Melissa Parent – Propelling Her Career to Higher Altitudes

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

When Melissa Parent makes up her mind to pursue a target, she doesn’t just run—she soars. That steadfast determination and self-discipline fueled the launch of Melissa’s career in the U.S. Air Force, and it’s also what empowered her to make a change when circumstances shifted.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Melissa decided to build a virtual skincare business that skyrocketed to success. Her secret? She attributes her accomplishments to a steady focus on achieving more for her family, declaring “whatever that deep inner ‘why’ is for you, is where you’ll find the drive that will take you anywhere you want to go.” And, for Melissa, that place is only upwards.

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Earning her wings

After meeting in the Air Force Academy, Melissa and her husband, Charley, began their service in the military together. Melissa was active duty for eight years, but while pregnant with their first of four children in 2007, she stepped back to accept a reservist position. She thought leaving active duty would be a dream come true, but quickly realized that she missed having a professional network to collaborate with, and didn’t feel like she was able to fully utilize her education and work experience.

Hoping to connect with other professionals once again, Melissa found herself drawn to the Rodan + Fields® community after learning about it from a friend. She was impressed by the caliber of people the Company attracted, and saw it as an opportunity to collaborate with other intelligent, hard-working individuals while still maintaining the flexibility to be home with her children.

Melissa with her husband and their four children

Melissa with her husband and their four children

Not surprisingly, after enrolling as an Independent Consultant in May of 2012, and working with her teammates to establish personal goals based on their “driving forces,” many of them quickly became close friends. Now, she finds that her business partners are the first people to reach out, offer help, or to lend a supportive ear. “It feels so good to connect with people on a deeper level,” Melissa confides. “That was something I always found very difficult to do in the military because we had to reestablish ourselves in a new place every three years upon being restationed.”

Preparing for lift off

Melissa was determined to see her skincare business soar before she and Charley, who is still an active duty pilot, retire from the military in 2018. Realizing that, as an entrepreneur, her income wasn’t capped based on rank, she tapped into an inner desire to provide the best life possible for her family. By working her R+F business 15 to 20 hours a week, and elevating to RFx status, Melissa and Charley were able to share a new level of financial freedom together, which would prove far more liberating than they ever expected.

Melissa with her team at her Lexus celebration

Melissa with her team at her Lexus celebration

Last year, Charley was restationed in Alabama, where he will finish out his military career. Melissa’s income from her R+F business has allowed the family to remain settled at home in Colorado and Charley to visit home often while he lives and works across the country until his retirement. Melissa has also been able to hire an au pair to help with the children during Charley’s time away and, although Melissa never dreamed of needing these options, after so many years of not having a say in their place of residence, it’s been empowering to know they have control over the lifestyle they create for their family.

Melissa with her husband, Charley, on their trip to Maui that she earned through R+F

Melissa with her husband, Charley, on their trip to Maui that she earned through R+F

Ascending greater heights together

While Melissa’s R+F business has provided the leverage to attain a flexible lifestyle, and allowed her to pursue a fulfilling career, she is most proud of the fact that her accomplishments are a team effort. She admires and resonates with the Consultants on her team—like-minded individuals who share her inner resolve to “make a positive change in their own lives while striving to have a meaningful impact in their communities.”

Melissa with her Colorado Springs team sponsoring a meal for a day at their local soup kitchen.  They provided food for over 400 people.

Melissa with her Colorado Springs team sponsoring a meal for a day at their local soup kitchen for over 400 people

Melissa feels inspired daily to seek out new ways to raise others up and help them to reach their true potential. And while we may not always realize the heights we are capable of reaching, if we “decide to never give up and tune into our propelling force, we discover that the sky’s the limit.”


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  1. Jen Griswold says:

    This is just awesome Mel!!! Loved seeing this pop up today!!

  2. Ellen Powers says:

    What a great article, Melissa! So fun to see someone I know pop up on this blog! You are an inspiration and a great leader!

  3. Connie Deam says:

    Mel…you are one impressive young woman whom I have the honor of knowing and loving! Wowzers woman…you have done well!!

  4. To see your success is inspiring Melissa! I am so lucky to have you as my sponsor! I look forward to watching you flourish even more!

  5. Mike Bettencourt says:

    How great is this!!! I love your story Mel! Can’t wait to meet Charley soon.

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