Meg Schwarzrock – A Hunger for Change

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, June 1st, 2017

We often surprise ourselves with just how enterprising we can be when the situation requires. When it came to giving herself and her family more freedom, Meg Schwarzrock found an inventive solution. As the wife of a professional golfer, Meg wanted the availability to travel, which meant a conventional job was out of the question. But with determination and hard work, Meg was able to turn her desire for a new source of income into a life-changing career—one that fit seamlessly with her family’s lifestyle.

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An idyllic vision for the future

As the sole breadwinner, Meg’s husband Brent was under a lot of pressure to perform as an athlete, even while suffering from an old injury. Meg hated to see that weight on his shoulders, and felt “a burning desire to find a way to take some of the financial pressure off him.” They also had two young children, so being able to work from home was a must, as she was determined “not to have to trade time with my kids for an income.” A vision of a perfect job began to form in Meg’s mind. “I painted this picture of what I wanted in my head, the perfect match for my unique lifestyle, but thought it didn’t exist.”

When a friend introduced her to Rodan + Fields, Meg hadn’t yet heard of the Company. But once she began to research it, “suddenly, ‘Bam!’ it hit me. Being an R+F Consultant filled all of my personal criteria. I thought I may be able to build a side business, while putting my children first and having the freedom to follow Brent’s golf tours. It was perfect for me,” she exclaims. In December 2010, she signed up as an Independent Consultant, and invested her perseverance and passion into her new business.

Meg with the Doctors when she acheived RFx Circle

Meg with the Doctors when she acheived RFX Circle

A strongly held conviction

The Company was in its early days, but Meg firmly believed in the future of the brand, and was not afraid to predict the future successes of her new business venture. “No one knew who we were, so I would tell people, ‘We are going to be the next billion-dollar brand, and we will eventually own the global skincare market.’” Despite the economic malaise of the time, with her positive attitude Meg had success right out of the gate, and began to build her business. “People were just crying out for good skincare products, and I had exactly what they needed.”

Seven years later, Meg is enjoying her second year in the RFX Circle. She built her business working 10-15 hours per week, from home, while bringing up her two boys, who are now ages 7 and 11. She is proud to have accomplished her goal of reducing some of the pressure on her husband, and he is now able to take things a bit easier. “Brent has been able to step back and take a break from golf for a while, thanks to my Rodan + Fields business.” He has also been hugely supportive of Meg’s new skincare career, and regularly jumps in to take over the childcare when Meg hosts a business call or training session.

Meg celebrating spring break in The Keys with her family

Meg celebrating spring break in The Keys with her family

Passing the baton

Meg practically bursts with pride when describing her team, Team Rock and Company. After seven years of hard work, Meg watches with pride as her team reaches ever more impressive heights. “It is so amazing to just stand back and admire the incredible things that my team achieves, I’m like a proud mom, watching it all grow!”

There was a time a few years ago, she says, when she felt overwhelmed. She felt the pressure of leading, and felt like there was not enough of her to go around. So she resolved then and there to empower her team and show them that they too have what it takes to be leaders. By encouraging them and building their confidence to stand up and lead, Meg sparked “a wave of change in the team, the ripples of which are still felt to this day.” By giving people the self-belief they needed to take charge, the whole team excelled, and this created a domino effect of newfound confidence and success. “My teammates are now following my lead with their own teams and creating new leaders every day. We are meeting a lot of personal goals.”

Meg celebrating with her team members at the Las Vegas Convention

Meg celebrating with her team members at the Las Vegas Convention

A portrait of happiness

As a lifelong artist and former art student, Meg plans to dust off her supplies and rekindle her creative passion. Brent is at home more now, and dedicates a lot of time to passing on some of his athletic experience to their two boys. “Our lives are consumed with baseball!” Meg jokes. The most valuable gift that her R+F business has given the family is the freedom to have this quality time together, something that money just can’t buy.


Tell Me More…

Where would you most like to live? Somewhere tropical, with crystal blue water

Most memorable gift you’ve ever received? My RFX Circle diamond necklace

Favorite snack? Boiled peanuts

What is your dream R+F trip? Greece

What is your best R+F team memory? When the first person on my team earned a Lexus.

Favorite R+F product? UNBLEMISH (I’ve used it, twice a day, for over 6 years!)


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