Molly Sommer – Happiness Beyond Expectations

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Molly Sommer had a habit of doing what was expected of her, and she worked hard to fulfill those expectations. She became a lawyer as an adult, and a success story in most respects. She also worked 65 hours a week and had no work-life balance. “I was always tired and never truly present in my life. I had this unnatural attachment to my Blackberry, and I was a miserable, cranky, no-fun version of myself.”

Molly missed out on a lot of time with her husband, a firefighter, as a result. Their work schedules were incompatible. Then in early 2012, a tragedy took the lives of two firefighters her husband had known, forcing Molly to reevaluate things. “That was truly a wakeup call for me. It really popped the bubble of denial I had created for myself. I had to face the fact that his job is quite dangerous, and there was a chance he might not come home after a shift.”

With her business, Molly has found something that makes her happy and better defines who she is.

With her business, Molly has found something that makes her happy and better defines who she is.

Molly decided to make a career change, for herself, and for her family. “I wanted to be happy. I wanted something that would generate income, pay the bills, and still be fulfilling, but I had no idea what that would be. It seemed like an impossible dream.” She began searching for flexible job opportunities that would free her from long office hours and allow her more time with her husband.

In August of 2012, Molly’s long-time friend introduced her to Rodan + Fields®. The opportunity wasn’t something she had ever pictured for herself, so she didn’t pursue it at first. But the idea stuck with her. A few weeks later, Molly decided to attend an informal business presentation. She was impressed by the fact that so many professionals in attendance were able to balance their R+F businesses alongside their busy schedules and personal lives. “I saw that my friend was happy and was fitting it around her full-time job and her family life. So I figured there must be something to it and decided to give it a try.”

Molly and her husband, John.

Molly and her husband, John.

Molly began building her business with R+F that September. Within ten months, she had a stable foundation that was growing continually. A little over a year into her business, Molly achieved Level V status and chose to walk away from her job in corporate law. “I honestly didn’t know what I was getting into in the beginning. But about a year in, it all just clicked and I realized this could be exactly what I was looking for and what I needed if I put my complete faith into my business, worked hard, and stayed patient and consistent.”

Molly and part of her team at  Atlanta Convention

Molly with some of her teammates at the Atlanta Convention.

When Molly started looking for a new career path, she never expected that she’d replace her job so quickly–and with one so personally fulfilling. “The relationships are truly invaluable and it’s amazing to be immersed in a group of people who give abundantly and want the best for everyone around them. It’s such a positive and encouraging environment.” She was genuinely surprised by the friendships she gained through R+F, and the numerous people she was able to reconnect with from other parts of her life.

Today, Molly’s R+F business gives her a renewed sense of self, which is the most rewarding aspect of the job. “I don’t think I ever belonged in law, it was just where my path led me. I’m so glad I made the choice to follow a different path because, in doing that, I have found where I belong. I now have more energy, and I’m more fun. I feel like I’m back to being who I always thought I was before the corporate world drained me of my personality. I am able to be present in my daily life, and I am happy. That is the most important part.”

Molly & Sara, friend and now business partner.

Molly with her friend and business partner, Sara.

Her newfound happiness and job stability have encouraged Molly to help others achieve their goals. “I tend to lead with my heart and put others first. Everybody is looking for something different, and there is always something you want to change in your life, whether that’s to retire from a job or buy a house or to find some self-fulfillment. I was looking for something new, and this has surpassed what I was searching for. I want to help others find that, too.” By coaching her team and keeping them motivated to pursue their passions, Molly maintains strong personal connections and stays grounded in her own goals and perspectives.

Molly and a few of her favorite R+F people in Sonoma

Molly is grateful for the incredible friendships she has gained through her business.

Molly also learned a valuable lesson about perseverance and self-confidence: there is always something to be gained if you are willing to try. “I didn’t know I could speak in front of hundreds of people, but I do that now. Everyone starts this business for their own personal reasons and so the takeaway is unique for everyone, but there is so much to gain if you take the chance.”

Molly is grateful that she found R+F before she and her husband started growing their family. “I know many people find this business because they are looking for a way to stay home with their kids. Now, instead of struggling to make more time for my family later, I already have a business established that allows me to create my own schedule.”

Molly, John and their pup, Zoe.

Molly’s business gives her the freedom to be happy, spend all the time she wants with her family, and build a new professional life around her personal life.

Along with the time flexibility, Molly hopes her new business will provide more income flexibility, so she can give her husband the option of early retirement and better support her community. Providing her husband with time flexibility of his own and giving back to families of fallen firefighters, a cause that is close to her and her family’s hearts, is important to Molly for the future.

Molly’s experiences exemplify the importance of, and sometimes the need for, transition in our lives. As we grow, we often face choices that can alter how we define ourselves. “Being a lawyer didn’t define me, but by breaking away from that path, I’ve found something that makes me happy and better defines who I am. Anyone can succeed; you just have to believe in yourself and choose to do something different that will create whatever change you desire.”



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