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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Liz Grant’s Rodan + Fields journey started five years ago when she finally found her ideal skincare solution. “I had terribly sensitive skin and tried an array of different skincare lines over the years. Nothing really worked for my skin, and every product burned when I used it. When a friend of mine suggested that I try the R+F SOOTHE Regimen, I was blown away by how the products worked to change the appearance of my skin without any burning. I was even more surprised when, over the next couple of months, my skin looked and felt less sensitive than normal. I was really impressed.”

R+F Consultant - Liz Grant

A jarring transition

In May 2016, Liz encountered a challenging situation that pushed her to consider Rodan + Fields as more than just a skincare line. “I had been a sales representative with another company for seven and a half years when I learned that our founders were closing down the business. I was completely in shock. Seconds after we hung up from that call, my friend Jill Smith and I cried together, wondering what we were going to do. A girlfriend of mine heard Rodan + Fields was a really good Company to join, so I started looking into the opportunity. Coincidentally, Jill was looking into R+F, too. Together we decided to go for it. We signed up in June and that’s how I landed in the R+F world.”

“That was the start of my journey, and it was also a really crazy time for my family. In May I lost my business, and in June I signed up for a new one. At the same time my husband was offered a promotion in Seattle, so we packed up and moved our family from the Tri-City area across the state. It was a really busy and disruptive time in our lives. So while I was definitely plugged-in to Rodan + Fields from the moment I started, I didn’t really start reaching out and building my business until September. But it’s been a steady flow ever since.”

R+F Consultant - Liz Grant & Husband

Liz and her husband Mike at a Seattle Seahawks Game.

Finding her why

Liz is currently a Level Two and has big goals to accomplish during her 5-10 hours of R+F work each week. “It’s been challenging to fit my business around my life, but I feel really proud of myself when I do sit down for a few reach-outs. I feel empowered knowing that I have put time towards my business. What fills my soul and my passion in life is connecting and helping other women. As a fitness instructor by trade, I’ve been able to do that through dance, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. That experience has transferred over to Rodan + Fields because I am now able to help women with their skincare concerns and talk to them about their own business possibilities.”

“For me, R+F has just been another avenue in being able to connect with and empower other women. My ultimate goal is to continue to connect and have meaningful relationships with women all over the place. I want to help other women find their passion and use R+F as a vehicle to achieve their own goals in life. Through lots of minor ups and downs and a couple promotions, Rodan + Fields has really been a blessing in my life as another vehicle to connect.”

R+F Consultant - Liz Grant at Convention

Liz with teammates Tammi Bosiljovac and Jill Smith at Convention in Las Vegas, NV.

The R+F community

Currently, Liz enjoys connecting with her small but growing team over their Rodan + Fields experiences. “I have about nine girls on my team so far who have become some of my best friends. We’ll go to a local restaurant for cocktails and conversation, and we talk skincare and chat about our lives and discuss how R+F has been an avenue for personal development. My three boys at home keep me busy, so it’s really nice to have a business that allows me to be at home when they need me yet still have something of my own. I can go out and have girls’ nights and do something that’s just for me.”

Backed with encouragement from her Upline leaders, Liz feels motivated and inspired to take on whatever challenges come her way as a business owner. “Jill and Marissa McDonough have both played a significant role in my Rodan + Fields business. They are tremendous leaders on our team who keep us plugged in with inspiration and training and coaching along the way. The Incentive Programs always get me running, too. I’m competitive and love to run for the recognition and the prizes, so whenever a new incentive rolls out I always try to push myself one step further in going for those goals.”

R+F Consultant - Liz Grant & Team

Liz and her teammates Jill Smith, Sara Bruce, and Kendra Robinson at Convention in Las Vegas, NV.

Vision for the future

Liz has big dreams for where her business will eventually take her. “Since starting network marketing, one thing that has really stuck out to me is the tremendous amount of personal growth and development that this business leads us to. I was not confident like I am now. I had a lot of negative self-talk and I just wasn’t sure of myself. I didn’t believe in myself like I do now. Rodan + Fields has opened many doors for me in the personal development arena. I see my business continuing to build steadily over time, I envision my team growing exponentially, and I see myself as a Level V Circle Achiever in the near future.”

R+F Consultant - Liz Grant's Children

Liz’s boys: Andrew (7), Kaleb (12), and Jackson (9) in Sammamish, WA.

“I want readers of my story to see that anybody can do this business. You don’t have to overcome major adversity, and that doesn’t have to be the reason why you are successful in business. I think my story is relatable because it’s just normal life, and it’s me doing the work every single day. You just have to be consistent. Allow your authentic and true self to shine through, because that’s what makes this business your very own. It’s not anybody else’s story; it’s your own.”

To contact Liz about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? My Sponsor Jill Edgell Smith

Favorite trend of all time? Glitter

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? From my husband, my three boys, and my miracle morning time.

What’s your biggest quirk? I am silly and outrageous at times.

Favorite snack? Starbucks Chai Latte




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  1. Meghan says:

    What is your miracle morning Time?

  2. Liz Grant says:

    Hi Meghan,
    My Miracle Morning time is derived from a book called “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. In this book he explains 6 techniques in starting the day off with a positive mindset to help you achieve all of your life goals. It has really helped me start each day off with a great attitude!

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