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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Marissa McDonough has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. A natural business leader who is determined to be successful, she inspires many people to go after what they want out of life, and she enjoys showing people how to make their dreams into a reality. She has used her degree in business marketing to excel in the real estate market, and worked for many years as a professional real estate broker. Content with her job as a broker, she wasn’t looking for a career change when she discovered Rodan + Fields®.  But as a business savvy professional, she saw great potential in the opportunity and what she could do with it as an entrepreneur. After further researching the business model, she realized she had found a pathto follow her desire to be an entrepreneur and have the lifestyle she wanted, which for Marissa meant more free time to devote to her young children. She joined Rodan + Fields as an Independent Consultant three and a half years ago, and has achieved remarkable success in a fairly short amount of time.

Marissa McDonough

Marissa McDonough, Solopreneur

After only five months of working her business, Marissa had already reached Level V status, and weeks later qualified for the Road to RFx Car Incentive Program. She achieved all of this while continuing to work as a real estate broker, with two young daughters at home. Many people ask Marissa how she was able to do so much, and she says that a large factor is finding the right fit in the first place. “I did my homework before I became a Consultant. I asked every business professional I knew for their opinion, and I talked to as many people as I could. I would advise anyone to do the same, and they will find that Rodan + Fields is a very unique business opportunity. You can work part-time hours, set your own schedule, be your own boss, and do it all from the comfort of your own home.” Another unique aspect about the business model is that unlike others where you are compensated solely based on the work you do, with Rodan + Fields, your financial returns may come from your input as well as from the time and effort of others on your team.

McDonough Daughters

Marissa’s two daughters

Marissa advises people who have decided to take the opportunity to start their own Rodan + Fields business to put in the time it takes right from the beginning, and don’t make it complicated. “Too many people think they need to reinvent the wheel. All of the tools and resources you need are already there for you. If you use those tools, and you are diligent, everything else will fall into place. Really, all you have to do is show up. It’s very simple.” She has watched many people achieve their personal goals simply by following the business model and devoting a little bit of time to it each day. Some people decide to join because they want to save up enough money for a family vacation, while others want to replace their full-time jobs so they can work from home. Marissa enjoys being able to show people exactly what they can achieve, and is an inspirational example for what can happen when you are open to possibility.

Two years after starting her Rodan + Fields business, she was able to walk away from her career in real estate. “My daughters are four and six now, and because I am running a business that I can take with me anywhere, I don’t have to risk missing out on their childhoods.” She also gets to see that kind of lifestyle change for her team members, and unlike her former job, this gives her the privilege of being in a better position to improve people’s quality of life. “In real estate, I could only help people with one aspect of their lives, and that was making a decision on buying a home. With Rodan + Fields, I get to help people make a car payment, or walk away from their jobs, or be the parent they always wanted to be. I get to help families.”

McDonough husband and daughter

Husband and daughters

Family is important to Marissa, and not just her own family. She has a huge passion for helping families who have been devastated by childhood cancer, and uses part of her Rodan + Fields earnings to fund research on childhood cancer. She wants to teach her own daughters the value of entrepreneurship so that they never have to compromise the lifestyle they want, and so they will have the means to make a positive impact in other people’s lives. “I want them to grow up and see that anything is possible, and that they can have a great impact in this world. Whatever effort you decide to put into something, you always get so much more back out of it in the long run.”




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  1. Tracy Willard says:

    Marissa is the real deal. Love this story and sweet family!
    You rock lady!

  2. Llew Jenkins says:


  3. I’m so happy for you and your beautiful family, Riss. You show how it is possible to have it all. And you’re doing so much to pay it forward. I’m so honored to call you my friend.

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