Mary Lewis – A Helping Hand on the Road to Recovery
Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It’s easy to feel stuck in one’s career: to reach a stalemate where advancement seems distant and inaccessible. But breaking free from the familiar and conventional can be daunting, so many of us plod along in the hopes that things will improve with time. However, there are others who have found another way—a road less-traveled that can lead to a better and brighter future.

Mary Lewis spent most of her career as a publicist in New York City, but in 2012, decided enough was enough—she needed a major lifestyle change and a less demanding career. Mary was “looking for flexibility, a way out of the rat race.” She moved upstate and found a new job, hoping it would give her some freedom and respite from the intensity of her work. “Unfortunately, the nature of my job doesn’t change, even if the location does,” she says. Again, she found herself overworked, under-rewarded and clocking 70 hours a week. “No matter how many hours I worked in a corporate setting, I didn’t have much to show for it. I had little social life, and a lot of debt.”

Within her first year of being a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, Mary Lewis was able to erase all of her debt.

A welcome change

Over the years, Mary had seen her best friend, Melissa McCarthy, become very successful in her business as a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant. Melissa had suggested to Mary several times that she sign up too, but Mary resisted. She felt she was already too busy, and just didn’t have the time to set up her own skincare business. However, by September 2013, her frustration with her corporate job was at an all-time high. “The whole time, I’m trying to figure out what to do and Melissa has quit her job and is doing exceedingly well, and I’m in the same place after three years.” Finally, feeling like she was at a standstill, she took her friend’s advice and signed up.

She knew immediately that she’d made the right call. “I saw that I could do very well, even with a busy schedule.” She worked hard, fitting in 10-15 hours a week of R+F work around her existing schedule, and her hard work paid off. “Within the first year, I erased all my debt, and I saw that this could be something wonderful.” Her new business was blossoming into a powerful positive force, which was crucial to Mary in the coming months.

Being a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant gave Mary real purpose and drive during her time of healing.

Toasting to a successful year’s end with best friend and mentor Melissa McCarthy.

Finding the silver lining

In June of 2015, Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy, which required a long recovery and six months leave from her work as a publicist. This period in her life presented a time for deep contemplation. Mary took a step back and assessed her finances, afraid that her absence from work would cripple her financially. But she realized that she could cover her medical bills with her R+F earnings, which meant she could focus on getting better. She was filled with pride and gratitude for her R+F business.

When she was diagnosed, Mary had been striving to achieve Level V, and promised herself that she would reach this goal. “I really needed something good to come out of my situation,” she says, and her business was “a welcome distraction. It took my mind off the illness. I love to work, and when I was laid up, my Rodan + Fields business gave me something to do.” She hit Level V that same month, before she started treatment. Then, during her recovery, her business took off, so much that she could hardly believe it. “It was remarkable. I could barely sit up, but I was getting things done and making a living.”

Mary Lewis' work as an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields taught Mary Lewis that life was better without her demanding corporate career.

Through a year of medical struggles, Mary kept a brave face and grew her business from her bed.

In January 2016, when it came time to return to work, Mary discovered that in her absence, her position had changed. She was going to have to take on a different role with new responsibilities. However, in the six months that she had been away, a lot had changed for Mary. Her Rodan + Fields business had given her real purpose and drive during her time of healing. She had learned that life was better without her demanding corporate career, and that she could be financially successful without it. So, with great relief and a sense of liberation, she handed in her notice and never looked back.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Mary is now running for Premier Level V, working 20-30 hours a week from home. Her team, Light it Up, is growing day by day. Last January, Mary also set up her own public relations consulting firm, which she manages in tandem with her R+F business. “I run the two businesses side by side, completely from home or wherever else I want to work that day!”

Mary Lewis' Rodan + Fields business was invaluable in her time of need.

The beauty of our business: setting up shop from anywhere, even Aruba.

Her message to others is to keep an open mind to new ideas. She never foresaw her journey as an Independent Consultant, or the astounding effect it would have on her life. “Things can change at any time. Having my Rodan + Fields business was invaluable to me in my time of need.” Becoming the head of her own business was something she never dreamed she would do, but her willingness to try something new certainly paid off. “I do exactly what I love—and completely on my own terms.”


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4 responses to “Mary Lewis – A Helping Hand on the Road to Recovery”

  1. Thank you SO much for sharing your story! I currently know several women who can identify with your story and help them see the advantages of building a R&F business. My own upline is a breast Ca survivor as well. God bless you!

  2. Neysa says:

    Best wishes! Inspiring!

  3. Lorraine says:

    Congratulations Sister warrior! I am 9 years out – BC survivor – bi-lateral mx – sending gentle hugs and prayers! <3

  4. Sara Dwyer says:

    Mary: you persevered and followed your passion to make life better. So proud of you and your success! Looking forward to seeing RFx by your name. Many blessings to you-

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