Nicole Polido – What Are You Waiting For?

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, September 15th, 2014

In 2010, Nicole attended an event with her friend, Tracy, and saw how unique the business opportunity was with Rodan + Fields®. “I saw that this Company was going to be successful and I wanted a piece.” Nicole quickly realized she needed to change her perception of what a salesperson is. “I had to find what my definition of this business would be for my situation. You have to envision what success is for yourself. If I can be home with my kids, making dinner, helping with homework and lifting some of the burden off my husband, to me, that is success.”

A month into her business, Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer. “It was the best, and worst, wake up call. I thought about how important it would be to visit family and friends to say goodbye. Luckily, I didn’t have to do that, but it’s very hard to realize that, at any time, you could go. Now, I live differently and I make sure to go and visit those I care about because I’m not going to wait to say goodbye.”


Nicole loves that her business allows her to spend more quality time with her family.

Nicole found her business a welcome distraction; it gave her a positive focus. Fortunately, she was stage zero in her diagnosis and the doctors were able to completely remove the cancer. While in the hospital recovering, Nicole had a little epiphany about her business. “After the surgery, I needed friends to help me do everything and I couldn’t even raise my arms above my head, but it really hit me that I could truly work my business anywhere, even from a hospital bed. People would come to visit and tell me how great my skin looked. I even had nurses asking what products I was using.”

By the end of that first year, working 10 to 15 hours a week, Nicole had tripled her part time salary as a professor and quit her job to solely work her R+F business. “It fits so nicely into my life. I can work it while the girls are at preschool or at ballet lessons and it doesn’t feel like work. But, the best part is that I am able to be there for my kids and I’m free to do the things I want.”


Nicole’s daughters, Jazmin and Zinia.

Grateful to have the opportunity to spend as much time as she can with her loved ones, Nicole feels so lucky to have the flexibility to travel to Brazil every year to visit her husband’s family as well. “To be able to travel and do special things and still make a great income is incredible to me. I love that my business can provide us with the extras and we are now well on our way to achieving the vision I see for my family.”

Her experience with cancer reinforced just how precious time is and now Nicole is determined to provide her family with memories. “I’m not the best saver, but I am a great spender. We buy experiences, not things. This career choice lets me have quality time with my family and being with them is the most important thing.”


Nicole is grateful that her business allows her to travel.

Nicole is always willing to challenge herself and found her business to be a perfect opportunity to grow. “I had always been a little closed off to others because I felt like, if I couldn’t give 100 percent of myself, I wouldn’t be a good friend. My business has made me realize that it’s okay to be an acquaintance with someone or just get to know someone in order to help them with a problem. And, either way, it’s exciting to meet new people.”

As she developed her networking skills and opened herself up to creating various types of relationships, Nicole discovered that there was room for everyone to be a part of her life in some way. Now, by accepting others for who they are, observing an admirable characteristic that she’d like to model, or being inspired by someone’s drive and success, Nicole feels that all of her relationships truly enrich her life.


Nicole and her husband, Jose.

In order to stay focused on her goals, Nicole constantly reevaluates her why and, in doing so, is motivated each day to improve her family’s life. “My husband has given up so much for me and I would love to be in a position that would allow him to only have to work when he wants. Striving for that gets me up every day and drives me.”

Unafraid of change, Nicole loves that her business provides her the opportunity to show her kids how important it is to step out of your comfort zone. “We want them to see things as opportunities and not be afraid to think outside of the box or take risks.”

Nicole’s business gives her the opportunity to continue teaching, which has been a lifelong passion of hers. One of her main priorities is to show her team that they have control over their own success. “This is a ‘no excuses’ business. If you want more, you work more and you can achieve it. The answer lies in your hands.”


Nicole and her family at the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens.

Along her journey, Nicole has learned that each step, positive or negative, is just a part of the process of growing and that lesson has helped her accept that certain things are out of our control. “It’s hard to come to terms with that sometimes, but it’s taught me that you must be open to things, and be who you are where you are. Don’t wait for the things you want. You make those things happen. You’ll never be fully prepared for anything, so why are you putting it off?”

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  1. Lauren Whittaker says:

    You are so amazing, Nicole! It is such a blessing to know you! What an inspirational story!!

  2. Tracy Willard says:

    Nicole- Your story is perfect! As always you share so much wisdom that inspires me to be my best. I am so incredibly blessed to work with you- but more importantly to have a lifetime of friendship. Love you so much and so proud of you!

  3. Nicole, You are such a sweetheart and so genuine…. So proud of you!

  4. Kelly Criner says:

    Nicole, I am so proud of you, sis. You motivate and inspire me daily~ I am glad we are in business together! 🙂

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