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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

As a busy wife and mom of two kids, Michelle Carnahan balanced her full-time career in public health with an already-full schedule—and ultimately, self-care was lost in the shuffle. She began experiencing health issues and a frustrating series of diagnoses and knew something needed to change. “Deep down I knew I was burning the candle at both ends and not taking care of myself. I watched my friend Jen Griswold working a flexible schedule around her kids, and realized that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted a full-time income in basically part-time hours, so I could be fully present in my kids’ lives, and finally take care of my own health.”

Though she hadn’t been interested in the Rodan + Fields business a year earlier, Michelle was now ready to listen and learn about why her friend was pursuing such a unique opportunity. “All I could think at first was that I don’t know anything about skincare and I’m not a salesperson, so I politely declined. But later, when Jen shared where this Company was going and what the Doctors had already achieved, I saw this was really going somewhere incredible. I saw what it was doing in her life and I wanted that flexibility.” Intrigued, Michelle signed up as an Independent Consultant in April 2012.

R+F Consultant Michelle Carnahan headshot

A positive addition

Michelle started her new business feeling nervous but very excited. “I didn’t know what to expect, because I had never worked in skincare before. I was really excited to see where this business would take me!” She worked ten hours per week on her new business, in addition to her full-time career, and was pleasantly surprised at how much she could squeeze into brief moments of free time.

The initial goal was to supplement Michelle’s monthly earnings as a health educator and help cover some of her family’s extra expenses. “My husband and I both worked full time, and I wanted to do more than just get by. From the beginning, my R+F business helped fund things like orthodontist bills, my kids’ sports or the car payment. Ultimately, it let us relax and breathe a little easier.”

R+F Consultant Michelle Carnahan with Jen

Michelle and her sponsor, Jen Griswold

Realizing the hard truth

As great as this new arrangement was, the ever-taxing schedule did very little for Michelle’s health. “I still wasn’t focused on taking care of myself. I had always been the type of person that keeps moving forward, even if you’re not feeling well or have a lot of stress. You just keep going, that’s what you do, and you don’t give up. I just kept pushing and it was at my expense. I wasn’t feeling well, my health was getting worse, and I felt like I wasn’t being the best mother I could be.”

Michelle was eventually diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases—an announcement that made her re-evaluate her decisions and priorities. “One of my doctors told me if I didn’t make a huge lifestyle change immediately, I was going to end up in the hospital or worse. That was my wake-up call. It almost felt like I had just been given permission to do something crazy with my life. So I did!” After some heavy thinking, Michelle decided to leave her full-time career in early 2014. She gained confidence from her growing R+F business and knew that she could do even more without the stress of the hospital.

R+F Consultant Michelle Carnahan with business partners

Michelle, Shannon Burke, and Julie Hammonds

Finally seeing results

As Michelle recalls, her stress level improved significantly within two weeks of leaving her job. “At that point I was finally able to take care of myself without worrying how much paid time off I had left. I finally saw specialists for my illnesses. I was still sick, but I suddenly felt empowered. It was such a heavy load off my shoulders, and even my closest friends said that I seemed more relaxed. I don’t think I had ever really put myself first before, and everyone could see that I was glowing.”

With some sage advice from Shannon Burke, a crossline partner, Michelle finally understood that her illness did not define her. “I owe her so much for helping me change my mindset. Shannon is such a genuine and authentic person, and I’m forever grateful that this business has brought us together.” As of the end of 2015, Michelle’s illnesses are officially in remission.

R+F Consultant Michelle Carnahan and friends celebrating Lexus

Michelle and her business partners at a Lexus Celebration

Moving forward

Though it took a while to get her health in check, Michelle was always grateful for the supplemental income from her R+F business that helped ease the family’s burden. The relationships she’s built with members of Team Dream inspire Michelle to help others achieve their goals in the same way. She is now a Premier V Leader and Lexus Achiever and hopes to focus even more on her family. “In the beginning, my initial goal was just to have some extra cash on hand. But my goals kept changing as the years went by. Now my goal is to be able to give back more and to travel more as a family. Life is short and I want to make memories now while my kids are still at home.”

Reflecting on the journey, Michelle encourages everyone who hears her story to make the necessary positive changes in their life. “This opportunity has given me options and helped me to develop belief in myself. I really do feel like I’m a better wife and mom now. I have the best of both worlds. I truly feel that if I can do this business, anyone can! You just have to believe you can do it.”

To contact Michelle about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Rise

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? Julie Hammonds has been my power partner from the beginning. She always did such a good job of encouraging me, helping me see the positive in things, and also keeping it real and kicking my butt when I needed it.

What is your best R+F experience? The Premier V trip! I met leaders from all across the nation and learned a lot from the leadership trainings. (I also loved being totally spoiled!)

What was the biggest R+F hurdle you overcame? Believing that an introvert could be successful in this business.




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