Natalie Wilks – An Excitement for Life
Thursday, July 3, 2014

It’s often characterized as butterflies in the stomach or the inability to sit still. Maybe it’s just a huge smile on our face and the desire to take on a new day, but when we feel excited about something, we can’t help ourselves, we need to share it and express it because holding it in makes us feel like we are going to burst. Natalie Wilks loves sharing her excitement with others, hoping it will inspire them to find the same enthusiasm for life that she has found by pursuing her passions.


Natalie Wilks loves that her business is allowing her to spend more time with her family.

Natalie Wilks loves that her business is allowing her to spend more time with her family.

As an independent individual, Natalie has always done her own thing and pursued her goals. After graduating from college with a masters in speech pathology, she worked with the geriatric population for 23 years as a speech pathologist. Natalie loved her work and wasn’t looking for something else, but, in April of 2012, a friend reached out to Natalie on Facebook about Rodan + Fields®. Natalie and her husband did some research and saw the potential benefits of the business immediately. “Speech pathology is something I love and am still very passionate about, but now I’ve found another passion with my Rodan + Fields business. I love sharing the products and the opportunity with anyone and everyone. The day I enrolled as an Independent Consultant, I jumped in with such extreme excitement.”

Despite her very quick start, Natalie actually didn’t have any expectations going in. “I just wanted to try skincare and see what happened. It went from just being fun to being fun and a serious business.” In May of this year, she decided to resign from her job so she could be home more during her kids’ final years in high school. “I’m taking a sabbatical. I don’t know how long it will be and I’ll still practice speech pathology, but it will be on my own time. My son will be a senior this year and my daughter will be a sophomore and I want to be around more. I am able to be home and do what I want to do. I never thought that would be something that was possible for me and my family.”

Natalie's daughter and son.

Natalie’s daughter and son.

Natalie is so grateful for her husband’s constant support and belief in her. “My goal is to become an Elite V Achiever because I’d love to take my husband on one of the fun trips. As a farmer, running a very big operation, he works so hard and has done so much for me. I want to give back to him.”

Natalie is constantly amazed at how her business fits into her life. “When I was working, I definitely fit it in around my everyday schedule. Now, I’m setting hours of operation. Time management is so important with this business for two reasons. First, you can get so much done if you just do 15 min a day. I wish everyone could see that because I believe hat everyone can benefit from this business in some way. It keeps my mind really clear, setting aside time and focusing on what I see in the future with this. And secondly, you need to have time off. It’s so easy to get really excited about this opportunity, you just don’t want to stop. There was a time when I had to step back and set hours of operation for work and family because everybody needs down time. There is work time and there is home time and if you don’t remember that, you end up missing out on why you started the business in the first place.  That was an obstacle for me because it’s so fun and I am so proud of my business that it doesn’t seem like work.”

Natalie is enjoying attending all of her kids' activities with her new free time.

Natalie is enjoying attending all of her kids’ activities with her new free time.

Natalie was especially thankful when her son suffered a knee injury in October of 2013. Natalie took a step back from her business to focus on her son. “I didn’t work a lot during that time, but my team was still working hard. And after his surgery, I was able to come back full force, motivated to keep going and pick up where I left off.”

Her excitement and her crystal clear vision helps Natalie to stay motivated. “I don’t know where exactly I am going with this, but I know I am not slowing down. There are a lot of people out there that I want to reach to try to make a difference. The future keeps me passionate about what I’m doing. It’s incredible that I am able to live in a small farming community of 9,000 people and still be successful because of social media and the belief system I’ve gained having my best friends join me in the business. I strongly believe that if we keep pushing on, good things will come. When people get frustrated and want to give up, I try to remind them that it’s like planting seeds, you just have to continue on and the growth will come. In this business, you need a positive mindset. It’s so important to believe in yourself and know that nothing is impossible.”

Natalie is excited about what the future has in store for her and her business.

Natalie is excited about what the future has in store for her business and her family.

Natalie is energized by the friendships she has made. “The connections I’ve made with Consultants and Customers is so neat. Developing friendships along the way has been so nice. I am inspired to improve myself when I see other Consultants achieve successes and I get so excited when my teammates achieve their goals. When good things happen to others, it’s just as exciting for me.” Natalie has also learned the importance of keeping an open mind. “You really can’t pre-judge things. It can be frustrating when people have a misconception of what Rodan + Fields really is. People often think direct sales isn’t a legit business, but you have to be willing to listen and fully understand things. I am so glad I was open-minded enough to do something new and take a chance. Being open to this opportunity has provided such happiness in my life. I’m so excited to be able to enjoy more time with my kids, but I also know that now that they’re older and busier with their own activities, I’ll have time for myself too. My Rodan + Fields business is giving me an outlet to pursue my passions and it’s a constant source of motivation. I think so many of us, as adults, have forgotten how to dream and that’s a problem. I love to dream and have always had a strong belief in the power of positive thinking, so I stay excited.”

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5 responses to “Natalie Wilks – An Excitement for Life”

  1. Kim Ward says:

    Natalie, so very proud of you and where this journey is leading you! You are Amazing! So proud to be on your team!

  2. Kellee Beck says:

    Fantastic story! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Your story is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Charlotte Miner says:

    I love your story! I hope to one day have that same story! I can’t wait to follow your blog!

  5. Kate Wells says:

    You’re an amazing leader and I can’t wait to one day be where you are in this business!

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