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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Monica Wilding’s Rodan + Fields® journey began, as so many do, with skin concerns. After the birth of her second son, Monica noticed that the look of her skin was suffering. “My whole appearance was tired, dull, and run down, and I was very self-conscious about the way my skin looked.” She started searching for products that could bring new life to her face, and tried a whole host of over-the-counter remedies. “I wasn’t seeing any results at all, so I started investing in heavier makeup, covering everything up and hiding behind a mask. But seeing my imperfections peeking through my full face of makeup, I had an epiphany, “Why am I spending so much money on makeup when I should just be investing in better skincare?”

R+F Consultant Monica Wilding headshot

A new possibility

It was then, in July of 2015, that Monica’s good friend Tanya Cardona invited her to an R+F event and shared her experience with the products. Monica was instantly curious. “With my history, I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a try, knowing that I really didn’t have anything to lose. I ended up being pleasantly surprised! In two weeks I took an ‘after’ picture and I was absolutely blown away by my results.” Monica reached back out to Tanya in gratitude, and found herself presented with a business proposal. “As much as I loved the products, I immediately turned her down. At that time I was super busy at home as a full-time mom to my two little boys. I am also a teacher by trade, and I didn’t see myself in any sort of marketing or sales.”

R+F Consultant Monica Wilding with team members

Monica at a corporate leadership luncheon with some of her R+F sisters.

Though Monica declined the offer at first, the opportunity definitely sparked her interest. In addition to receiving a discount on the products she had fallen in love with, Monica was intrigued by the possibility of making additional income to help support her young family. The more she thought about it, the more Monica warmed to the potential of starting her own business. “That idea really appealed to me because I hadn’t had a paycheck in three years. Our family was making sacrifices, and my husband Trevor, a firefighter, was working extra 24-hour overtime shifts to replace the income I had lost. I really wanted to bring in some income while still being present at home with my kids, and until that moment with Tanya I didn’t know how.”

R+F Consultant Monica Wilding with her family

Monica loves that she can work her business around her family, wherever and whenever she wants.

Gaining confidence and inspiration

With encouragement from Trevor, Monica decided to give entrepreneurship a shot. Within her first month in business, working 5-10 hours per week, Monica started to see the incredible potential. “Things moved pretty quickly. I didn’t realize how big the skincare market was, so I was blown away by the overwhelming amount of positive responses! It was an amazing feeling to be able to help people again.”

As Monica’s business grew, she became passionate about helping her team members transform their own lives. “Soon, my business became bigger than me, my family, and what my goals were. When I enrolled Jennifer Garbick, my first Consultant who really saw the big picture, I realized that this is not about me anymore—it’s about other people. I needed to be a strong leader because there were people counting on me to help them navigate this business. My confidence grew as I saw them putting their faith and trust in my hands.”

She is inspired by her team’s drive to help their families and their communities. “What I love most about my team is that everyone’s so positive. They all have big hearts, and are truly motivated to use their success to give back and bless others. We continue to learn and grow together professionally and personally, cheering each other on through the ups and downs. I feel like they’re an extension of my family.”

R+F Consultant Monica Wilding with Jennifer Garbick

Monica with one of her first business partners, Jennifer Garbick.

The transformative journey

Now, as a Premier V working 30 hours per week, Monica is still in awe of the changes that have occurred in her life. “What means the most to me is that I’m now able to have the best of both worlds. I’m able to contribute to my family more now than I was when I was in the classroom, and I’m able to stay home with my kids.” She now dreams of helping her family become debt-free, saving for her sons’ futures, and giving back wherever her heart leads.

She’s also unendingly grateful for the welcoming community she found among other Independent Consultants and the sense of purpose she gained in their midst. “As a stay-at-home mom, it’s really easy to lose your sense of identity and purpose beneath the heaviness of your daily routine. I love being able to interact with other adults again, and I love feeling a sense of purpose and accomplishment.”

R+F Consultant Monica Wilding and husband in Banff

Trevor and Monica celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary in Banff, Canada compliments of R+F and the Level V Circle program.

“I feel like the person I was when I started this is not the person I am now. This business has taken all of the fears and insecurities that I once had and transformed me in such a positive way. I see myself as an empowered entrepreneur now! This journey has been exhilarating, exciting, and rewarding, and has ignited a spirit in me I didn’t even know I had. I feel empowered to accomplish big things and to dream bigger than I ever have before.”

To contact Monica about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.

Tell Me More…

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? Jennifer Garbick is the first Consultant who got the same grand vision I saw in this business. She trusted in me from the beginning, even when I was brand new, and that meant a lot. Jenn and I were once a team of two and now we are a team of nearly 200.

Favorite pet? Our first child, an English Springer Spaniel named Chili Dog.

Best advice you’ve ever received? “Run with the runners and love the rest.” You can’t drag people along this journey with you. They have to want it for themselves as much, if not more, than you want it for them. Learning this absolutely changed my mindset and my business. (Thanks Wendi Green!)

Favorite book? The Rainbow Fish. I love to read this to my little boys. Such a great life lesson.




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