Maisha Dible – A Team Player Finds Her Own Voice

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

A college athlete turned corporate wanderer, Maisha Dible had tried everything from floral design to college admissions counseling and still wasn’t fulfilled. While keeping herself busy working in luxury real estate, Maisha finally found her “calling” and simultaneously surrounded herself with a community of support that had been missing since her days of playing on a team.

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Running a new play

Five years ago, Maisha received a phone call from Shala Holman, a friend who shared the Rodan + Fields® business with her. Maisha was excited to start something new, and jumped in wholeheartedly. At the time, she had no idea how significant that moment was.

In her early days as an Independent Consultant, this former track and basketball athlete winced to think that “this journey was going to be a marathon and not a sprint.” But Maisha’s competitive nature carried her through her first uncertainties in the business. With some helpful guidance from fellow Consultants Jamie Peterson and Jen Griswold, early advocates for Maisha in the business, she was able to persevere.

Jamie Petersen and Jen Griswold, Maisha's Mentors at the Team Give Premier Level V retreat in Riviera Maya, Mexico 2017.

Jamie Petersen and Jen Griswold, Maisha’s mentors at the Team Give Premier V retreat in Riviera Maya, Mexico 2017.

“Ironically, as competitive as I am, I didn’t achieve the titles as quickly as I wanted to. I had to learn not to be discouraged when success doesn’t come automatically. I wanted to throw in the towel in the beginning, but I knew that my teammates looked to me to guide them through the slow parts of this journey. It helped me develop as a leader and I found a team of people who share a no-quit attitude.”

Maisha with some of the members of the Dible Group at the 2016 Convention in Vegas.

Maisha with some of the members of the Dible Group at the 2016 Convention in Vegas.

No man or woman left behind

Maisha is, understandably, a “huge team person” and formed her team, Dible Group, on the basis of her athletic work ethic. Her prior experience playing basketball was also useful in developing her leadership style. “As a point guard, I knew from the court how to assist with putting people in the right position to be successful, and I enjoy coaching them along the way.”

Together, they’ve formed as strong a bond as any sports team. “We are a large team of men and women who are compassionate, driven, and inspired to elevate each other.”

Maisha with husband Lance, her biggest supporter  and power partner.

Maisha with husband Lance, her biggest supporter and power partner.

Playing for the home team

Maisha’s Rodan + Fields business has had a large impact at home as well. The supplemental income allowed her family to get ahead financially, and to lay the foundation for their future. “We built our dream home in September of 2016, which is really important to me because it’s a true testament to how far we have come.”

She credits her husband Lance with helping her succeed. “Even working full-time in his own career, Lance has been my biggest supporter. When I finished playing collegiate sports, my husband truly helped me get through the transition when I didn’t know how to move on. I’m forever grateful because he believed in me even during my uncertain start.”

The R+F journey has become a family affair for Maisha, and she is now involving her kids as well. Zoie, her daughter, and Zander and Zain, her younger boys, excitedly keep out of the way during R+F working hours to help further the family goal of vacationing at Disney World. “It’s a collaborative effort to help with my R+F business so we can reach our goal. It’s really fun to have them on board.”

Maisha, Lance, Zoie, Zander and Zain--  The Dibles are always running to their next goal.

Maisha, Lance, Zoie, Zander and Zain: the Dibles are always running to their next goal.

Following a greater purpose

Maisha hopes that her experience with finding both success and belonging within her team will inspire others to see their own potential, and she is particularly determined to provide a positive example for others who share her ethnicity.

“I’m proud to be among the African-American Elite V Achievers, and it’s my goal to become an RFX Circle leader. Consultants have told me that I’m helping to pave the way for them with R+F, and that’s why I won’t give up. When I hopefully reach RFX this year, it will be an amazing accomplishment for a lot of people beyond myself and my family. You don’t have to fit the mold of what we think success looks like to be successful. Success is determined within.”


Tell Me More…

Have there been any especially significant people in your life? Every coach I had growing up who’s molded me into the woman I am today!

Best meal you’ve ever had? Mahi Mahi at Mama’s Fish House in Maui… to die for!!

Favorite song? For inspiration, I love “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor!

What is your favorite R+F memory? Going to Maui with my hubby and seeing our teammates walk across the stage at Convention! My heart melts every time!

What is the best business advice you were given? Don’t apologize for being yourself. This is your calling and nothing can stop you but you!


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  1. Enjoyed reading your story! It’s good to know that I can succeed at this as an African American Consultant. Thanks for sharing your story as I’m extremely encouraged by it.

    PS: Any idea who I can chat with re making the mineral peptides a little darker. They don’t have one dark enough for me and that’s a little disappointing. However, it’s not gonna stop me from being successful in this business.

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    I really loved your story and love how you are paving the way for other African Americans to be a part of such a wonderful company!

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