Melissa and Patrick McCarthy – Taking Control of Their Future and Enjoying the Life They Created
Friday, November 13, 2015

As she placed the last of her clothes into a suitcase and checked to make sure everyone’s bags were packed, Melissa McCarthy paused to take in the moment. She considered everything that had happened over the past several years—she was living in her dream home, providing for her family, and now preparing to take her kids on a special vacation. It was the life she’d always imagined, and she’d gotten there by consistently working to accomplish each goal she set for herself. By the time she’d achieved one milestone, she was ready to start pushing toward the next—until one day, she looked around and realized just how far she’d come. She’d established an immensely successful business by seizing an opportunity she truly believed in and devoting herself to building something substantial. It felt good to have a sense of security and to know she and her family were prepared for the future, ready to enjoy life to the fullest.


Feeling stuck

After earning her degree in marketing, Melissa began her career in advertising at one of the largest media sales companies in Manhattan. She began as a sales assistant, and over the following ten years, worked her way up to a senior account executive position. In 2009, after the economy had taken a downward turn, Melissa was pregnant with her first child. The company she worked for was forced to make severe cutbacks, and Melissa’s job requirements expanded to include many of the responsibilities of those who were laid off. Feeling overwhelmed, she began to shop around for other opportunities, but felt that her options were limited. “My salary had been increased in order to keep me in house. If I wanted to increase my income, I would either need to go into management or go to another company, which would also mean starting over. But, as it were, I was at the top of the pay scale, so there would be no more raises for me in that position. I felt trapped.”

Once Melissa’s son was born, however, she found herself wanting a change even more. It became extremely difficult to balance a full-time job with her desire to be a present mother. She attempted to negotiate for more vacation days, but deep down, she knew she wanted to stay home full-time—though they couldn’t afford to completely give up her income.


Melissa and Patrick with their children, Dylan and Caelyn.

Finding mobility

In April of 2011, Melissa’s husband Patrick announced he’d found an answer to their dilemma. His best friend’s wife was a Rodan + Fields® Consultant, and he suggested Melissa pursue the business opportunity. “I didn’t take care of my skin, and I didn’t know much about the industry, but I could clearly see the potential. I believed in the brand and trusted the credibility of the Doctors. I knew it was a great opportunity and was scared that if I didn’t try it I would regret it five years down the line, while I was still stuck in an office.”

Melissa enrolled as an Independent Consultant and began working whenever she had a spare moment. Within a year, working 10 to 15 hours per week, she had replaced enough of her corporate salary that she was able to leave her job and stay home. By her second year, still working part-time hours, she surpassed her previous salary and earned her Lexus. “When I worked for a corporation, there was a set budget—there were no incentives or rewards for performance. But gaining control of my earning potential entirely changed how I thought about things. I no longer had to answer to someone else’s schedule. As a family, we could decide how we wanted to live.”

MDC Dinner with Katie

Melissa with some of her business partners celebrating a huge milestone in Austin, Texas with Katie Rodan.

Opening herself to greater possibilities

As Melissa continued to develop her business, she began to grow in other ways as well. She’d always had a fear of public speaking, but decided that she would push herself out of her comfort zone. “I didn’t realize how strong I was or how willing I was to learn when I started my business. But, as I embraced an opportunity that was totally foreign to me, I learned how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It became easier to open up to others and truly be raw and honest about my feelings. Ultimately, that’s really what helped me connect with people—being authentic about who I am and why I’m doing this.”

Connecting with others through her business also gave Melissa a new perspective on her priorities. “When I would catch up with people, we’d go through the usual small talk about work and family and ask each other how everything was going. I always found myself saying that everything was great, but once I started my business, I began to reevaluate what it was I wanted and what was truly important to me. I asked myself if things really were fine like I’d been saying. I was then able to dig deeper into my goals, and I realized there was so much more I wanted for myself and my family. And when I allowed myself to feel vulnerable and share those desires with others, people opened up to me in return—those are the incredible moments when I am really able to help.”


Melissa with some of the other top leaders in the Company on a Leadership Retreat in Palm Beach, Florida.

Embracing freedom

In October of 2013, while Melissa was eight months pregnant with their second child, Patrick received word that the major steel company he worked for was shutting down their east coast and west coast manufacturing plants. If Patrick wanted to keep his job, they would have to relocate to Pittsburgh. “We were living with family at the time, preparing for the new baby and the house we were building in New Jersey was nearing completion. We sat down and looked at our financial situation and decided that he would finish out the shutdown through the end of the following year—but we declined the transfer offer. It was such a relief to have a choice in the matter and so empowering to have control of our future.”

After the branch closed in January of 2015, Patrick joined Melissa in business and, later that year, they achieved Million Dollar Circle. Melissa and Patrick are excited to now have the resources to give more generously than they could in the past. Among other organizations, they are very involved with the Prescription for Change® Foundation. “Our budget was extremely inflexible before; I never dreamed we’d be able to donate so generously to charities.” They also find great joy in helping their teammates take control of their destinies and create plans for the unexpected. “It’s incredible to see life-changing things happen for our business partners, and to know that we are a part of that in some way is so rewarding. There is nothing more invigorating than helping others and empowering them to make a change.”


Melissa and Patrick with their Power Partners and life long friends, Joe and Lore Cardella.

Savoring her accomplishments

Melissa’s business has given her a sense of control over her life and her career. After years of working to achieve her dreams, she is looking forward to taking a step back and enjoying what she has created. “For so long, I was constantly moving on to the next thing, but I finally feel like I can take a step back and breathe. I can honestly say that I have achieved what I set out to, and I’m excited to enjoy what I’ve worked so hard for. This opportunity, like everything in life, is about learning—and there is so much value in that. If you commit to yourself and set the bar high, you’ll see just how far you really can go.”


The McCarthys on a Rodan + Fields RFx Catalogue trip in Eden Rock, St. Barths.

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