Micaela and Matthew Brancato – Finding The Passion To Serve
Monday, June 9, 2014

In those difficult moments, when everything seems dark and empty, how do you pick yourself up and find the strength to carry on? And knowing the struggle and distress that swallows us after the loss of a close friend or loved one, how then can you bring even a glimpse of relief from that sorrow for others? Surrounded by grieving friends, these were the questions going through Micaela Brancato’s mind as she and her husband, Matthew, sat at a memorial service for his college roommate who was killed during a shooting in Afghanistan. “I kept thinking about how it could have been any one of us,” remembers Micaela. “Seeing our friends struggle through this hard time and experiencing loss ourselves, that’s when we found our why. It was to give back to those families who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.”

Matthew & Micaela Brancato have experienced a renewed passion to serve through their R+F business.

Matthew & Micaela Brancato have experienced a renewed passion to serve through their R+F business.

Micaela and Matthew serve in the Air National Guard. They have served in the Air Force for over 16 years, Matthew, as a pilot, and Micaela as an intelligence officer training pilots. “We love serving our country,” she says, “but it’s been very challenging, especially being at war for so long and losing friends. We’ve experienced budget cuts and seen a lot of jobs eliminated. In our government job, it’s always do more with less. It’s very freeing to be Independent Consultants for Rodan + Fields®, where the Company not only supports you, but is continually finding ways to help Consultants be more successful. The difference in atmosphere is night and day.”

With R+F, Micaela found something she’d been missing: a life passion. “I love having people around me who are like-minded and driven. With my R+F business, I am constantly motivated by my team. They’re what keeps me going. I get so excited to tell others about the business opportunity so they may use it to find what they’re passionate about too. It makes me so sad to think about how many people in the world are just stuck, but there is more out there than your current situation and the power of this network is so impressive. For us, we would never have been able to own a personal business alongside full time military careers. So, to have an opportunity like this that is worth our time and we’re also compensated for how well we do is incredible. There aren’t many options out there like this that you can do alongside another career, a family, or even your dreams. It’s provided us the means to give so much more than we could before.”

Matt and Micaela with the Doctors.

Matt and Micaela with the Doctors.

Three years ago, Micaela’s Air Force academy roommate, Jen, introduced her to R+F. At the time, Micaela had been looking for something different, a way to surround herself with more positivity. “I initially thought we were too busy, plus we commute an hour from Minnesota to Fargo, North Dakota for work. I’d never done anything like this and had no sales experience, so I turned it over to Matthew and said ‘please tell me why we should or should not take part in this opportunity.’” He researched the Company and decided it was something they needed to do. “I thought it was a great opportunity for Micaela to find her life passion again as well as a chance for us to work together and own our own business where we could really connect with people. It was a time when we were struggling within a negative work environment and I saw that it was changing us. We’d lost our passion and the vision of where we were headed. We needed a change. I saw this as a way to provide some positivity in our lives and create an outlet for her to use her talents and a different part of her brain.”

Launching into their business together from the start was extremely beneficial to their success. “At first, we just wanted some business experience and to surround ourselves with good people,” Matthew says, “but then as our business started to grow, we realized we could take our earnings and put them towards a good cause.” Micaela loved having a power partner from the start. “It was so helpful always having Matthew there. It’s also been really fun, because the tables turned. Usually I’m the only female in a room full of men and suddenly he became one of the few male Consultants,” she laughs.

Micaela and Matt with Amnon Rodan at the Level V Arrival Dinner.

Micaela and Matt with Amnon Rodan at the Level V Arrival Dinner.

Their involvement with R+F has changed them on a very personal level. Matthew stresses how amazing it has been to re-realize their passion to serve through a community of positive people. “When you surround yourself with good, supportive people who are constantly encouraging you, you start to believe in yourself again. They rub off on you and you become more positive and start feeling like you can achieve your goals and dreams. When I joined the military, I didn’t think I needed to be appreciated for it. I thought as long as we’re doing something good for our country, I don’t care if I’m recognized, but it’s nice to feel appreciated. We are truly grateful for the way R+F is designed to create positive experiences that you’ll never forget. It’s afforded us the opportunity to dream bigger.”

Micaela and Matt, speaking on Leadership at the Level V Arrival Corp HQ tour.

Micaela and Matt, speaking on Leadership at the Level V Arrival Corp HQ Tour.

This July, a retreat center will open up on their 47 acre maple syrup farm that they’ve converted into a bed and breakfast. It will house 12 military survivors at a time for a stay, free of charge. Matthew explains, “It’s for spouses who have lost loved ones in combat. They can have a relaxing week while connecting with others who have gone through similar tragedies. We want to spoil them because we feel like they deserve it. Because of our R+F earnings, the retreat center is opening four years earlier than we had planned.”

Micaela with R+F teammates & the Holbrook Farms Board of Directors.

Micaela with R+F teammates & the Holbrook Farms Board of Directors.

Matthew and Micaela are grateful for the support and encouragement they’ve found on their journey to make their dream a reality. “Micaela and I try to be real and genuine. We want to be relatable and be the type of people others want to be around. We’d like to be a positive influence to others, the way our R+F network has been such a positive influence on us. Without our R+F business, we would not have had the means to build our retreat center. Once we told people about it, it became real and then there was no way we weren’t going to follow through because it’s such an important part of who we are now. We strive to serve those who serve. The people who have sacrificed for something, we want to give back to them.”

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12 responses to “Micaela and Matthew Brancato – Finding The Passion To Serve”

  1. Steve Drinkard says:

    Enjoyed meeting Matt and Micaela during our LV Arrival trip to SF. Such a great couple and I love their story.

  2. Diane Kerce says:

    Very inspiring. Thank you Micaela and Matthew for your service in the Military!
    “Love your WHY”!!! Diane

  3. Debra Burns says:

    What a beautiful story! You two are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your “why” and for sharing what drives your passion. I love what you’re doing for military families.

  4. Caitlin says:

    Love y’all! So proud to know you guys!

  5. I’m in total awe of what you two are doing. It’s an amazing gesture. Bless you both!

  6. Lori Kennedy "Mom" says:

    I am not surprised that you would have found a way to be part of something bigger than yourselves. Your passion for all you do results in making your family, team, friends and contacts extremely proud of you. I know, I am!

  7. Shannon Burke says:

    Matt and Micaela, it has truly been my honor to be in this with you both! You both exude that quiet confidence (military bearing perhaps) that I really relate to and appreciate and it makes me so very proud to know you. Congratulations on opening your retreat so much earlier than expected! This will be invaluable to the families whose lives you’ll be affecting. So proud of you! Job well done!!

  8. LOVE these people and their hearts to serve others! So thankful to know them personally and be inspired by them often. Way to go Matt & Micalea! You guys are incredible!! 🙂

  9. Diane says:

    What a great story, I LOVE your WHY, and the fact that you can have a place for these family members to go for rest and relaxation… and to have the support from others that are going through the same thing… So wonderful.

  10. Jen Griswold says:

    Seriously cool moment to see you guys living out your dream with this business! Congrats!

  11. Thanks for reminding everyone that it’s NOT ALL ABOUT US:) Keep up the wonderful work! God Bless

  12. Mandy Nankivel says:

    I have so enjoyed getting to know you two! You have the biggest hearts and are such true GiVers.

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