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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

The following story recounts how this Independent Consultant utilized one of the many Rodan + Fields® Programs designed to motivate and incentivize dedicated Consultants who are working to grow their business.


It’s no secret that our family helps shape us into the person that we eventually become. Netanya Dennis is honored to continue her family’s legacy of business ownership, from Trinidad to L.A. and beyond. This is where her story starts—and what drives her most to succeed.

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Living the entrepreneurial legacy

Netanya, an islander-turned-California girl, credits observing both her parents and grandparents run their own businesses as the central reason why she owns her own business today. She grew up in Trinidad watching her family members work tirelessly to provide for their loved ones, and was shocked when a recession left her family in debt and without a backup plan. “We went from having everything to nothing. That fear of ‘not having’ is ingrained in me, and that’s what drives me forward to succeed in my life.”

From that moment on, Netanya has been determined to attain her own financial independence, and to always have a plan for herself and her family. She says that her family’s entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional work ethic have stayed with her. “They encouraged me to always do more than my best. I work hard because I know that you can always reap the benefits of your own hard work. This is the heart of my story.”

Netanya moved to L.A., worked in her father’s business, inherited her own vintage clothing show, and eventually ended up working for an international financial company. “From the beginning, I said ‘I’m going to put my head down, get a good job in corporate America, make my own money, and have a plan.’ I never in a million years would have thought that my financial freedom would come from a skincare business. But I believe everything that I’ve done in my career absolutely prepared me for succeeding with Rodan + Fields®. It’s funny how the universe works itself out!”

Netanya with her beloved family.

Netanya with her beloved family.

Starting an exciting new adventure

Though Netanya enjoyed her corporate career and its perks, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom to relish the years when her kids were young. This incredibly hard worker began to feel “bored and antsy” at home, and looked for activity to help fill her days. A Facebook post from R+F Independent Consultant Jena Kravitz caught her eye at just the right time in May 2014, and Netanya reached out to learn more about the business.

“I was inspired by Jena’s success and was confident that I could do it too! I’m dedicated, driven, and committed to doing the work and I know that success can come in its own time. I trusted fully in the opportunity and enrolled the very next day as an Independent Consultant. Through the Fast Start Program, I earned my investment back in my first 30 days.”

Working 7-10 hours in the beginning (and now closer to 10-15), Netanya surpassed her initial personal and income goals and gratefully recognizes that she’s now able to be an equal contributor once again to her household finances. “We realized that I didn’t have to go back to my corporate job because my Rodan + Fields business was helping to provide for our family.”

Netanya after her Nordstrom shopping spree courtesy of Rodan + Fields

Netanya after her Nordstrom shopping spree courtesy of Rodan + Fields

Leading the way for her team

Though Netanya’s business began before the release of the Lead the Way Program, she’s now a huge proponent of it—both for herself and for her team. “I love all the rewards. Last summer I earned the Nordstrom shopping spree (which was unreal)! These incentives drive me to get that last Customer order. It’s nice to be rewarded, but it’s also great modeling for my team. They see me achieving these milestones and the goal seems more attainable.”

Now a Level V Executive Consultant, Netanya trains Team Vision on the Lead the Way Program and is focused on helping her team members reach their own successes. “I love Lead the Way because the program recognizes and rewards you for the work you’re already doing. It’s so refreshing to receive a ‘thank you’ for doing well.” Through achieving program milestones, her team learned how to rally for each other and to “celebrate the small wins.”

Netanya’s proud of the winding road that her business has taken so far, and is passionate about showing others that no matter how long it takes, hard work can really pay off. “These stories also need to be shared: not everybody earns Level V in six months and earns their Lexus in a year-and-a-half. It is possible, and that is encouraging! But I also know that I plan to earn my Lexus and that trip to Maui eventually. We can get there.”

Netanya with her old high school cheerleading girlfriend and sponsor, Jena

Netanya with her old high school cheerleading girlfriend and sponsor, Jena

Expressing gratitude for the journey

In the end, Netanya is grateful that her experience with R+F has been so rewarding both for her own personal journey and for her family. Her endlessly supportive husband Kris and sons Logan and Maxx are all a part of making her business a success. They were able to take a family vacation because of Netanya’s R+F earnings one year, and she laughs that even today the kids ask, “When is Rodan + Fields going to send us back to Hawaii for two weeks?”  

She is excited to see what the future brings with her business, and is as determined as ever to keep working hard. “I’m so grateful to come from a family of entrepreneurs! It’s embedded in my genetics that I can do anything that I want to do if I just put my mind to it.”


Tell Me More…

Which R+F Program have you achieved, and what are you running for next? I achieved Milestone 4 in Lead the Way – The Nordstrom Shopping Spree. I am currently running for our Run to Convention Program and Premier V!

Favorite song? Anything by Beyonce, Britney or JLo will always get me dancing!

Trait you most admire in others? Following through. When they can not only talk the talk, but walk the walk as well.

What is the best business advice you were given? If you decide to do something in life, begin with your fullest intention that you WILL succeed.


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