Miriam and Randy Steketee – Achieving a Better Tomorrow

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, July 17th, 2015

Miriam and Randy Steketee began their life together with big dreams. Having met at Skidmore College, even though they came from very different backgrounds, they both were dreamers and shared a passion for living a life full of adventure and laughter. After they each spent time pursuing their dreams—Miriam a professional dancer in New York and Randy playing soccer in Germany—they came back together in 2008 and got married.

As a first-generation Russian American, Miriam was taught from the beginning that the American Dream could be achieved by working hard and taking chances. Her parents and grandparents arrived with nothing and started building new lives and careers for themselves in their new country. While growing up in Brooklyn, New York, her father’s entrepreneurial spirit took hold in Miriam as she watched him working multiple jobs and starting various businesses. She never lost sight of her roots and cherished the freedom she had been given to pursue her education and passions.


Miriam, Randy, and their two children.

Uncertainty ahead

Since childhood, Miriam has always been a dancer. While her parents competed in ballroom competitions, Miriam competed in national competitions for a renowned studio. After college, she decided to follow her dream and moved back to New York, found an agent, and began dancing in a variety of productions. During that time, in order to earn some extra money, she also decided to work as a real estate agent and fell in love with it, and dancing became more of a hobby as she progressed in her new career. She eventually entered management and was quickly promoted up the corporate ladder with one of the largest residential real estate firms in New York, ultimately attaining the title of Managing Director of the Firm’s Park Avenue branch.

It was around this time that Randy was finishing up Law School with a concentration in Real Estate and a soft job commitment from a large top tier Wall Street law firm. And then everything changed. The economy collapsed and the New York City job market was hit hard—especially lawyers and real estate. Randy’s job possibilities quickly dried up, but thankfully he was able to land a compliance job in the Market Regulation Department of the New York Stock Exchange, albeit with a much lower salary.

With the couple now living in an overpriced one-bedroom apartment in lower Manhattan and their first baby on the way, Miriam and Randy found themselves in somewhat of a financial crisis. “It was a hard time,” says Miriam. “We were in debt, and we weren’t making enough to cover the law school loans, like we thought we would be.” Once their son was born, Miriam went back to work, but dreaded leaving her baby each day. As she yearned to be home with her son, she also spent time reflecting on where she was in life. “I just felt like we were never going to get out of our situation,” says Miriam. “We weren’t in control of our life. That was the most frustrating part.”


Miriam and Randy with the Doctors and R+F Chairman, Amnon Rodan, in Thailand.

Visions of a new life

In May of 2011, Miriam’s friend reached out to her and shared the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity. She immediately saw the potential and jumped in headfirst. Miriam had always dreamt of starting her own business, so the R+F business model really intrigued her. She presented the opportunity to Randy, who did some research on the Company. “He is a skeptical attorney, so when he read over everything and proceeded to tell me I needed to jump in right away, I knew there was serious potential.”

Miriam enrolled as an Independent Consultant that same month and started building her business in the part-time minutes around her full plate. Even though she didn’t experience a quick start, her vision became more and more clear. She had her own path and felt that she had found the opportunity of a lifetime for her and her family and she was going to make it work.

Eventually, she realized that everyone has issues they struggle with in life and in business. “Instead of focusing on things that might hold me back, I needed to believe in myself and the opportunity in my hands and push through. But that drive to persevere had to come from inside. Once I acknowledged that my success was dependent upon my own actions, I was able to see that everyone’s journey with this business is very different, and to make it work for me, I had to be true to myself. We all have different stories, and the more genuine I was about sharing mine, the more it resonated with people. And as I became more open about my belief in what this Company could do for me as well as others, my business grew.”


This year, Miriam and Randy hosted a retreat in Florida for the top leaders on their team. They love celebrating their team’s success together.

Acclimating to new surroundings

A year and a half into her business, working 10 to 15 hours a week from home and around her son, Miriam achieved Level V. The following year, she was making a six-figure income and building a team of incredible Consultants. In 2014, she achieved the highest title in the company, RFX Circle, and a month later, gave birth to their second child. “This time, my maternity leave was spent enjoying my baby instead of stressing about finances and going back to work too soon. It was exactly the way it should be and I felt so blessed.

This past March, Randy was able to leave his full-time job and spend more time with his family. He joined Miriam in business and now has the time freedom to concentrate on building his own boutique law firm, so he can focus on the clients and cases he wants to take. “R+F definitely exceeded all expectations I ever had or thought possible,” says Randy. “I’m still in shock—I knew Miriam would be great and saw that it was a good fit from the beginning, but I just didn’t know what that would look like for our family. She has allowed me to step away from long hours and commutes at a job I no longer enjoyed and gain freedom that I would never have thought possible.”

Persevering through hardship

This past October, Miriam and Randy experienced a crisis that truly made them appreciate their business on a whole new level. Randy was hit by a car while cycling and suffered a broken arm, shoulder, neck, and ribs. It was a very difficult and scary time for their family, and Miriam had to drop everything and focus 100 percent on caring for her children and injured husband. “I am forever grateful to my incredible team that was there for us. Randy’s injury reinforced the fact that life can change in an instant and you have to be prepared. ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ is a saying we use, but it’s so true. Our team’s mission is all about vision, helping others, and camaraderie. My team rallied together—it was incredible—and not only did we feel the love, but I think our organization became stronger because of it.”

lexus party

Miriam and Randy’s Lexus Celebration was an event to remember with family, friends, and a serenade from her Level V leaders.

Miriam and Randy love the opportunity to coach and mentor their teammates and encourage others to also reach their full potential. “I love how this business enables people to change their lives for the better and allows them to dream again,” says Miriam. “Things didn’t just happen overnight for me, I hit the road bumps and challenges like everyone else and kept going. The journey is the fun part and I still wake up excited about this business as well as for what it’s doing for so many on our team. It’s so rewarding to see others achieve things they never thought they could.” Their business also enables them to give back and help others in ways they previously couldn’t. “I truly enjoy that part of this business is being a good person,” muses Randy. “A key aspect is being someone that is helpful, inspiring, motivating, and kind—basically someone that other people can look up to and that they’d want to join in business. I’ve always thought that nice guys finished first, and while that is not always true in law, it certainly is in Rodan + Fields.”

Embodying the dream

As Miriam and Randy look ahead to their future, they are excited to be able to set their own hours and be active and present in their children’s lives. Their business is also providing them with increased freedom. They have a family road trip planned for this summer and several vacations already planned for this year. “No matter where we go, we can bring our business with us,” says Miriam. “That’s the best part.”

Working together has strengthened Miriam and Randy’s partnership in business and in marriage. Their business has enabled them to create their dream life together, and it is proof that when you really put your mind to something, anything can happen. “If you want to make a change, you have to take chances,” says Miriam. “You can’t say that you hope to do something—you have to say you’re going to do it. And then work at it, and never give up.” Creating a life filled with choices is the constant validation that what her parents worked so hard for was worth the struggle. “They wanted us to seize opportunities that were available to us that weren’t available to them, in order to achieve the ‘American Dream.’ I’m proud that they made it possible for us. Because of them, we’ve gained the freedom to decide how we want to spend our time and with R+F, we get to help others do that same thing.”



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  1. I love your story! Thank you, Miriam and Randy!!

  2. Laura Whittington says:

    One of the nicest couples I know!! xo!

  3. Vanessa France says:

    LOVE reading Miriam and Randy’s journey! And I love how Miriam said it was when she owned her own story and reality that she really started to grow her business and team!

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  6. Julie scanlan says:

    Miriam you are a true Star. Thank you for being open and sharing your journey. Life is a journey of many turns . We have the choice of what to do or not to do. You and Randy partnered together and embraced life . Your choice to join Rodan and Fields ledbyou to your successes through your hard work and team work equally DREAM WORK. Congratulations I pray for a bright future with the team.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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