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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Michelle Roy is someone who has overcome great adversity and not only survived, but has come out the other side with a deep-rooted passion for helping others. Having suffered a horrific incident as a child, she summoned the strength to recover and went on to build a thriving business which, in turn, gave her the opportunity and confidence to use her story as an inspiration to those around her.

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Turning results into a career

As a seven-year-old, Michelle suffered a devastating and near-fatal incident. After years of intensive treatment and numerous surgeries, she emerged strong and with a new lease on life, but the outward scars remained. That experience taught her many things, including the importance of hard work and never giving up. She went on to develop a successful career as the lead data architect for a large accounting firm, and married Eric, a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Coast Guard. The couple moved every few years, following his work. Along the way they had two beautiful girls, and as the years went by Michelle’s desire to be more present for them grew.

R+F Consultant Michelle Roy with her husband

Michelle and her husband on a family trip to the Great Sand Dunes, CO

In 2014, the couple relocated to Cape Cod for a three-year stint, and Michelle was getting to know the other military spouses. One had particularly great skin, and Michelle—who had endured ruddy skin for most of her life—was interested to know her secret. Her new friend revealed that she was a Rodan + Fields® Independent Consultant, and Michelle soon became a Preferred Customer, using and loving the SOOTHE™ Regimen. “My skin felt happy and healthy, like it could breathe again. But what was surprising was how much those outward changes affected how I felt about myself. With every day that passed, my confidence grew. It was so much more than skincare for me.”

Originally, Michelle had no real inclination to get involved in the business. “I was entrenched in a high-paced, demanding career, and didn’t feel I had much time for anything else.” But after several months of great results, Michelle started to realize that she could turn her love of the products into a business that might one day allow her to stay home with her daughters. “I spent my adult life climbing the corporate ladder and while I had a very successful career, I was no longer passionate about what I was doing. I wanted to own my time and wake up loving how I spent it. I was impressed with Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields and their passion for building confidence through these products and changing lives with this business. I was really excited to see where this could take us.”

R+F Consultant Michelle Roy with her kids

Michelle and her children on a family Trip to Zappta Falls

An evolving ‘why’

So, in June of 2014, Michelle signed up as an Independent Consultant, balancing her home and work life while building her Rodan + Fields business. “I found pockets of time. I stopped watching TV and devoted those hours to working my business. I was tired of missing my girls, I was tired of just being tired. I wanted my life back and I saw this as a way to do that without sacrificing the financial stability that my corporate career brought us. That was such a strong motivator.” And her hard work paid off. After 18 months of consistently working her R+F business 10-15 hours per week, she reached a point where she was able to leave her full-time career.

R+F Consultant Michelle Roy with her team

Michelle celebrating her team at a Leadership Retreat

Now, more than three years in, Michelle is the leader of a large team of Consultants spanning across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Team Empower has become her greatest motivator, as she strives to help them achieve the time freedom and career satisfaction that she now enjoys. “While my love for the products got me started, the feeling that I’m making a difference in the lives of my team has kept me here. My passion for empowering others to understand their value, see their gifts, and then use those to create the life they want is what’s most important to me.” Michelle’s heart for service has grown and she and her husband now contribute each month to philanthropies and nonprofits chosen by her team members. “It’s incredibly empowering to know that you’re making a difference, a real difference, for those that need it most. I’m so blessed to have a team that is just as passionate as we are about giving back. We strive to grow each month because the more we grow the more we can give.”

With both of Michelle’s girls in school now, she spends 30-35 hours per week on her R+F work, not because she feels like she has to, but because she wants to. “I’m such a happy, present mom and wife now. When my kids come home from school, I have the ability to turn everything off and just be there for them.” Her daughters are getting more from R+F than their mother’s time, however. “They are seeing the gifts this business allows us to give every day. They see what it is to be a strong woman, how fulfilling it is to dream big and then work toward your goals, and they understand the power of giving back… truly showing up to serve. That may be what I love most about this journey.”

R+F Consultant Michelle Roy with her Power Parnters

Michelle on an Incentive Trip to Savannah with her Power Parnters in business and life

Turning tragedy into a vehicle for change

Recently, Michelle shared her story in public for the first time during a Rodan + Fields training. She was amazed at the outpouring of support, and messages she received telling how her story has given others the strength to overcome their personal struggles and see the beauty in moving forward. “I love that I am able to take my experience and use it as a way to inspire others. Knowing that I’m able to make a difference just by simply sharing my experience is so incredibly rewarding. Our one decision three years ago to pursue this business is not only changing our lives, but countless others’.” Michelle’s experience has taught her how precious life truly is, and how important it is to live a life you love and can be proud of, one filled with purpose. That purpose has evolved over time into a passion for empowering change and helping others recognize how to use their own value and talents to create the life that they really want.

Michelle hopes to continue to help others see that you can overcome obstacles and be truly content. “I was given a second chance, and I wanted to use it to do something more than sitting behind a desk. I wanted to be a part of something that was bigger than me. I wanted to make a living making a difference, and with R+F I have achieved that.”


Tell Me More…

Favorite vacation? It’s a toss-up between a trip my husband and I were able to take to Cabo early this year and the family trip we just took with our girls to explore Colorado.

Your biggest splurge? A Jeep for my husband. It’s something he’s talked about owning since the day we met and it was so rewarding to see it finally happen.

What hobby would you like to take up? I used to ride horses as a little girl and I’d love to get back to that.

What is your best R+F experience? Walking away from a 21-year career to be home with my girls.

What’s your biggest phobia? Anyone who watches my social media feed knows it’s spiders! My team likes to post videos of them on my page to make me cringe!




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  1. Dianne kotasenski says:

    Love your story. Very inspirational.

  2. […] point in her R+F career was meeting three other team leaders on a team cruise in 2015. Catherine, Michelle Roy, Heidi Wilson and Heather Caldwell formed the ‘QuadSquad,’ a power partnership that […]

  3. Krista Snapp says:

    LOVE your story! My team is also Team Empower, how cool is that?! And my husbands dream car is a Jeep. We had one and gave it up to move closer to our goal of being debt free. R+F has made that posisble we will be debt free in a few short months (all but our home!). I am really looking forward to continued growth in my business this year. So I can put that Jeep back in the driveway for my husbands and 3 boys and also leave my FT job to be home with them!

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