Nan George – Starting With Hope and Faith
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

“My greatest challenge in my previous career was staying awake on the job.” Nan George laughs when she confides this, but she is candid about her dissatisfaction in the later years of her job as a courtroom reporter. She was a courtroom reporter for thirty years, and while it wasn’t a miserable career, it was one that she simply didn’t feel excited about any longer. In addition to finding her job less than fulfilling, she had the stress of working unpredictable hours that often included late nights, weekends and holidays. “Not being able to control my own time and never knowing what my days were going to be like was starting to take its toll on my happiness.” She faced the additional stress of worrying if she could pay for her son’s college education and save for her retirement. She was more than ready to find an outlet that could give her hope, and she needed a change.

Nan George

Five years ago, Nan saw a glimmer of hope when she discovered the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity. When she joined as an Independent Consultant, she didn’t fully appreciate the potential of her business, but it gave her hope, and hope is a pretty good place to start. “I was surprised at how quickly I was able to achieve success, because I didn’t go into it expecting an immediate financial return. I just had faith that, at the very least, I could earn some extra income while networking with fun people instead of just sitting in front of a machine all day.” Two years after she started her Rodan + Fields business, Nan retired from full-time court reporting. She liberated herself from the boredom and unhappiness she felt, and now enjoys the freedom each day brings. She is able to work her Rodan + Fields business in part-time hours, allowing her to manage her own court reporting firm so that she controls her own schedule. She plans to eventually retire from her court reporting business, and thanks to her earnings from Rodan + Fields, she has the hope that she can make that happen. “One of the great things about my business is that I have eased into it without having to walk away from my regular job before I was ready. It allowed me the financial freedom to transition into managing my own firm, and in the future, I’ll leave that behind.”

Nan is thankful that because of her Rodan + Fields business earnings she didn’t have to dip into her retirement savings to fund her son’s college education. Even more rewarding is the fact that she was able to do that all on her own as a single parent. “I wanted to pay for my son’s education and not have to worry about debt, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that on a single income. This gave me the means to do that, which is a gift by itself.”

Nan George

Nan at a Rodan + Fields event

Feeling secure about her retirement is important, but equally important is enjoying her life in ways she never could when she was at a desk all day. Now she has faith that she is a part of building something that matters, and she is building it with people she respects and admires. “I am surrounded by brilliant people who are dedicated to their careers, who support each other and are excited about the future. They inspire and impress me all the time.”

The most exciting aspect of Nan’s Rodan + Fields experience is seeing people who had no hope turn the corner. Many people feel trapped in jobs they are miserable in, or that simply aren’t going anywhere. It’s a double positive when they can not only help themselves, but gain the confidence to in turn help other people change their own lives.

Nan George

Nan with some of her amazing Rodan + Fields team members

Nan’s Rodan + Fields business has been five years in the making, and she says the years have flown by. Grateful to have seized the opportunity when she did, she shares her heartfelt insight. “At fifty-eight, I feel like I am starting a brand new chapter in my life. I didn’t start my Rodan + Fields business with sales or business experience, or even a full understanding of the way it worked. I didn’t need that, because I started with the most important things: Hope and Faith.”

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8 responses to “Nan George – Starting With Hope and Faith”

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    Nan is one of my favorite people in R+F! She is a great leader and has a precious heart! Congrats Nan on all your success thus far!

  2. Thank you Nan, so many women out there feel like they are “trapped” in their current jobs. Hope, is an amazing thing..and hope is what Rodan + Fields gives consultant! Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

  3. Susan Bates says:

    Thank you Nan for introducing me to wonderful skin and a wonderful business. Your perseverance and kind heart is an inspiration to everyone around you. Congratulations on a life well lived.

  4. Amy Conner says:

    Nan, you are such an inspiration to all of us. I will never forget the sweetness and sincerity that you have shown to me in this business. I’ve only been in a short while and it’s been awesome. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. You are precious.

  5. Jeane Murphy says:

    Your story is so inspiring and encouraging. It’s helps those of us who are new in the R+F family to see what great potential and great opportunities lie in store for us. I am so excited about R+F! It will be awesome to look back a year from now and see my story unfolding!

  6. Sherry Rhine says:

    Your story effected my decision to join RF two years ago. I remember walking into a meeting to discuss a fashion show and walked out thinking about all those women and how much their lives have changed! Some were in a free lexus, others had replaced their stressful job with RF, and YOU had graduated your son dept free from college! (it took me ten years to pay off my loans!) i did not want to sit on side lines another day and began engaging in the business. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Kristy Van Zandt says:

    Reading this today is so exciting for me. I am in a very similar situation now as you were when you started, Nan. I work horribly long hours as a nurse. I am exhausted all the time and am just not happy. I am a new consultant with R + F, and your story has lifted my spirit immensely. I am so excited to be a part of this.

  8. Martha arace says:

    I have been wanting to join this business for a while but I haven’t had a job in over four years and live in a small town where I did medical transcription for over 2O years until voice technology caught up to me and to make things worse I am going through a divorce with four older kids. I can’t wait to start this awesome opportunity and feel like a blessing by the name of Kathryn Detroia happened in my life and introduced me to this wonderful business. I am so inspired by your story and can’t wait to get started. Look out central coast we will take this business to a whole new level especially with Kathryn’s help as well as the amazing and genuine women I’ve had the pleasure of talking to so far. Can’t wait to get started

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