Mallory Hope Garshnick – A Way to Make You Smile
Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mallory grew up watching her father make people smile. As a respected and much loved dentist, he helped people who sought out his services not only feel better physically, but also feel better about their appearance. “I remember that when I was little, we would go out to a restaurant and people would come up and shake his hand, or even give him a hug. Everyone in our small town knew him, and appreciated what he did. I admired that, and I knew from the time I was a very young girl that I wanted to be that kind of person, and that I wanted to be a dentist.” Having come from a long line of dentists, she continued the family legacy and followed in her father’s footsteps. While she practices independently, he continues to be a mentor.

Mallory Hope

Mallory Hope

Today, Mallory is a very successful dentist who helps people look and feel better all the time. She wasn’t looking for another type of career when a long-time friend introduced her to Rodan + Fields®, but she was intrigued by the idea of starting her own business without having to take out a business loan. “I decided to become an Independent Consultant for a very simple reason, and that is that I really had nothing to lose.” Mallory saw the potential in the business opportunity and enrolled as an Independent Consultant  without hesitation, but didn’t expect to gain more than a small residual income.

A year later, she has achieved Level V Executive Consultant status, and uses her Rodan + Fields earnings to support her commitment to helping people feel better, and look better. “As a dentist, when someone comes to me because they have lost a front tooth, part of what makes it so hard for them is that it makes them very self-conscious about their appearance. It is the same with skin. Someone with acne or sun damage might come to me looking for a solution, and now I have the tools to help restore their confidence in that way, too. I love that my Rodan + Fields business gives me another outlet to help people feel better about themselves.”

Mallory Hope

Mallory and Drs. Rodan and Field

Not everyone in the world has the good fortune to be able to see a dentist if they chip a tooth, or even if they have a dangerous infection. In the summer of 2008, Mallory witnessed that first hand when she went on a dental mission trip to the Dominican Republic to treat patients without access to dental care. All of the patients she treated, many of whom needed tooth extractions, only receive care when volunteer dentists visit them once a year. She was so moved by the experience that she organized the next trip herself, and has plans to use her Rodan + Fields earnings to fund these missions. “My long-term goal is to provide dental services for people both here at home and abroad, who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it or who can’t afford it. I know that my business will play a big role in helping me have the means to do that.”

Mallory Hope

Mallory in the Dominican Republic

When she isn’t improving someone’s physical smile, Mallory loves helping people find what makes them smile. She works her Rodan + Fields business eight to ten hours per week around her regular dentist office hours, and finds that the most rewarding aspect of her business is being a part of a larger movement that is changing people’s lives for the better. Some of her team members became Independent Consultants because they wanted to feel better about their skin, while others wanted to walk away from a corporate job so they could be home with their kids.

Mallory Hope

Mallory and her father

Everyone is unique, and Mallory says that when she shares this business opportunity with people, her objective is to find whatever it is that works for them. “I love sharing this business opportunity because I think it fits in with anyone’s life, but it’s a matter of how it fits. I approach my business the same way I do a dental patient: with the goal of improving someone’s life, giving them the confidence they need, and helping them find their smile.”

Because of her Rodan + Fields business, Mallory will one day have the freedom to choose whether she wants to continue dentistry in a full-time capacity. She plans to carry on the family practice, but now she has the freedom to decide how her time is best spent. Whether she is treating a patient in another country, or sharing her business with a neighbor, the most important thing for her is to do something that matters everyday. “If I can look back on my life one day and see that I was a large part in helping people find happiness in their daily lives, and feel good about themselves, then I will consider myself successful.”

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9 responses to “Mallory Hope Garshnick – A Way to Make You Smile”

  1. Lesley Kane says:

    Thank you for sharing your success story. I love that each success story with R+F has a running theme: helping others.

  2. Katie Mercer Van Schoor says:

    I am so honored to be a part of your team! Congratulations on your awesome success! What a wonderful inspiration you are!!!

  3. Heya i’m for your primary moment right here. I discovered that plank so i still find it seriously practical & them reduced the problem out a great deal. I hope to present another thing backside plus help other folks just like you solved the problem.

  4. Dr. Mallory Hope is an exceptional dentist from a well respected dental family. Keep making patients smile, Mallory. Thanks for the read.

  5. Sarah Gregg says:

    Dr. Mallory,
    As a current dental student and R+F Consultant, I throroughly enjoyed your story. Restoring a smile in two ways is incredibly fulfilling. Keep changing lives and inspiring others to use their talents. I know I’m inspired to work my business more and keep studying hard.

  6. Amanda Bianchi says:

    Hello Mallory, I myself am a dentist and I just signed on as a consultant as well. I am so happy to hear you have found great success as I would love to provide these services to my patients as well. This is inspirational! thank you

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