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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Like many Consultants, Melanie Snare had been approached about Rodan + Fields several times over the years before she decided to give the business a try. This former Atlanta Falcons cheer captain and UNC graduate worked a demanding but fulfilling corporate job in sports and entertainment marketing and had a second career freelancing as a part-time TV personality. She definitely had more than enough on her plate.

“I was one of those corporate chicks that said ‘no’ to R+F for a really long time. I spent 15 years climbing the ladder and doing the whole corporate grind, and while I really did love my career, the hours were insane and I had hit a financial ceiling. I got tired of working so hard for someone else and not getting out what I put in. I knew that if I worked that hard for myself instead, I could do a lot more for my little family.”

R+F Consultant Melanie Snare headshot

Timing is everything

Apart from her busy professional life, Melanie had recently divorced, causing her to re-evaluate everything. “I was suddenly faced with the challenge of raising my daughters as a single mom. These big changes had me wondering where my life was really going. I was frustrated with the corporate atmosphere and the feeling that I was missing out on being fully present in my daughters’ lives. I know these years go way too fast. I wanted to be a super-involved mom, yet I still needed professional fulfillment and a solid income.”

So Melanie was receptive when Molly Khan, after seeing Melanie’s picture in a local magazine, plucked up the courage to speak to a complete stranger about Rodan + Fields. “I’m a big believer in timing. I think Molly was put into my life at this specific time for a very specific reason. Molly rescued my family with this opportunity and I am forever grateful for that.” Melanie began working as an Independent Consultant in September 2015 and never looked back. “I quickly got the big picture and went full throttle immediately. This has been, by far, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

R+F Consultant Melanie Snare with Molly

Melanie with Molly Khan – the stranger who become her sponsor who turned into a very dear friend.

Kicking it into overdrive

In her first year with Rodan + Fields, Melanie walked away from her corporate career with full confidence. “R+F was my ‘Plan A.’ It was definitely a juggling act in the beginning, pursuing my TV dreams and doing a lot of consulting work to help make ends meet while I built my R+F business, but I really feel like it was made for me. It’s taken hard work and a lot of sacrifice, but R+F is fun and totally worth it! I’ve never been more fulfilled—it’s the best feeling I could ever have.”

Melanie put 30 hours per week into her business, pouring into The Dream Team and watching their inspiring team culture take shape. “Everything clicked for me, we hit the overdrive button, and our team exploded. We have built a supportive and encouraging team of people who genuinely cheer each other on and thrive on personal development. The energy on our team is contagious and it makes my heart so happy.”

R+F Consultant Melanie Snare with team in Vegas

Melanie, in Las Vegas, enjoying a night out with some of her team. She loves nothing more than teaching them to dream bigger and then helping them make those dreams become reality.

Believing in her goals

Now that she’s achieved the initial goal of bringing in additional income, Melanie is free to focus on the deeper meaning in her life and her biggest why: her daughters, Mariah and MaKenzie. “A big goal for me is to teach my kids by example. That’s what I want most out of this business. I want them to see what’s possible. It makes my heart so full to know they’re watching me pour into others, helping them chase their dreams while I chase mine. This business comes with many life lessons that I love using to create a better life for our family.”

Melanie also dreams of achieving RFX and increasing her monthly earnings to give even more to her community. “RFX is a big deal for me, because I want to be able to financially give back a lot more. My daughters and I love to serve in different ways throughout the year with our actions as well as our monetary support. And as a single mom with a passion for travel, I want to show my daughters the world. To me, it’s about showing my girls what’s possible. I believe that little girls with dreams become women with vision. That’s why I work so hard to achieve my goals, and I want to teach others how to do the same.”

R+F Consultant Melanie Snare with daughters

Mariah and MaKenzie are Melanie’s biggest reasons why she does all that she does. Being able to be home with them while still having a very successful career is such a gift for her.

Dream first, then achieve

Aside from her family, helping others realize their dreams is Melanie’s biggest passion in life. “A big part of my drive involves teaching and inspiring other women to believe that you really can have it all. In the past I had a platform where I could spread that message. But with R+F I’m not just holding a microphone—I actually have R+F as a vehicle to put in their hands. I can mentor them and help them as they pursue their goals. I get to walk side by side with them on this journey, and that’s the most humbling and rewarding thing. I know I’m walking in my purpose because I don’t just get to inspire people every day. I actually get to help change their lives.”

Melanie is passionate about sharing the Rodan + Fields business and helping other people create the life they always dreamed of. She encourages readers of her story to believe in themselves and take action. “Whatever it is that you want out of this life, be open-minded and willing to work really hard. If you believe that anything is possible, you can achieve anything. I am excited about all that the future holds!”

To contact Melanie about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Have there been any especially significant people in your life? My daughters are most significant because they are my biggest reason why.

Favorite vacation? Absolutely anywhere. I want to collect as many passport stamps as possible in this lifetime.

What did you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to be a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. Ha ha!

What is your favorite R+F memory? Being on Facebook Live recently, sharing with my team that we had locked in month one of Lexus qualifications. Their insane excitement and happiness was great to see.




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