Morgan Anderson – Keeping a Clear Vision

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Life can bring many challenges, from personal, health, and financial struggles, to starting a family and building a business. Morgan Anderson found herself battling everything that life had thrown her way. She was determined to create a significant life for herself and her family, regardless of any obstacles that she might encounter. And as often happens, a new opportunity presented itself just when she needed it most.

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Paving the way for a new life

Morgan first heard about Rodan + Fields® from a friend on social media, Laura Bangar. She was currently enrolled in a Minneapolis university and like many college students, was tight on both time and money. But Morgan didn’t get actively involved in the business until two years later, at which time she was engaged and undergoing a challenging recovery from a massive car accident. When the dust settled, Morgan’s thoughts shifted to R+F.

“I began to wonder, ‘What am I supposed to do now?’ I needed to make a decision about what the rest of my life was going to look like, and R+F came to the forefront of my mind.” In May of 2014, Morgan and her fiancé Tim took money out of their honeymoon fund to start building her business as an Independent Consultant.

R+F Consultant Morgan Anderson and husband

Morgan with her stud of a husband and biggest supporter right after the private Premier Level V celebration with corporate staff in Las Vegas

Finding the confidence to pursue her vision 

An initial bout of low self-confidence and a busy schedule originally prevented Morgan from investing a lot of time into her business, but she did start using the products. “I suffered from acne and after seven months of using UNBLEMISH, my acne was less of a worry for me.”

As her skin’s appearance improved, Morgan started finding the confidence she needed to get her business off the ground. “I got really serious about the business in April of 2015 when I finally realized ‘Hey, I can do this!’ I was just so scared that I was going to fail.” Morgan’s newfound community helped spark a sense of self-confidence, which also served to alleviate her fears. 

“Laura’s team is full of inspiring entrepreneurs and people who are making a difference. They stood alongside me and encouraged me, and that’s really what built my confidence. I realized that this was the time to take action with my business.” In between working as a nanny and waitressing to make ends meet, she networked by handing out business cards and starting conversations with potential Customers.

R+F Consultant Morgan Anderson and team

Morgan, her upline leader, Laura Bangar, and friends in Times Square celebrating Level V on an all expenses paid trip to New York City in 2015

Building the foundation for success

Morgan had just achieved Level I in July of 2015 when she was motivated to run for Level V. “Within 2 weeks, I qualified for Level V, working 20-30 hours per week. It was such a surprise! Nothing changed in my approach aside from a lot of work and plenty of sleepless nights, but it was so much fun.”

Team Purpose grew rapidly and Morgan found herself thriving in an environment where she could work side by side with others. “I’ve met some of my very best friends through Rodan + Fields. It really does take all of us sharing our talents and gifts together.” Her team aims to achieve Lexus volume by the end of this year and Morgan is currently working 15-20 hours per week to help meet her goals.

R+F Consultant Morgan Anderson and friends at Convention

Morgan and her RF soul sisters at her first convention in Austin, Texas right after hitting Level V

Pursuing her dreams

Morgan’s personal life has been completely reshaped by her Rodan + Fields business. Pursuing R+F on a full-time basis has allowed her to retire from nannying, and enabled her to focus on her and her husband’s dream of starting a family. The couple’s greater vision for the world is significant. “Our hearts really are for the nations. Our long-term goal would be to support people in the field by supporting them and coming alongside to help their organizations get started.”

A chance conversation with Natalie Flowers in August of 2016 led Morgan to refocus on her vision, and helped her achieve Premier V. “Natalie told me about a dream she had where in the end, the RFx Circle was the only accomplishment she had to her name. Together, we realized we can’t just chase the next title. It should be about making a bigger impact. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment with Natalie.”

R+F Consultant Morgan Anderson and friends in Vegas

Morgan with her fellow Level V and Premier Level V friends at a penthouse party in Las Vegas 2016

Striving for a better future

Morgan hopes that her journey will inspire others to look around and consider their own impact on the world. “I’m advocating for futures that are far beyond my own. When I think about all the lives that will be impacted by my one decision to get up and work, I can’t quit. There’s too much on the line. I’m determined to make it happen.”


Tell Me More…

Favorite snack? S’mores! But it wouldn’t be odd to find a chai tea latte in my hands either.

What is your best R+F team memory? Sharing the dance floor with my direct Level V & Level II in Vegas with Meghan Trainor on vocals!

What is your favorite Home Office staff memory? Anything involving Meredith Tieszen. Her ability to personally invest in others is a true gift.

What is your dream Lexus purchase? GX 460 SUV!


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  1. Morgan! I could not be more excited to see your story on this blog. Congratulations my sweet, wise, and loving friend. You inspire me!!!

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