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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, July 3rd, 2017

The following story recounts how this Independent Consultant is choosing to give back to their community and the world through their Rodan + Fields® business.

Michelle Fagan was dedicated to serving her family as a stay-at-home mom. When she happened upon an opportunity that would change her family’s life—and her own—for the better, she set into motion a string of events that would also improve lives across her city.

Michelle’s dreams initially started much smaller. “With all the expenses that three kids bring, I was looking for something that would help me contribute financially to my family. I attended Heather Shields’ Rodan + Fields® business presentation in March of 2014 with a fussy baby and had to leave early, but was really interested in signing up. We laugh about it now, because I tried one of the Rodan + Fields mini facials and was hooked—I jumped in and joined the business three days later!”

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Learning about the opportunity

“I launched my business really quickly, and my husband encouraged me to attend Convention in Atlanta. That was such an eye-opening experience because that’s when I first learned about the Prescription For Change® (PFC) Foundation and all that they do. I was really excited to learn more about their work. I was so inspired by the students’ powerful presentation and their relationship with buildOn.”

Michelle and buildOn student, Michael Johnson, serving in a soup kitchen in West Garfield Park in Chicago.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Michelle and buildOn student, Michael Johnson, serving in a soup kitchen in West Garfield Park in Chicago.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A year later, during her first Convention as a Level V Achiever, she learned more about the PFC. “The stars aligned, because at that point, working 15-20 hours per week, my business was doing well enough that our finances were in a good place. At that Convention, I made the choice to give back a lot more. And that’s the beauty of R+F—you can change your why!”

Although she hadn’t been deeply involved in service before this opportunity, Michelle found herself comfortably enveloped in a community of support. “The PFC Foundation is awesome because they give you such direction and guidance to launch a successful project. And once you’ve got an event or two under your belt, you can pursue other projects moving forward.”

Michelle and her husband Ryan, her biggest supporter.

Michelle and her husband Ryan, her biggest supporter.

Embarking on her first project

Michelle explains, “The PFC Foundation gave us a lot of direction and steered me down the path that I’m on now. Their toolkits really inspired me to give back locally here in Pittsburgh!” As such, her first project was hosting a school supply drive for a Title 1 school in the Hill District, “and we raised over a thousand items for the students. We brought breakfast for the teachers, and everyone was so appreciative!”

“This was the first time I saw the real need in my community outside of my own bubble. It was extremely eye opening for myself and for my kids. Through helping to sort school supplies and coats for a coat drive, Luke, Zach, and Harper have become a lot more empathetic and understanding of the world around them. That’s one thing I’m proud of—that these opportunities are helping my kids to be well-rounded.”

The Fagan crew: Luke, Zach and Harper are Michelle's why. Having them participate and learn in the PFC projects is an unforeseen blessing.

The Fagan crew: Luke, Zach and Harper are Michelle’s why. Having them participate and learn in the PFC projects is an unforeseen blessing.

Serving with her team

The projects that Michelle participates in involve her team as well as her family members. Their second project was hosting a campaign for International Women’s Day. “We all got together to watch Girl Rising and gathered toiletries to bring to a local women’s shelter in downtown Pittsburgh. Having lunch and playing “minute to win it” games with the women there was fun for all of us!” Michelle’s team name, Team PACE, stands for Positive Attitudes Change Everything. “Our acronym really defines our team—they are a diverse group of men and women driven to make an impact.”

Michelle and a butterfly mural by Pittsburgh artist Baron Batch, a supporter of the "Decorate Their Dorm" project.

Michelle and a butterfly mural by Pittsburgh artist Baron Batch, a supporter of the “Decorate Their Dorm” project.

Leading with service

Now Michelle is leading her team in the Decorate Their Dorm Room program with the University of Pittsburgh—an initiative that helps first-generation and low-income students succeed in their first year of college. “I’m really excited about this effort because education means so much to my family. My grandmother immigrated here to start her own business and was never educated, but she made sure that all of her grandchildren went to college. This cause is near and dear to my heart.”

This project also inspired some big dreams for Michelle and her team. “I’d love to see R+F Consultants take this movement nationwide. We’ve been trying to get out from under the team umbrella, so we’ve been involving other local Consultants too! Projects like this one really open up your R+F community outside of your own team—and together, we can make an even bigger difference.”


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Empathy

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Matthew McConaughey’s speech about needing something to look up to, something to look forward to and someone to chase. These three things keep me inspired as an entrepreneur!

Favorite TV show? Anything on Bravo! My kids even have Andy Cohen’s face on their cups!

What is your best R+F experience? Attending RFCL in February 2016. There is something magical about standing under 60 Spear Street.

Favorite smell? Breakfast! Almost every morning I love on my kids by cooking for them! Even if we are running for the bus with one shoe on, I know they will at least have a full belly!


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  1. Heather says:

    Love this article. Michelle, you are doing GREAT things.

  2. Jenene Jeffreys says:

    Michelle, what a girl! You are a beautiful inspiration. As I start on the journey of becoming a Rodan & Fields Consultant in Australia. I’m reading and talking a lot. However, I know once I can better support myself and my family, giving back will be my next step to bring so much personal reward to myself and others.

    Best wishes – Jenene x

  3. Erinn Letts says:

    Michelle, I LOVE what you’re doing. I recently started as an R + F consultant, so I don’t have a team yet, but I would LOVE to extend this to Minnesota. My husband and I work with immigrants from Burma (his cousin is my sponsor) and we have a college here that also works tightly with community. I wonder if this would be a starting point.

  4. Beth Jolliffe says:

    Congratulations Michelle! It’s a privilege to know you and call you my friend! Keep doing great things!

  5. Theresa Dunn says:

    Such a beautiful path you’re paving! Blessed to be an extended part of this team!! Keep up the amazing work.

  6. Michelle,

    Your work is inspiring! Keep it up girl. Such wonderful lessons you’re teaching your kids:)

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