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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, June 27th, 2014

It can be a challenge distinguishing between what we need and what we want in order to maintain a balanced life. It often works out that the wants, like buying a new car, get put on hold while the needs, like fixing the leaky roof and buying the kids new clothes, take precedence. But what if pursuing our wants allowed us to take care of the needs and provide a way to make the bigger dreams and desires a possibility, too? Natalie Flowers knows the value in acknowledging the potential in every opportunity that comes along, whether it is a necessity or not. By calculating the ways that each experience can improve her life or enable her to give more, she has come to understand that sometimes by doing things we don’t need to, we open a door to the greatest fulfillment and create an outlet that allows us to provide for others’ needs.

Natalie is amazed at the ways she has grown since joining R+F.

Natalie is amazed at the ways she has grown since joining R+F.

Natalie recalls a time when she and her friends sat around and only talked about issues that were pressing on their current situations. More recently, she has found their discussions are now directed at what the future holds. “I love working my business alongside my friends. When we get together now, we talk about more than just our kids… because that got kind of boring,” she jokes. “But we’re all dreaming again and talking about trips we want to take and things we want to do. We’re discussing things bigger than ourselves and it’s so exciting.” Natalie enrolled with Rodan + Fields® as an Independent Consultant one year ago after hearing her friend share her excitement about the business. “I had heard of Rodan + Fields before, but I didn’t give it the time of day because I had a misconception about what the business model entailed. Before my friend could even begin sharing, I told her that I didn’t want to get involved if it involved party planning , because I did not want anything to do with that. With a huge smile on her face, she said, ‘Neither do I!’ So, then I was really intrigued and, as I listened to her talk about the opportunity, her excitement got me excited.” Natalie spoke with her now upline, Sarah, to learn more about the business. “I was so impressed by her story and it really struck a chord with me. My life was good, but what I saw in the opportunity was the possibility of ‘bigger.’ What if I did this and could then do more things? What if we could give back in bigger ways? Was it worth it? I thought, why not? I have nothing to lose.”

Natalie with her husband, Matt, and their first son, Zade Wilson.

Natalie with her husband, Matt, and their first son, Zade.

Two days after becoming a Consultant, Natalie already had four Consultants on her team and, in just four months, she achieved her Level V status. “I saw what it could be at the beginning and a year later, it’s even more incredible.” One of the most significant realizations came when Natalie had her second child this past March. “I have a background as a hairstylist and makeup artist and when I quit that to stay home with my first baby, I didn’t make any money. This time, when I took a step away from my business and put a pause on life to focus on my family, I had the biggest paycheck yet. That is amazing to me and really shows the strength that comes from having a solid team. That is what is so special to me.”

Natalie with her team in 2013.

Natalie with her team in 2013.

When Natalie started her business, she knew it would be a good opportunity financially, but she didn’t realize it would provide her with such rich friendships and help her develop in other areas of her life, as well. “Leaders aren’t born, they are created. And I definitely wasn’t prepared for it, but this experience has allowed me to be coachable and it has made me a better person overall. It’s molded my character and developed my leadership skills so that I am able to listen and focus on the vision that others have and not just pass on my own ideas. The things I’ve learned have made me a better wife, mother, and friend. I see it in my teammates, too, and you can’t put a price tag on that.” Natalie acknowledges that for many, Rodan + Fields is an opportunity to change a less-than-ideal situation, but for others it’s a means to add onto something that’s already working. “I always think, well, why settle for good when you can have great? My life was good, but I saw a chance for something more. When people tell me they don’t need more, I say, well sure you don’t need it, but what if this is something that could make your life even better? Would it be worth it? Why settle for okay when there is something that can help you be great and do greater things? I see Rodan + Fields as a gift that I received and it blessed me and now I get to wrap it back up and give it to somebody else.”

One of the greatest joys for Natalie is seeing others achieve their goals. “I honestly get most excited when my teammates promote. The highlight of my business so far was when my mom retired herself from her teaching job within six months of joining my team. It was so great to see her accomplish that so she can now travel when she wants and come see her grandkids. I love knowing that something I shared with her has changed her life.”

Natalie and her mentors, Kris Fairless and Sarah Robbins, and her best friend and  business partner, Diana Abbley.

Natalie and her mentors, Kris Fairless and Sarah Robbins, and her best friend and business partner, Diana Abbley.

There have also been struggles along the way, but Natalie is glad she encountered them, knowing it made her a stronger person in the end. “When I first started, it was hard because I had four Consultants, but I was still new and I had no clue what I was doing. It was difficult to learn everything quickly so I could help my teammates. I also didn’t realize this experience would bring out personal flaws. I’ve realized that you don’t do this business for the recognition, you do it for the fun of it. But we all have moments when we aren’t recognized for something we thought we would be. Learning that you have to accept that is an obstacle that I’m really glad I had to overcome because I didn’t join for that. It was different in my other line of work – I was used to getting thanked with a hug and a tip after doing someone’s hair. It’s not like that in this business and adjusting was hard, but I don’t think about it anymore. It’s simply taught me that I want to always give praise where it is deserved. It’s so important to highlight teammates’ successes and recognize the hard work of others. I wouldn’t be where I am without my team and I want them to always feel appreciated. I never want to forget where I came from and the challenges I faced to achieve success. I always make sure to recognize people’s efforts because praise raises people up and makes them want to excel even more.”

Natalie's 3 month old, Gavin.

Natalie’s 3 month old, Gavin.

Natalie’s first goal with her business was to retire her husband from his corporate job within two years so they could raise their children and live the life they wanted together. “When I first told him, I don’t think he thought I was serious, but about a week later, he’d seen my growth and I think he was impressed. He saw that this could really work. Now, he’s definitely a believer after seeing my progress in the past year.” Natalie’s bigger goal is to eventually create an organization that would provide shelter to women who are forced into trafficking. “That is a big issue that weighs on my heart and it is a huge problem here in Hawaii. I want to build a home that will offer a fresh start and help take them out of that lifestyle. I can’t wait to be able to take women out of that situation and help them have a better life. Using my business to do that, that is what it’s all about. That is the big picture.”

Natalie is so grateful for her husband, Matt's, support.

Natalie is so grateful for her husband, Matt’s, support.

Natalie strives to keep her priorities straight and find balance between her faith, her family, and her business. Always focusing on the positive, she knows she’s on a path that is only getting bigger and better. “It’s life, so there are hard times and bumps along the way, but if you don’t nitpick or overthink it and instead look for the positive in life, you will find happiness. I’m excited for what’s to come. My business has given me a bigger vision and enabled me to create a great life, live the way we want, and give back, too. Even if you’re living a good life, aren’t there always possibilities for more? Wouldn’t it be greater if we could all dream bigger and give more?”

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5 responses to “Natalie Flowers – Bigger Dreams for Better Lives”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. My long term goal is to use my business to support our home so I can begin volunteering in Richmond, VA with trafficking victims! It’s my heart’s cry. Good luck as you make a difference in Hawaii!

  2. Nancy Swart says:

    What a fantastic testimony. My long term goal, 11 years in the making, is to open a restaurant. Within this context I will teach women, that are in need, life skills so they can find good jobs or become entrepreneurs. This includes self esteem education, how to dress, social and leadership skills. This would be a perfect next step for the rescued girls.
    I love helping others reach their potential!
    NEVER give up on your dream.

  3. Diana Abbley says:

    I love your story, Natalie. And it has continued, and continues. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me!

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