Melody Adams – Seeing the R+F Difference

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Before Rodan + Fields came into her life, Melody Adams enjoyed being a wife, a mom, and a retail manager by trade. “I worked for a global retailer and I loved my job. I felt like I was living the American dream.” In 2012, however, Melody was forced to reevaluate her priorities. “During a routine doctor’s appointment I received a nasty cancer diagnosis, and it really took its toll on me. A year after surgery and treatment I was told I was cancer-free. That was awesome. But the journey there was pretty difficult. I didn’t really feel like myself. I gained weight, disengaged from life, and didn’t have a lot of energy. I gave my all at work and came home to give my family the crumbs that were left over. I wanted a different life with a more regular schedule, but retail was all I knew. I felt like I didn’t have any other options.”

R+F Consultant - Melody Adams

A birthday and a big decision

Birthdays had taken on new meaning for Melody at this point in her life, and in 2014 she decided to celebrate in a big way. “I threw a summer backyard pool party, and a neighbor who I barely knew at the time brought me a balloon and some R+F products as a gift. I had never heard of the Company before, but I was really interested in trying the products.”

“At the same time, I also knew we had this big medical debt and spending money on products was probably not my first priority. So when I found out there was a business attached to the products and I could work it alongside what I was already doing, I was really interested. I could use any additional income, and I needed a group of amazing people to be around. So even though I had no extra time and not an entrepreneurial bone in my body, I just jumped in.”

R+F Consultant - Melody Adams at Pool Party

Melody celebrating her 40th birthday with her R+F team!

Trying something new

Melody’s business kit soon arrived on her doorstep, and she launched her Rodan + Fields business in September 2014. “I didn’t really know anything about skincare, but my husband had been saying I needed a hobby, so I thought maybe this could be my hobby job. Primarily I did R+F work in my car during lunch breaks, with the air conditioner blasting in the summer and the heater going in the winter. I built my business there and on the sidelines of the soccer field and at the hockey rink, sharing it with other moms wherever I happened to be, putting in at least 15 hours per week. I was just really excited about my personal results and about what the business was doing for my family. In showing that excitement, my business continued to grow.”

Especially in the beginning, Melody valued and depended on plenty of encouragement from her Upline leaders. “My Sponsor Heather Moseley is just a ball of energy, and I always looked forward to our 7:30 a.m. phone calls while we both drove to our jobs. She was always very encouraging and had a great impact on me and my business. Cassie Stangler and Bridget Cavanaugh are also dynamic leaders in my Upline who’ve been incredible partners, cheerleaders, and mentors. They’ve guided me through all the decisions that I’ve made in my journey so far and my business would not be what it is without them.”

R+F Consultant - Melody Adams & Mentors

Melody with her mentors, Bridget Cavanugh and Cassie Stangler, on a R+F trip to La Jolla.

The benefit of entrepreneurship

When Melody achieved Level V in April 2016, Heather, Cassie, and Bridget were the first people she reached out to. “I was elated. It’s such a huge Milestone in our business and one that I’m proud to say I’ve maintained ever since I achieved it.” Melody started seeing big benefits along with her rising success. “With help from my R+F business, we were able to ‘upgrade our life’. We started going to concerts again and going on vacation, and it was even more fun because we were able to get tickets in the front row instead of in the nosebleeds. We stayed at a Disney World resort instead of a chain hotel.”

Melody also enjoyed balancing her two careers and letting herself ease into the entrepreneurial life. “It really resonated with me that I could dip my toe in the water with Rodan + Fields, trying it out alongside what I was comfortable doing as a retail manager. I didn’t have to quit my day job to be good at Rodan + Fields. I could do both. And because I wasn’t depending on any income, I thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing with R+F. I didn’t feel pressure to make a quota or to hit a sales goal. I just had fun!”

R+F Consultant - Melody Adams & Family

Melody with her husband Joe and daughter Aspen.

Making big changes

By the time 2017 rolled around, Melody felt prepared to make the big change she had been cautious about. “I made the decision to step away from traditional employment, and June 15 was my last day. It was really challenging for me to make that leap and step into a new life, because I had always defined myself by my career. I worked hard to get to where I was, and I was proud of how far I’d come. But I knew now that being an employee was a choice. It wasn’t something that I had to do — it was something that I was choosing to do.”

Melody was also relieved that, in changing careers, she didn’t need to lose the deep camaraderie she enjoyed most. “What I loved most about retail was that my company was made up of really great people, and I miss the relationships I built there. But what I found was, there are awesome people everywhere — especially in Rodan + Fields. What I was most scared to lose was really something I didn’t lose at all.

R+F Consultant - Melody Adams & Daughter

Melody “never misses a moment” with her daughter Aspen while she builds her R+F business!

Inspired to move forward

Melody’s next goals include becoming a Lexus Achiever and helping her team members meet their own Milestones. Today she’s dreaming bigger than ever before. “When I first started as an Independent Consultant, it was kind of my side gig. Now it’s the career I’m most proud of. I’m proud to say I’m a Rodan + Fields Consultant and that I own a business with this Company. I’m proud that I was smart enough to see the vision and grab hold of it.”

R+F Consultant - Melody Adams & Team

Melody and some of her team hiking the Hoover Dam during Convention 2016.

“I hope through my story other people see that you really can have a different life than what you currently have. You can step outside your comfort zone. You can challenge yourself. Rodan + Fields can be a vehicle to that different life if you want it to be. This business has the power to make a serious impact in your life if you just open yourself up enough to try.”


To contact Melody about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.



Tell Me More…

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? Cassie Stangler, Bridget Cavanaugh, and my Sponsor Heather Moseley, who gifted me the glow pack that changed my life.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? R+F leaders on the Dailyxperience. The people that make up this Company are so amazing.

Most memorable gift you’ve ever received? An angel figurine from my Grandma. I have it on my dresser and it reminds me of her and how hard-working, proud, selfless, and encouraging she always was.

What is your favorite R+F Convention moment? The very first time I saw the Doctors walk out on stage. I cried with excitement!

Which luxury gift would you add to the lineup of R+F incentives? Fancy, high-end sunglasses!




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