Liz Custer – Organizing Her Career to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, December 15th, 2016

We could all do with being a bit more organized, systematic, and in control. Having a tidy and uncluttered home helps us relax, and organization can significantly improve quality of life. Just imagine always having the car keys at hand as you rush out the door, no longer trawling through drawers to find that lost sock, and no more turning the house upside down in search of that missing paperwork. It’s an unattainable ideal for many of us!

Enter Liz Custer. For more than 10 years, Liz worked as a professional organizer and custom storage designer. Her job was to de-clutter people’s lives, to give them that sense of relief in knowing that their possessions were stored in an organized and logical way. That work experience taught Liz a lot about people, and helped her to hone skills that have been invaluable to her in getting to where she is today.Liz Custer Rodan + Fields Consultant

Prioritizing the essentials

Liz was not always a professional organizer, but she has always been an ambitious, deliberate woman. After majoring in accounting, she began working in a CPA office. She enjoyed the work and was good at it, but soon determined that it wasn’t for her. “While I realized I would make plenty of money as an accountant, I would have no time for anything but work.” It was clear to Liz that the most important thing in her life was to enjoy time with those she loved, so she resolved to find a job that would let her do just that.

Soon after she decided that accounting wasn’t her path, she got married, and she and her first husband went on to have three children. As her children grew, she became a full-time mom, and realized that “I loved that career as well.” When she decided to return to the working world, she thought long and hard about what she would do. Liz knew exactly what it was she wanted, but couldn’t quite find it. “I knew there had to be a way to have time to spend with my family but also have financial stability to enjoy that time. In the traditional business world I just couldn’t find it.”

She tried some direct sales companies but never found the right fit, so she became a custom storage designer and organizer. She loved that job, too, but it still didn’t fill her criteria—the hours were long and the pay was commission-based. During this time she went through a divorce, and with three children she began struggling to make ends meet.

Liz Custer and family

2016’s holiday card photo with the family.

Ever the optimist, Liz didn’t let the hard times get her down—she learned another valuable lesson and moved on. “I’m grateful for that period of challenges; it made me more appreciative of what I have now.” And it was during that period that she narrowed her vision of her ideal career, “a legitimate business with an impeccable reputation, selling a highly sought-after product.”

A tailor-made career

Liz began to look for companies with potential, and it seemed, no matter where she went, that one name kept cropping up, over and over: Rodan + Fields®. So in May of 2011, she took the first step and started her journey as an Independent Consultant. She very quickly realized that it was exactly what she had been looking for. The start-up, Liz says, was incredibly easy. With other direct sales roles she had tried or researched, one often had to invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into simply getting it off the ground. However, as she explains, “the Rodan + Fields business model is totally different. It’s a “turnkey” operation, where everything is already set up.”

Liz now works her R+F business full-time, putting in 20-30 hours a week, and is delighted to say that what she does cannot be described as work. “I love that I’m able to offer people hope by telling them that there is a great career opportunity to be found here—and also a way that they can achieve the best-looking skin of their lives.”

Liz Custer and R+F Teammates

Team Toast Convention 2016

She delights in helping people, and revels in the fact that she can help guide others toward achieving their own successes. “Too many people in this world are stuck in the rat race, it breaks my heart to see.” Liz is now very proud to offer people another option. This sense of well-wishing and helpfulness pervades the Rodan + Fields experience. And, she says, it is exactly that which makes her work so rewarding.

Designing a fulfilling future for her family

“The difference between R+F and my previous careers is incredible,” Liz notes. Everyone supports and looks out for each other, and she has made long-lasting friendships with her R+F team members. In fact, this year she was very thankful to be able to use her previous work experience to return a favor to her power partner Jessica Edwards, by designing the closets in her new dream home. “She and her husband have done so much to help me build my career, and I was so happy to repay their generosity.”

R+F Consultant Liz Custer and husband

Flying to an R+F Team Event!

The flexibility of her R+F business has also led to significant benefits for her family life. It has given her the ability to spend quality time with her grandchildren Makayla and Mason. Their mother Ashley recently started to work her own Rodan + Fields business part-time, and last year Liz’s husband Bryce retired from his previous career to work part-time with her. The freedom gives him more time to enjoy his hobby of flying. The plan then is to “fly south in the winter and north in the summer,” visiting her team members and helping them grow their businesses; “I want them all to succeed as I have. In turn, I hope that they will pass that on by helping those below them to do the same.”


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