as well. By the end of the week, Lisa had signed on as an independent Consultant, and the life she had thought was only a dream became a reality.

With this new freedom of part-time, at-home work, she looked forward to the time she would spend at home with her child, instead of being consumed by a forty-plus hour work week. Because she is her own boss, she decides how much she works, and controls how much she earns. She has the opportunity to pave the road to her own ideal version of motherhood, which means putting in fewer hours when the time comes to shift her focus to being a great mom. For Lisa, it is a path to personal freedom.

We all define freedom differently. For some people, freedom simply means freedom from financial burden, while for others it is having their time free, or just the freedom from stress in general. Lisa acknowledges this, and says that for her, freedom is a combination of all of these things, but her driving force is always the pursuit of motherhood. As a future mom, she already envisions singing her daughter to sleep, watching her take her first steps, and making her first friend at school.

Lisa Meade Quote

While she and her husband are still waiting for that glorious day they will welcome their new baby into their home, Lisa has already opened her heart. She says she is a happier person since starting her business, because she enjoys what she does.

“People often say, ‘it’s called work for a reason’. But it doesn’t have to be.”

Most of us spend eight hours a day at work, which means forty hours of our week, one hundred-sixty hours of our month, and one thousand nine-hundred and twenty hours of our year. It is in our best interests to find a job we enjoy. Meeting someone like Lisa, who is excited by what she does and looks forward to her work day, reminds me how important it is to love what you do. She is contagious in her enthusiasm, and it is easy to see her as a joyful, energetic mom, passing on her entrepreneurial ambitions to her son or daughter. Already a natural nurturer, she finds fulfillment in guiding others toward their own goals, which is something that this career frequently allows her to do.

Of course, she didn’t get here all at once. Like everyone else, she had all those awkward conversations, those moments of rejection, and even late night worrying. But over time, it got easier. The “no’s” became less frequent, the worrying eased into peacefulness as the days got easier. She emphasizes the importance of taking things one step at a time without losing sight of your end goal.

Lisa Meade Quote

Lisa hopes to adopt a child by the end of the year, and looks forward to being a stay-at-home mother while continually expanding her business. Ultimately, she has plans to set up a non-profit system that will assist others to adopt or receive fertility treatments. She knows how hard the process is, and remembers all those times her hopes were raised, only to be disappointed again and again. Adoption is also financially taxing, and Lisa wants to be able to help those who are struggling. She considers how much worse it is for some people who are in her situation, and says with empathy, “I know how hard it is to want to have a child and not be able to. But it’s worse to want a child, not be able to, and not even have the resources and finances to do so.”

Her dreams of motherhood and of helping others achieve their own dreams, whether personally or professionally, are not so far away. But until she reaches those dreams, Lisa will celebrate all those little victories along her way. And one day, when she and her husband carry their first child down the path to their home and through the front door, it will be at the right time, and in just the right place.

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4 responses to “Lisa Meade – A Solopreneur’s Small Steps to Big Victories”

  1. Allison says:

    Such a great, inspiring story. So happy Lisa and her husband DID get the baby of their dreams this summer. Thank you for sharing Lisa!

  2. Tracy Willard says:

    What a beautiful story! Lisa you are a true inspiration! I’m SO thrilled that you are now a happy mama to one lucky little boy! Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. So proud to be in your down-line and to receive such great leadership. You are awesome Lisa!

  4. KvXmSxiny3Q says:

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