WHY: Odile Faludi – Building a Legacy
Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Growing up, both of Odile Faludi’s parents were in sales, with her mother working for a renowned international beauty brand and introducing her to the best products from around the world. “Every week, she would come home with the latest skincare technology – wrinkle-reducing creams, foundations, you name it.” Following in her parents’ footsteps, she developed a career in sales, focusing specifically on coaching. “I teach people how to start customer conversations. I’ve learned that most of the things we say are negative, not positive, and that most of us don’t understand this when others don’t respond well to our reach-outs.”

Along with her husband’s career as a corporate lawyer, they led a fairly comfortable life. Her children were grown and leading successful careers of their own, yet she didn’t feel she had a substantial legacy to give them later on. Even so, when a Consultant reached out to her on LinkedIn about Rodan + Fields during the pre-enrollment period prior to the Australian launch, she ignored them. She’d never heard of R+F and wasn’t looking for an opportunity. Later, she received a message inviting her to meet the Consultant’s Sponsor in Sydney. “I joked to my husband, ‘Wow – these people won’t leave me alone. I better talk to them, otherwise I’ll never get rid of them.’”

Odile says that her connection with RFx Leader Mary Ann Benedetti was a deciding factor in joining the business.

After a quick call with the Consultant and her Sponsor, Odile’s perspective totally changed. “No longer was it just someone I didn’t know reaching out to me on social media. I really connected with them.” She agreed to meet the Sponsor at a hotel, and “within the first five minutes [of speaking with her in person], I knew I wanted to do it…I trusted the people I spoke with – they were genuine and warm. I saw that they would be mentors that I could learn from. As a sales coach, these are some of the things I look for in a brand and a conversation.” After researching the brand, Odile realized that the opportunity was unique and that the product portfolio was simple yet compelling – up to par with the products she’d learned to respect from her mother.

“Simplicity is the number one thing that I look for as a sales coach. The fact that each product had a 1, 2, 3 or 4 on them made it easy to understand the instructions. They were also clinically tested and science-based, which was appealing to me.”

During the pre-enrollment period, Odile meticulously prepared for launch and reached out to prospective business partners. “I’m very disciplined by nature. When I put my mind to something, I do it. When I’m walking, cooking or even showering, I’m putting together ideas and plans in my mind.” Upon the official launch of R+F Australia in September of 2017, Odile started her business and reached Level III in her first month. After a little over a year, she reached Level V. “I worked tirelessly and learned to manage my expectations because I’d actually thought I would reach milestones faster; I thought it would be easier than it was. This business is a lot of hard work.”

As she grew her team and learned the basics, Odile saw her original desire to create a family legacy expand into the need to share her inspiring community with others. “This business has really rescued a lot of my team members. Each have different backstories, but this community gives them a place where they feel safe to be themselves. R+F was my Plan B, but it became my Plan A because of that. I’m giving people something tangible; something that is a shelter for self-development. That’s very powerful.”

Leaving a family legacy behind for her children is one of Odile’s motivations for her business.

Today as a Level V Circle Leader, it’s important to Odile that she leads by example. “I would never ask my team to do something that I’m not prepared to do myself. The momentum of a team starts at the top.” Plus, it’s essential for her to make space for everyone on her team – no matter their performance. “I believe in what they call the campfire effect. You have to hold a place at the campfire for everyone irrespective of their situation. I have people on my team who may fall short on goals month after month, but they still have a place. Situations and struggles change, so if you ensure that people feel the warmth of the community, they will come back to the campfire when they’re ready.”

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5 responses to “WHY: Odile Faludi – Building a Legacy”

  1. marge hoyt says:

    This was fun to read, and encouraging to see Odile’s success!

  2. Karen Price says:

    This was very inspirational to me, made me think about my situation a bit more!!

  3. Karen Price says:

    This made me think of my situation, and the products I have used are great, especially lash boost!!

  4. June Griffiths says:

    I love that Odile points out that we so often approach people from a negative outlook rather than a positive one. Her story is inspiring and one that I very much enjoyed.

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